Nose drops from nasal congestion

Each of us at least once in his life came to the pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to advise effective and safe drops from nasal congestion. The list of these intranasal drugs is so wide that involuntarily even the qualified pharmacist, the request of the buyer baffles. How to choose a drop in the nose? This will be discussed today.

Choosing a universal drug for a cold

nose drops from a cold

Most people with the appearance of nasal congestion are in no hurry to go to an appointment with a specialist. Often we go to the nearest pharmacy and get drops in the nose from the cold. And at the same time, we don’t even think that an incorrectly chosen pharmaceutical agent can harm and provoke the development of complicated consequences.

At first glance, it seems that drops from nasal congestion cannot harm. But do not forget that any nasal means are complex drugs that have their own indications and contraindications. And besides, an ordinary person without medical education cannot diagnose the cause of the common cold, which often leads us astray and leads to the wrong choice of a pharmaceutical preparation.

To date, a variety of nasal funds has about a dozen different positions. They differ not only in their component composition, but also in the principle of action. The selection of available nose drops that are released in a non-prescription manner is not so simple. Moreover, we need not only to ease breathing, but also to get rid of the cause of the appearance of such an unpleasant symptom.

In which cases should nasal pharmacological agents be used? The list of testimony is so huge that it is impossible to list all the main aspects. Generally speaking, nasal drops are indicated for use in such cases:

  • in case of a cold that occurs on the background of the development of acute respiratory illness or flu;
  • with rhinitis vasomotor type;
  • with sinusitis.

Most nasal agents have a local effect, narrowing the blood vessels, thereby facilitating the respiratory process. But if such an auxiliary substance is used for a long time, then addiction occurs and our body stops fighting the cause of the common cold.

Each pharmacological remedy for nasal congestion has its contraindications. In general, the use of these drugs should be abandoned in such cases:

  • with glaucoma;
  • in case of hypertension;
  • with atherosclerosis;
  • in violation of the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • in case of tachycardia.

We make breathing easier due to vasoconstriction

list of cheap nasal drops

As you already understood, it will be about vasoconstrictor nasal drugs. The overwhelming majority of the population of our planet choose such drugs that cause the vessels of the nasal passages to function in turbo mode.

Make a list of inexpensive nasal drops from congestion. First of all, they should include pharmaceuticals, which include the active component naphazoline. These drugs for intranasal administration are:

  • Naphthyzinum;
  • "Farial";
  • "Tizin";
  • Sanorin.

All of the above drugs have a vasoconstrictor effect and almost instantly facilitate breathing. However, the duration of their action is from 4 to 6 hours. After this time, it is necessary to repeat the procedure of introducing drops, otherwise swelling of the mucous coating will impede the respiratory process. Before using such nasal means, you should carefully study the abstract, since, for example, “Farial” cannot be used by children under the age of 7 years.

Xylometazoline is considered to be another equally popular vasoconstrictor. Based on it, a number of pharmacological preparations are produced:

  • "Galazolin";
  • "Rinonorm";
  • "Xymelin";
  • "For Nose".

Almost all of these tools can be purchased as a spray. Argued that the spray is much more convenient to use. First, every time you will drip into the nose only a certain dose of the drug, and secondly, with this use, the flow rate of the nasal means is very economical.

To achieve a prolonged result, specialized doctors advise the use of pharmacological agents made on the basis of oxymetazoline. Due to its properties nasal congestion is eliminated on average for 10-12 hours. Such drops help to cope with the common cold, having a cold nature, and they are also used to treat sinusitis. The list of these drugs include the following tools:

  • "Nazol";
  • Vervex;
  • "Nazivin".

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What drops from nasal congestion to choose

Many specialized doctors recommend, along with vasoconstrictor agents, the use of pharmacological agents that moisturize the mucous coating. This contributes not only to preserve its integrity, but also to the earliest discharge of mucus that accumulates in the passages and maxillary sinuses. Most nasal moisturizers today are based on seawater.

Isotonic solutions are enriched with mineral and vitaminized elements. These include the following pharmacological agents:

  • "Marimer";
  • "Humer";
  • Aquamaris;
  • "Salin", etc.

As a rule, in such substances there are no chemical impurities, so they are not addictive and practically have no contraindications and side effects.

Nasal preparations for pollinosis

Seasonal manifestation of allergic reactions tormented most of the inhabitants of our planet. To eliminate the puffiness that has appeared and to thoroughly wash the nasal passages, it is necessary to use universal preparations that have not only a vasoconstrictor, but also an antihistamine effect. Such nasal agents can be used to treat various forms of pollinosis and catarrhal ailments. These include:

  • "Vibrocil";
  • "Rinofluimucil";
  • "Sanorin-Analergin", etc.

I would like to pay special attention to the tool "Sanorin-Analegin", because it can cause side effects in the form of drowsiness and lethargy. That is why doctors advise using this intranasal medication before going to bed at night.

What else do you need to know about nasal preparations?

We considered two main positions of intranasal pharmacological drugs. In addition to them, other groups of drops and sprays are used in medical practice, in particular:

  • hormonal;
  • based on plant extracts;
  • homeopathic;
  • based on silver extract;
  • antimicrobial;
  • antiviral;
  • antibacterial.

Special attention should be paid to hormonal agents for intranasal use. Most often in medical practice, such drugs are prescribed to eliminate the symptoms of allergic reactions. Only a specialized doctor can prescribe them.

Nasal preparations made from vegetable and oil extracts are very popular with the prevailing number of people. These include the following drugs:

  • "Sinupret";
  • "Eucasept";
  • "Pinosol".

The most effective, according to most people, are the so-called homeopathic remedies. The leading positions among them are occupied by drugs "Edas-131" and "Euphorbium Compositum". It is these nasal drops and sprays that can cope with any kind of stuffy nasal passages.

Eliminate risk factors during pregnancy

drops from nasal congestion are considered safe

Pregnancy is the best period in a woman’s life. This is an extraordinary mystery, when two hearts beat in unison, it is impossible to convey in words. For pregnant women, there is a separate list of nasal products. What drops of nasal congestion are considered safe during this period?

It is best to choose natural products. Vasoconstrictor agents will have to be abandoned, since they will not only have a local effect, but may also affect the narrowing of the vessels of the placental layer. Such pharmacological drugs of intranasal type are considered safe:

  • "Humer";
  • "Pinosol";
  • "Physiomer";
  • Dolphin;
  • "Alergol".

The doctor must determine the dosage and duration of use, because you are responsible not only for your health, but also for the full and, most importantly, safe development of the crumbs.

As already mentioned, the choice of nasal means is very difficult. You yourself have seen what a variety of drugs exist today. The best choice is to consult a lawyer and comply with all of his prescriptions. Be healthy!

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