According to statistics, women with a permanent sexual partner for protection against unwanted pregnancy prefer oral contraceptives. Today, the pharmacological industry offers a wide selection of drugs in this group. This diversity is quite difficult to understand.

The answer is actually very simple - a leading gynecologist should administer oral contraceptives, only in this case you can protect yourself from unwanted side effects of a hormonal drug.

Contraceptive pills Novinet - monophasic, microdosing, hormonal contraceptive. Novinet has 2 synthetic hormones - progestogen and estrogen. The contraceptive effect is achieved by suppressing ovulation and changing the endometrium. The cervical mucus becomes more viscous, which leaves little chance for sperm to reach the egg. This method of contraception is the basis of most drugs of the same group.

Novinet: instructions for use

Novinet: reviews of doctors

Start taking the drug Novinet, instructions for use, advises on the first day of menstrual bleeding. It is necessary to continue reception for 21 days, on the 1st tablet - at the same time. For convenience, on the blister of tablets, there are marks in the form of numbers.

After the packaging is over, that is, all the pills have been drunk, the woman should take a week break. For example, taking the drug ended on Wednesday, therefore, after a week, on Wednesday, taking the pills from the next package begins. During this break, the woman begins to have menstrual bleeding, usually on day 2 after the end of the reception. Starting a new month course is necessary regardless of whether the menstruation is over or not.

If the pill was missed on the first day of menstruation, you can start the course of treatment on the second or fifth day. But then it is necessary to use barrier methods of contraception for 14 days, since the contraceptive effect may be reduced.

Novinet is also prescribed after abortion. In this case, the drug is started on the day after surgery. And take at the same time for the period recommended by the doctor.

Novinet: reviews of doctors

Like any drug novinet has its own indications and contraindications. The list of the latter is quite wide. The drug is prohibited to take at elevated concentrations of cholesterol in the blood, thromboembolism, even if such a pathology was observed in relatives. The list of contraindications includes jaundice, endometrial hyperplasia, gallstone disease, vaginal bleeding of unexplained etiology, the presence of hormone-dependent tumors and individual hypersensitivity to the drug.

It is also not recommended to take the drug while breastfeeding a child, as it can reduce the production of human milk. With great care, the novelty is prescribed to women with heart defects, epilepsy, diabetes and varicose veins.

Reviews of doctors about the drug

In most cases, doctors respond positively to this drug, and this is due to microdosing. Novinet, along with other low-dose preparations, is widely used in gynecology. In addition to the contraceptive effect, a therapeutic effect is also noted. Reception of novineta regulates the menstrual cycle, reduces blood loss during menstruation, also has an impact on the inflammatory processes of the female genital sphere. Moreover, taking the drug reduces the likelihood of ectopic pregnancy, the appearance of tumor processes in the chest, ovaries and endometrium.

In addition to the recommendations of doctors, there are many positive reviews among women. Many say that the condition of the skin has improved, especially in those with acne.

Possible side effects

Novinet: reviews of doctors

According to the reviews of women, it is new the way to cause depression, migraine. Also on the part of the nervous system there can be changes in mood, moods and tearfulness. Sometimes, Novinet causes nausea and even vomiting, which indicates an individual intolerance to the drug. Sometimes it can provoke exacerbation of gallstone disease.

In the course of taking the drug may occur spotting and even bleeding from the vagina.

Some women point to water retention in the body, which causes weight gain. Allergic reactions and erythema were also noted - the occurrence of such symptoms requires discontinuation of the drug - this is one of the options for individual intolerance.

On the part of the cardiovascular system, complications such as hypertension can form, it is extremely rare for a drug to create all the conditions for the formation of a heart attack.

Oral contraceptives should be prescribed only by a leading gynecologist who has been observing you for a couple of years, at a minimum. It is difficult to do without appropriate analyzes. The right drug can not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also has a positive effect on health - the number of menstruation days decreases, which ceases to be painful, the breast increases, etc.

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