Numb of the little finger on the left hand


Nerve endings are located in all the cells of our body. When the functioning of the nervous system is disturbed, a person may experience discomfort and complain that the little finger on the left hand is numb. What does this symptom indicate? That's the topic for today's conversation.

Causes of numbness of the fingers: find out the opinion of experts

Causes of numbness in the fingers

Often a person complains of numbness in the fingers. Often, this condition occurs as a result of injury. Staying for a long time in an uncomfortable position can also cause a decrease in nervous sensitivity.

As medical practice shows, most often fingers get numb at office workers who are constantly working with writing documents. According to statistics, the sensation of tingling and reducing the sensitivity of the fingers is mainly manifested in the morning, almost immediately after waking up. It happens that in a dream a person takes an uncomfortable position. As a result of squeezing the nerve endings, we feel numbness.

Please note that many of us in a sitting position cross our legs. If we spend a rather long period of time in this position, the nerve endings in the popliteal region will be transmitted, and we will begin to feel the numbness of the toes. The same applies to the fingers. When squeezing the nerve endings or small blood vessels, fingers may go numb.

The reasons for which numb little finger on his left hand, can be divided into two categories:

  • mechanical;
  • pathological.

As you may have guessed, the first group of causes is associated with injury or squeezing of blood vessels or nerve endings. The second group of factors influencing the appearance of such symptoms is directly related to the development of pathology. Let's look at this question in more detail.

We exclude mechanical factors.

why dumb little finger on his left hand

As already mentioned, one of the reasons why the little finger on the left hand is numb is the squeezing of nerve endings. If the blood vessels do not function fully, then the person will also be able to feel the numbness of the fingers. Additionally, characteristic tingling and even pain may occur.

The following postures can lead to numbness in the little finger of the left hand:

  • Position leg by leg. Do not be surprised, but the blood circulates over the entire surface of the body, so when squeezing the vascular walls in the popliteal area, numbness can be felt on the fingers of the left hand. If you often take this posture, try to avoid it, because in the future this seemingly safe position can lead to the development of varicose veins.
  • Crossing arms. Psychologists call such a defensive position and say that a person crossing his arms over his chest is closed from others. If you hold your hands in this position for a long time, the blood vessels in the elbow will be squeezed, as a result, the right amount of blood will not flow to the fingertips and the person will feel their numbness.
  • Curvature of posture. The spinal column is not only our support. Our health in general depends on its condition. If you do not keep your posture flat when walking, running or sitting, this will lead to the development of various pathologies of the spine. As a rule, such states negatively affect blood circulation, as well as the sensitivity of nerve endings.
  • Improper posture during night rest. If you like to sleep with your hand under your head or pillow, do not be surprised that with time after you wake up you will feel tingling and numbness in your fingers. In this position, we pinch the artery, resulting in impaired blood circulation.

When numbness of the little finger signals a pathology?

the fingers of the left hand go numb

If a person's fingers of the left hand become numb, namely the little finger and the nameless one, and this condition becomes systematic, it is imperative to contact a medical institution. As already mentioned, numbness of the fingers of the upper or lower extremities may be one of the symptoms indicating the development of pathology.

Let's look at the main reasons that could provoke the appearance of such symptoms:

  • Pathology in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. If the numbness of the little finger on the left hand is associated with impairments in the activity of the heart muscle, then the person will additionally experience pain in the chest. The pain may be given to the scapular and ulnar part.
  • Impaired functioning of the nervous system. Numbness of the little finger and the ring finger of the left hand may appear with the development of osteochondrosis and the infringement of the median nerve.
  • Metabolic disorders. The numbness of the fingers of the left hand can be directly related to vitamin deficiency. Most often, this condition appears in early spring. This will also be indicated by dryness and flaking of the skin.
  • The development of atherosclerosis. During the formation of plaques in the vessels, blood circulation is disturbed, with the result that such an unpleasant symptom as numbness appears.

If, along with numbness in the fingers, you notice the blue of the skin of the lips, confusion, movement coordination, then you should immediately call the ambulance team. Such signs are considered the main harbingers of a stroke.

In cases where the accompanying symptoms are absent, contact the attending specialist, and he will prescribe you the necessary pharmacological preparations to normalize the vitamin balance. Most often, these symptoms occur due to a lack of calcium, potassium, retinol, and B vitamins.

Numbness of the little finger of the left hand may be due to other reasons:

  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • psycho-emotional disorders;
  • pathologies of the respiratory organs, etc.

What to do and who to contact?

for what reasons can the numb of the left hand

We have already figured out with you, for what reasons the little finger of the left hand can be numb. However, it is impossible to diagnose an illness on its own and to begin its treatment. For starters, watch your condition. If numbness is triggered by mechanical factors, then adjust your habits and be sure to posture for sleep.

If you notice that numbness is accompanied by additional symptoms or such unpleasant sensations appear at any time of the day, contact your leading physician. After the examination and anamnesis, the doctor will refer you to a specialist, in particular, to a cardiologist or neuropathologist. Only after a comprehensive examination, the doctor will be able to identify the cause of the occurrence of such discomfort and prescribe a complete and effective treatment.

To prevent numbness of the fingers of your left hand, adjust your diet. Eat foods that contain enough mineral and fortified micro and macro elements. Move more and, if possible, do some simple physical exercise. This is especially true of people whose professional activities are related to performing monotonous work, for example, writers, office workers, programmers, etc.

If you feel numbness of your little finger or other fingers of your left hand after a night of rest, you can get rid of unpleasant sensations by performing massage actions.

No need to engage in self-treatment. Numbness of the little finger can signal the development of serious pathologies leading to complicated consequences. If you experience primary symptoms, consult your doctor. Be healthy!