Nolpaz or omez - which is better

All those “lucky enough” to earn gastritis, reflux esophagitis, and even more so - an ulcer, are familiar with such drugs as Nolpaz or Omez. What is better - the first or second medicine? What are their fundamental differences and which of them will bring less harm? And in general - is there a difference? Let's try to make an objective opinion.

What do our heroes have in common?

Principle of Nolpazy and Omez

Patients with the same diagnosis (ulcer, gastritis, gastroesophageal disease), doctors often prescribe one or the other drug. So what to prefer? The fact is that both drugs belong to the same pharmacological group, that is, they produce the same therapeutic effect. These are anti-ulcer drugs, proton pump inhibitors, which means that they reduce the acidity of gastric secretions, relieve heartburn, promote healing of ulcers on the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines. The principle of action of Nolpazy and Omez consists in blocking the secretion of hydrochloric acid.

The amount of active ingredient in the described drugs is the same. Side effects are almost the same. These are disorders of the digestive, nervous system, allergic edema, muscle and joint pain, skin rashes. Contraindications are also similar. The only exception is that Omez (according to instructions) is completely prohibited for pregnant women, and Nolpaz can still be used to treat women in an interesting position with the care and instructions of a doctor.

Nolpaz = Omez? The conclusion is wrong, there is a difference!

Omez produced in India, Nolpazu - in Slovenia

Although these drugs are analogous, the differences between them do exist. Here they are.

  • Omez is produced in India, Nolpaz is produced in Slovenia. Thus, the second drug is produced according to more stringent European standards.
  • Omez active ingredient is omeprazole, Nolpaz - pantoprazole sodium;
  • Nolpase has a more delicate effect, rarely provokes undesirable reactions, it is easier tolerated by patients. Omez is an aggressive medicine, it works sharply and powerfully, side effects are more often noted.
  • In order to get the same therapeutic result, Nolpaz will have to take a shorter period and in lower dosages compared with Omez.
  • Nolpazy has a wider spectrum of action. In other words, Omez is a simple remedy, which is used mainly in the case of an ulcer or gastritis. Nolpase is a more complex drug, in addition to the listed diseases, its "field of activity" includes erosive and ulcerative lesions of the stomach and other pathological conditions. It is a more modern, safe and effective medicine.
  • Omez is usually taken 2 times a day, Nolpaz - 1 time per day.
  • Cost is another important factor in which these drugs are unequal. For packing Omez (it includes 10 capsules) will have to pay from 100 to 130 rubles. Nolpaza contains in a pack of 14 tablets; its price starts from 120 rubles. (drug 20 mg) and reaches 250 rubles. (40 mg). Omez is actually an Indian generic Nolpazy - hence the more acceptable cost.

Omez or Nolpaz - which is better: feedback from specialists

Omez or Nolpaz - which is better: feedback from specialists

Most physicians believe that Omez is an "old fairy tale." The range of anti-ulcer drugs contains more effective drugs, at least the same second-generation drug Nolpaz. But, although doctors prefer Nolpase or Nexium, it is still too early for Omez to write off because he has proven his therapeutic options.


How do drugs evaluate and what do patients advise?

Of course, reviews of ordinary people are always subjective. Someone helps Nolpaz, and another, as they say, like a dead poultice. There are a lot of positive comments about the product made in Slovenia (about 80% of patients report improvement and elimination of unpleasant symptoms - from heartburn to pain during gastritis). Nevertheless, Omez is undoubtedly the leader in terms of popularity: he is cheaper and acts faster. According to the majority of patients, this medicine acts longer (sometimes up to 12 hours).

Analogues of drugs

What other drugs produce the same effect as Omez? Analogs of this drug are numerous. Omez is not an original remedy, it is a derivative of an expensive and more effective medicine called Losek. Such pharmacological "inventions", as already mentioned, quite a lot. The most popular ones are:

  • Nexium. This is the most modern (and, according to experts, the most effective) drug. It is produced in England. Its only minus is too high a price;
  • Ultop. If we consider Omez and Nolpaz as analogues, then their main competitor will be this very medicine. Ultop has established itself as an excellent and cheaper alternative that is able to qualitatively deal with manifestations of ulcers and reflux. Adverse reactions that sometimes occur when it is taken are reversible and not so dangerous. It is vomiting, bloating, dryness and change in taste;

Orthanol Inexpensive remedy with proven effectiveness

  • Orthanol Inexpensive remedy with proven effectiveness. It is very useful as a prophylactic agent for gastric ulcer, as it exhibits bactericidal properties against microorganisms leading to this disease.

Thus, there are many analogues, so the question is not only this: Nolpaz or Omez - which is better? The choice of means is much wider - from the most democratic Ortanol at the price to the most expensive Nexium. The number of drugs of similar action today reaches 50 varieties.

The conclusion is: Nolpaz is a serious drug that cures dangerous diseases. Therefore, if there was a heartburn attack due to the use of a “wrong” product, then it is better to use another, simpler, medicine aimed only at this symptom. Omez is not much inferior to its prototype, but it acts more rectilinearly and rigidly. When choosing a drug, you should always listen to the opinion of the doctor and your individual sensations. It is advisable to start treatment with Nolpase, and if the desired therapeutic effect is not achieved, then you can switch to Omez.

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