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Due to the nature of the structure of the nasopharynx, newborn babies are more susceptible to the common cold and are more sensitive than adults to respond to colds. In order to get rid of nasal congestion and normalize the condition of the respiratory tract, doctors advise the use of drops. What are nasal drops for newborns and how to choose the most effective and safe for a sensitive children's body?

Runny nose - this is serious!

babies he can be a very big problem

If for an adult a runny nose is just an unpleasant phenomenon, then for a baby it can become a very big problem. This is due to the fact that the specific structure of the nasopharynx contributes to the rapid spread of infection from the nose to the adjacent areas - throat and ears. Therefore, a runny nose for a short time provokes the appearance of the inflammatory process "next door".

In addition, newborns do not yet have mouth breathing skills. Therefore, the stuffed spout not only delivers tremendous discomfort by itself (especially considering that the child is mostly in a horizontal position), but also creates additional problems with feeding.

Another feature of the kids is that the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract is more actively supplied with blood, which has a swelling effect, while the respiratory tract itself is still narrow. All this contributes to the fact that in the presence of the pathogen, edema quickly appears in them, mucus is formed and breathing becomes difficult.

That is why such a banal, at first glance, phenomenon like a runny nose, requires immediate treatment. After all, the baby begins to experience severe discomfort, his appetite may worsen or disappear, and problems with sleep may appear.

How to choose a good nose drops for newborns?

To help your baby regain normal breathing, it is important to know exactly which drops can be dripped into the nose of a newborn.

To help your baby regain normal breathing, it is important to know exactly which drops can be dripped into the nose of a newborn. After all, his body is not yet ready to receive certain substances that are part of the preparations for adults. For example, undesirable for babies are vasoconstrictor drugs.

There are many types of drops, differing in their composition, mode of action and purpose. Before you choose a drug, you need to know what is causing a cold - allergies, viruses, infections, etc.

Note that in the case of treating babies, drugs are used only in the form of drops.


Nose drops for newborns Derinat

The main effect of the drug is that it activates the protective functions of the body so that he was able to cope with diseases of viral, fungal and infectious origin. In addition, the drug has a reparative and regenerative effect on tissues and organs.

These drops are applied 4-5 times a day, 2 drops in each nostril.


Drops for newborns Vibrocil

This tool is used in various forms of rhinitis, sinusitis and runny nose caused by an allergic reaction. Well removes puffiness of the mucous, freeing the airways. Instill the drug three times a day, 1 drop.

Do not use the drug for more than 1 week without consulting a specialist.


Nose drops for newborns Aquamaris

The main advantage of this drug is its completely natural composition: purified and diluted seawater enriched with natural trace elements. Since it does not contain any chemical additives (even preservatives), it is believed that this is the safest nose drops for newborns. Reviews of parents of infants say that the tool quickly helps to clean the baby's nose, preventing the formation of crusts. Use the drug in 2 drops in each nostril 3-5 times a day.


Nose drops for newborns Nazivin

The drug is prescribed for acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, accompanied by rhinitis and sinusitis of various forms, as well as allergic rhinitis. Used to quickly cleanse the respiratory tract from mucus, and reduce their swelling. To bury means it is necessary on 1 drop twice a day.

Do not use the drug for more than 1 week, as the tool may cause side effects.

"Aqualore baby"

Aqualore Baby Nose Drops

Another natural remedy based on sea water, not containing preservatives. Appointed to eliminate dryness of the mucous with dry air in the room, washing the nose and reduce the amount of mucus. Bury means on 2 drops from each side 3-4 times throughout the day.

"Euphorbium Compositum"

Nose drops Euphorbium Compositum

This homeopathic remedy effectively deals with acute and chronic forms of rhinitis and sinusitis, eliminates both inflammatory and allergic processes in the respiratory tract. In addition, the active substances in its composition, strengthen the organ immunity. Like all homeopathic remedies, this drug has a clear effect not immediately, but after 2-4 days after the start of use. A remedy of 10 drops 3-4 times a day is used, with an acute condition - every half hour, but with a decrease (gradual) in the number of instillations up to 5-6 times a day.

How to bury a spout crumbs?

Before you drop a drop in the nose of a newborn, the nose must be prepared for this procedure, otherwise there will be no result from the drug, even if the highest accolades are left about it. To do this, you first need to free the body from mucus. Since babies do not know how to blow their own nose, they use a special suction device or a regular rubber bulb to remove mucus (its tip must be sterilized).

Pre-rinse the baby's nose with a decoction of chamomile, sage or a warm mixture of mother's milk, diluted in half with saline. Bury the washing solution carefully so that the baby does not choke. To do this, you need to put it on your tummy (or keep it on weight over a bath, sink or basin), tilt the head slightly down and sideways and pour the solution into the opposite nostril with a syringe or syringe. The solution should flow from the other nostrils (the one toward which the head of the child is tilted). It is not scary if the baby swallows a little solution. It is for this reason that only natural substances are used in its composition.

Using a cotton swab, you can gently peel the nose, and then proceed to instillation of the drug. To do this, put the baby on the back, slightly tilting his head back so that the drug does not leak out, and drip the necessary amount of it first into one nostril, then (after waiting a little while the medicine runs out) into the other.

Using nose drops for newborns, do not forget that a runny nose is only a symptom, and nasal drugs are not able to eliminate the cause of the disease. In order for the body itself to cope with diseases, you need a systemic treatment and strengthening of the immune system. In addition, in any case, do not exceed the specified dosage of drugs and do not use them for a long time without consulting a specialist.

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