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Nervous tick eyes

A nervous eye tick is a rather unpleasant symptom that occurs completely unexpectedly. First of all, it signals that the human psyche is subjected to severe stress, which for one reason or another does not disappear, continuing to systematically destroy nerve cells. When the eye muscles begin to contract involuntarily, it means that the body is relieving nervous tension. But on the other hand, it also says that the nervous system is so overloaded that it simply cannot cope with other methods. Therefore, it is necessary to urgently engage in the treatment of a nervous tic, so that it does not turn into a chronic form.

Nervous tick eyes

What is a nervous eye tick treatment?

There are several methods for treating eye nerves.

  • Commonly used soothing and anticonvulsant drugs, a diet in which the content of magnesium, herbs, fruits, vegetables and honey is increased.
  • Relaxation helps to cope with a nervous tic meditation, sports, healthy lifestyle, massage.
  • Of the herbs can help hop cones, peppermint, Chernobyl, real bed-worm, common wormwood, horsetail, white mistletoe, linden flowers, and silverweed.

How to quickly cure a nervous eye tick?

To cope with a nervous tic, it is necessary to eliminate the stresses that cause an overstrain of the nervous system. Think about what causes anger, discomfort, very annoying. Try to exclude from life these unpleasant moments.

To quickly eliminate such an unpleasant symptom as involuntary contraction of the muscles of the eye, several treatments are usually prescribed.

  • You can use together vitamin C, B1 and drugs that have anticonvulsant properties. Medicinal sedative drugs that include magnesium are helpful in the treatment.
  • Sometimes they can prescribe botox injections. It helps to relax the muscles.

Food with nervous eye tick

  • It is necessary to pay attention to the observance of proper nutrition. You need to eat more black currants, nuts, blueberries, beets, dark grapes, sea fish, cherries. In this case, you should abandon the use of strong tea, cola, chocolate, drinks containing caffeine, and, of course, coffee.

How to reduce a nervous eye tick?

Nervous ticking of the eye can be a symptom of incipient atherosclerosis, a consequence of traumatic brain injury or a symptom of nervous exhaustion. As soon as you feel a nervous tic, immediately consult a doctor. At the same time you can start taking herbal. They will help the body to cope with the psychological stress and calm the nervous system.

  • To prepare the collection, take in equal proportions peppermint leaves, linden flowers, hop cones and 2 p. more Chernobyl root. Mix and chop everything. Pour 200 ml of boiling water 1 tbsp. l the resulting mixture. Remove the infusion in a warm place for an hour, then strain. Drink 2 weeks before eating 4 p. on 0, 5 glasses.
  • Smells of essential oils will also help to relax and calm down. When you are very nervous, try to inhale cinnamon, lavender or geranium oil.
  • As soon as he started to disturb the nervous tick of his eyes, reduce the time spent at the computer and TV. If the computer is needed for work, then refuse to communicate with the TV until you get well. You can apply cold compresses to your eyes and do a set of exercises for the eyes.

Relaxation with nervous eye tick

How to treat frequent bouts of nervous eye tic?

  • With the frequent manifestations of the nervous eye tic and its prevention can be managed by taking a soothing infusion. You will need 20 g of common wormwood and gravy, 10 g of white mistletoe and horsetail. Mix grass and chop. Then 2 tbsp. l mix pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. An hour later strain. Drink 1/3 cup 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Take the decoction for 3 weeks.
  • To remove the cramps caused by too nervous condition, you can prepare the bedstraw juice. It will have not only a calming effect, but also anti-inflammatory. Drink juice before breakfast and dinner, spreading 1 tbsp. l in 200 ml of water at room temperature.
  • Make juice from beets and lemon with honey. It will help restore the lack of vitamins and magnesium, the lack of which is often the cause of a nervous tic. Take an equal amount of beet juice, lemon and add honey in 2 p. more. Drink 14 days after breakfast and dinner for 30 ml.

A nervous eye tick indicates that the nervous system cannot cope with the psychological stress on the body, thus relieving excess tension. To stop this process, you need to increase stamina and strengthen the nervous system. Regular exercise, daily walks, a healthy lifestyle, and the use of various relaxation techniques: yoga, meditation, will help relieve nervousness and muscle tension, thereby eliminating the nervous tic.

Herbal infusion for the treatment of nervous tick

A nervous eye tick helps the body deal with the ravages of prolonged stress to which the nervous system is exposed. But if you do not treat him, he can turn into a chronic form and turn from a protective mechanism that protects from a nervous breakdown into an additional negative load on the human psyche.

Constant involuntary muscle contraction not only causes discomfort, but also methodically disrupts the normal functioning of the human nervous system. Therefore, at the first manifestations of a nervous eye tick, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and use traditional remedies.

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