Nose drops antiallergic for newborns


Allergies - the attack, which is familiar to both adults and very tiny babies. Her "charms" - "crying" nose, itchy sensation in the throat, sneezing. The quickest means of salvation is nose drops antiallergic. Now the pharmacy is a great many. What to choose for big, and especially - for the small patient?

If your nose is “leaking” and this is due to allergies, then as a first aid, it is best to use anti-allergic nasal drops. They "punch" the nose, give short-term relief and help breathe freely. At the same time, the drops will not eliminate the allergy, but will only remove one of its symptoms - rhinitis.

Dropsvsallergiesatnose: essentialkinds

Nose Allergy Drops: Main Types

Preparations for instillation of the nose to eliminate allergic rhinitis are divided into the following categories:

  • combined (Sanorin-anallergin). They work in two directions - they reduce allergy reduction. It is advisable to use no more than 10 days;
  • vasoconstrictor (Vibrocil, Naphthyzinum, Otrivin, Xymelin, Tizin). Some of the solutions allowed for pregnant babies. Produced in the form of drops or drops. Apply for 14 days;
  • antihistamines (Zyrtec, Allergodil). Reduces the permeability of capillary sheaths, which leads to a leakage. It has only one effect;
  • immunomodulatory (Vilozen). Their effect is on the immune system;
  • steroid (hormonal). The best representatives are Benacap, Nasonex, Flikosonaze, Nasobek. They produce a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effect, which is helpful in eliminating all manifestations of allergy - congestion, rhinorrhea (discharge). They do not provide instant results, but show a prolonged effect. Only physicians are allowed to cure severe allergic rhinitis. Possess serious contraindications.

Havebaby allergy - which drops to choose?

The baby is allergic - which drops to choose?

If it is difficult for an adult to cure an allergy (considering the number of side effects), then with respect to the child it is even more problematic to make it. To prevent complications, for babies it is necessary to use drops that block the formation of histamine and do not provoke pronounced undesirable reactions.

For the treatment of drugs shown 3 generations on the basis of metabolites. The safest allergy drops for newborns are:

  • Zyrtec It will be able to appoint children a senior half a year. The drug does not cause vaccination, perfectly eliminates signs of allergy, does not contain alcohol and orbitol, and therefore is not the control device of the bolivivivotics. Cons - leads to sleepiness;
  • Nazolbebi, Nazivin, Rinazolin. They give the opportunity to breathe a little less than 12 hours;
  • Albucidus, Protargol. Antiseptic anti-allergic clumps, which are good to clean the nose with soft green beans;
  • Nazaval Spray based micronized cellulose and extracts. Allowed Maluku, only appeared in light.

Effectiveantiallergic nose drops for children older than one year

Effective antiallergic nasal drops for children older than one year

For children with allergies, whose age has exceeded 12 months, these drops are suitable:

  • Vibrocil The remedy has anti-allergic, vasoconstrictor action. For a long time eliminates rhinitis;
  • Prevalin. Produces prophylactic symptomatic effects - eliminates the itch, nasal congestion, tearing of the eyes. Valid up to 6 hours.

A child older than 2 years can be used to alleviate the condition in case of an allergy by dripping the spout (or using sprays) with such means:

  • Nasonex - therapeutic and prophylactic drugs. Active 12 hours after taking, positive effect supported for 72 hours;
  • Avamys. Removes painful manifestations at 7-8 hours after digging down. Impact supported by 3 days.

Preparations that are suitable for children from 4 years:

  • Fliksonaze ​​- glucocorticosteroid spray, has a complex action;
  • Cromohexal. Injects straight portions 4 times a day. Therapy is not discontinued at all with the stimuli.

To combat allergies in children, it is advisable to use homeopathic remedies. The most famous of them - Euphorbium compositum. They are remarkable in that they do not create an effect of dependence and do not harm the body. But the quick relief will not bring money, it will take a long time to be treated.

What kinddrops to treat allergic rhinitis in adults?

What kind of drops to treat allergic rhinitis in adults?

If we talk about adult patients, the following drugs were in the ranking of the best nasal sprays and drops:

  • Allergodil;
  • Levocabastine;
  • hormonal - Avamis, Fliksonaze;
  • narrowing vessels - Naphthyzinum, Galazolin, Nazivin. Ignorance of the fact that they overly dry the mucous, cause the dependence and long-term use are capable of becoming the cause of dizziness.

Nazaval spray has a good reputation among patients. It demonstrates high efficacy in allergic reactions to pollen, chemicals, dust, pet hair and other irritants. Allowed for pregnant women and children.

If allergic rhinitis does not give rest to a pregnant woman, then it is better to use vasoconstrictor drops with herbal ingredients - for example, Pinosol. It is useful to rinse your nose with sprays made on the basis of sea water. This Humer, No-salt, Aquamaris.

Modern anti-allergic nasal drops are characterized by a pronounced effect. Therefore, some of them are so addicted that they literally cannot live without them and bury their noses whenever they are about to go outside, or they are already doing it in the morning. Such a pseudo-treatment will only aggravate the allergy and lead to the fact that it is necessary to look for new, ever stronger medicines.

An allergy is too serious a condition to be eliminated only with nasal drops. Required examination and comprehensive treatment. But as a temporary measure that is able to return to work and restore health, such drugs are still indispensable. Therefore, it is better to always have them in your purse, if you suffer from allergies