Nose free from cold


The breeding season of bacteria has not yet arrived, and already had a nose without a cold? Alas, this happens with many, and not always the cause for the occurrence of this symptom is a cold or flu. How to ease breathing through the nose? First of all, let's find out the reason for his stuffiness.

When the nose is not breathing: how to identify the disease?

Nose without rhinitis: causes, treatment

Since the nose is a kind of protective body of a person that prevents bacteria and pathogens from entering the lungs and other internal organs, it is not surprising that with the slightest weakening of the immune system it suffers first. Conventionally, all the reasons for laying the nose without a cold can be divided into several groups. Consider them.

Fungal infections

Conditionally pathogenic bacteria are practically always present in the human body and, in principle, live quite well together. However, with the appearance of various predisposing factors, they can become quite dangerous. Fungal mycoses of the nasal paranasal sinuses can be triggered by prolonged use of antibiotics, reduced immunity, or appear on the background of previously untreated infections of other organs.

Allergen reaction

From April and almost until the end of September, people suffering from allergies begin to experience nasal congestion, sneezing and coughing. A similar reaction of the body is caused by the penetration into the nasal sinuses of various kinds of allergens:

  • flower or wood pollen;
  • dust;
  • seeds of various plants.

Curved partition

The abnormal structure of the nose is often a common cause of air scarcity. Pathology is congenital or acquired as a result of trauma to the nose, including the generic, injuries and bruises of the nose bridge. Alas, but treatment of the curvature of the nasal septum is possible only by surgery.

Polyp proliferation

Why the nose is stuffed up without a cold

Often the reason why the nose is stuffed up with a runny nose is protrusion of its mucous membrane and sinuses. Polyps, so called in medicine a similar phenomenon, sometimes reach such a size that the nasal passages completely overlap, because of which all tissues and organs begin to suffer from lack of oxygen. In addition, the patient's sense of smell is lost, the sense of taste is disturbed, and general malaise and weakness may occur.

Bacterial infection

If the nose without rhinitis lays constantly and at the same time there is pain in the forehead, nose and cheeks, then this is a sure sign of the onset of sinusitis, sinusitis or frontal sinusitis. Often pain can be transmitted to the eyes or teeth.

How to get rid of the problem?

Breathing problems can cause many pathologies and bring some discomfort, so postponing their treatment "for later" is an extremely wrong decision. What to do depends on the causes of this symptom, which is almost impossible to establish on your own. Therefore, the first action for long-term rhinitis should be a trip to the doctor, testing and examination.

What to do and how to treat, if the nose is stuffed up without a cold, the specialist will decide based on the following considerations:

  • With constant nasal congestion as a result of the body's reaction to allergenic proteins, antihistamines and H1-blockers are prescribed. It is also recommended not to use cosmetics based on herbal ingredients and to refuse food containing preservatives.
  • A long-term approach to treatment requires a fungal infection. Here in the course are various vitamin fortifying drugs. A doctor may cancel certain antibiotic groups and prescribe antifungal therapy instead.
  • The proliferation of polyps and the curvature of the nasal septum can not be cured by classical methods of traditional medicine. In this case, it is recommended to eliminate the obstacle to the penetration of air by surgery.

But the advertised drops, sprays, tablets and capsules can only be used as an integrated approach to get rid of the symptoms of cold and flu. Eliminate the blockage of the nose caused by other reasons, such drugs can not afford. In addition, it should be remembered that vasoconstrictor drops are addictive and can cause swelling of the mucous membrane. Use these drugs only on the recommendation of doctors. Never exceed the prescribed treatment time and dosage.

When cold and infection are not to blame

What to do and how to treat if the nose is stuffed up without a cold

If the nose does not run down without a rhinitis on an ongoing basis, treatment may not always be so radical. In such cases, you can easily get by with conventional preventive measures. For example, the lack of oxygen in the morning is most likely caused by allergies to feathers, animal dander, and dust. In addition to taking antihistamine drugs, you must perform the following actions:

  • replace feather pillows with ones made of microfiber, polyester or bamboo fiber;
  • more often carry out wet cleaning in the house, especially if you have pets;
  • move the pollinosis provocateurs to another room: jasmine, begonia, ficus, geranium;
  • regularly air the room.

The reason why it lays the nose without a cold at night is to look for in insufficient air humidity. You can solve the problem in the following ways:

  • install special devices, humidifiers in the room, the benefit today they can be purchased at any store;
  • hang damp laundry or towels around the house;
  • leave a pot of water boiling on the stove, where you can throw lemon peels at will and, on top of that, feed the air with a pleasant citrus scent;
  • getting ready for bed, you need to drink chamomile tea with honey and put a glass of water on the night table.

In most cases, the usual stuffy nose without the characteristic mucous discharge does not pose a threat to human life, but may well cause discomfort. Minor causes can always try to eliminate on their own. But if this symptom bothers for a long time, consult a doctor and undergo a medical examination - this is the best possible option.