No pills over-the-kills


The rhythm of modern life, even if it is not a resident of the metropolis, is very high today. Tension and stress become his constant companions, and no matter how strong and strong the nervous system may be, it sometimes starts to falter. Therefore, to be able to find a good sedative without a doctor's prescription to help yourself, everyone should.

Safe sedatives of plant origin

Almost all medical specialists recommend turning to tablets only as a last resort, since any chemical component can put an extra load on another organ, as a result of which a new problem will appear instead of a cured one. And in the case of sedatives, there is always a high risk of becoming addictive and relaxing the nervous system until it stops to return to normal on its own, which will make it necessary to take pills daily. Therefore, in the case of light overstrain, stress, panic and other manifestations of nerve failures, help should begin with sedatives of plant origin that are not addictive and gently support the body, rather than blocking nerve impulses.


  • Motherwort, or rather, its extractor, is among the safest soothing pills that are available without a doctor's prescription. In the composition of the drug, unlike its other forms - drops or tinctures, there are no additional components that can give a side reaction. Therefore, the only contraindication to the remedy is hypersensitivity to the herb itself. In its action, it is softer, but more effective valerian, although it can be taken with it. The main recommendation to the drug: initial hypertension, insomnia, vegetative-vascular dystonia, increased uterine tone, tachycardia. It is necessary to take 1 tablet up to 4 times a day (depending on the severity of the situation), before meals. Its combination with valerian is allowed.
  • "Persen" - a kind of compilation of extracts from several herbs that have a sedative effect. For this reason, it is considered more effective, and also taken only 2-3 times a day before meals, 1 tablet. With increased sensitivity of the body, the dosage is reduced to ½ tablet. The principle of operation is the same as that of motherwort, valerian, lemon balm, etc .: reducing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure, normalizing sleep, inhibition of the excited nervous system, relieving light spasms. The undoubted advantage of the drug is that it does not affect the clarity of consciousness, so even drivers can drink it.

Even with natural products, there are some limitations and nuances that are important to consider.

  1. Due to the lower concentration of active substances, one should not expect immediate action. The effect is often cumulative, therefore it is usually noted only for 6-7 days, and the entire course lasts at least 14 days. For this reason, natural sedatives are often drunk for the purpose of prophylaxis, for example, before examinations or other difficult periods. Too much a shaky nervous system requires stronger medications of the drug kind.
  2. It should be noted that for all its naturalness, the above-mentioned preparations are prohibited for small children (up to 3 years), and are used with caution in children under 12 years of age. They are often prescribed a special soothing tea from the Hipp brand, which produces feed mixtures. This is the only remedy allowed for children without a doctor's prescription. It has no side properties, if we exclude the individual intolerance of the herbs it contains.

Soothing preparations without a doctor's prescription: a list of the best

If the stress period is prolonged, herbal preparations may be powerless or give too little effect, so you have to pay attention to more serious means, also approved for use without a doctor's prescription.


  • "Tenoten" is a homeopathic drug, prescribed even to small children (from 3 years old) for the normalization of sleep and with a strong nervous excitability. The main range of its application is vegetative-vascular dystonia, astheno-neurotic syndrome, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, decreased performance and concentration, memory impairment. The drug is available in 2 forms: "Tenoten children" and "Tenoten for adults." However, if you cannot purchase the version for children, you can simply lower the dosage of the adult tablet for the child. The same applies to persons with increased sensitivity. The only contraindication to the remedy is lactase intolerance, as well as pregnancy and breastfeeding. The positive effect is observed on the 2nd day, the tablets dissolve under the tongue between meals, usually consumed overnight.


  • "Novo-Passit" is also a fairly natural drug, but causing a lot of controversy. Its composition is based on herbs (St. John's wort, lemon balm and valerian are in the lead), as well as guaifenesine, however, there are cases of adverse reactions to such a selection of components - nausea, dyspepsia disorders. For this reason, you should not take a pill with the sensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract to drugs, as well as children under 12 years old. But "Novo-Passit" in a short time pacifies the excited nervous system, suppresses panic syndrome for 30 minutes. after taking the pill. Among other positive points is the effectiveness of the drug during menopause. However, Novo-Passit tablets are not focused on long-term use.

Is it possible to pick up a strong sedative on your own?


Stronger and more effective soothing pills without a prescription are rarely available because they are similar to tranquilizers and anti-depressants in their chemical composition, and this group of medications has a wide range of side effects, including addiction. In addition, with them it is extremely important to observe the correct dosage. However, there is a drug, still valid for self-use, but with caution.

"Afobazol" among all serious sedative drugs is recognized as the safest and most effective. By its nature, it is a mild tranquilizer: it blocks irritability and anxiety, panic attacks, calms the heartbeat, eliminates insomnia. As a result, the effect on irritable bowel syndrome, spasms in the epigastric region, limb tremor, and impaired blood circulation in the brain is noted. But due to such a pronounced effect of the drug, it is forbidden to take it to children under 18 years of age, as well as pregnant women and people with hypersensitivity. Due to the peculiarities of the composition, "Afobazol" is consumed after a meal in 20-30 minutes, in order not to irritate the gastric mucosa, no more than 3 times a day. The dosage varies from 5 to 10 mg, depending on the susceptibility of the drug. The course lasts from 14 to 30 days, if the pills are not taken under the supervision of a physician. The addiction means does not cause.

Are such preparations permitted during breastfeeding?


It has been said more than once that pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take this or that drug, or use caution. However, is it really impossible to resort to any sedative in an acute situation without going to a doctor?

Permissible means in the form of tablets, in fact, practically does not exist, but this does not mean that during lactation or pregnancy it is impossible to immediately put the nervous system in order. Drops, also based on herbs, have a “shock” effect: these are mainly drugs such as Corvalol, Valoserdin, Valocordin. Each of them, after a few minutes, relieves spasm, regulates the heart rhythm, facilitates breathing.

And for a more prolonged and milder effect, recommended "Glycine", written out even for people who have experienced a stroke, as well as for children and adolescents. Small tablets dissolve under the tongue and do not depend on meals. According to the pharmacokinetics, "Glycine" is neither a sedative, nor a tranquilizer, nor an antidepressant. It affects the metabolism of the nervous system, as a result, has an effect on the work of the brain and relieves psycho-emotional stress. Reception is carried out up to 2 times a day, 1 tablet for 14-21 days.

Despite the fact that the above medications for the most part have a natural plant base, they cannot be called 100% safe, and an allergic reaction or overdose can be obtained with any of them. Therefore, it is advisable to use all these means strictly according to the instructions, not to prolong the course without good reason and confidence in the reasonableness of this step, and not to self-medicate. An accurate diagnosis and troubleshooting can be made only by a specialist.