Residents of the Far East and the North of Russia definitely tried this fish like navaga. The product is very useful for our body. In the preparation of navaga is simple, because it is not different bony. A characteristic feature is also the lack of scales. What exactly are the beneficial properties of fish navaga?

What is she like?

There are 2 varieties of navaga - northern and far eastern.

There are 2 varieties of navaga - northern and far eastern. This marine inhabitant prefers cold coastal waters. In the north, naga is found not larger than 30 cm and weighing up to 0.5 kg. Far East is larger, individuals reach more than 1 kg in weight.

Navaga is easily identified by external signs:

  • lack of scales;
  • stalk body brownish-gray color with brown specks on the back, light sides and abdomen;
  • small head;
  • club-shaped swollen transverse processes of the vertebrae (well palpable);
  • upper jaw more;
  • presence of characteristic antenna.

Commercial fish, although private underwater fishing is common among amateur anglers. The good time to catch is the winter months. True, the last decade of fishing is not as active due to the decline in the number of fish.

The composition of the product

Look at the photo of the navaga to remember what this amazing, very useful fish looks like. The substances contained in it are:

  • high quality natural protein;
  • fats (like all Treskovs, liver is very much appreciated);
  • vitamins: B-group (in particular, folic acid), A, C, E, D, PP;
  • mineral components: K, Ca, I, Mg, Na, F, Fe, Zn, S, P, Cr, Se, Ni, etc .;
  • amino acids.

Tastes and energy value of fish

This fish is the most delicious of the whole family. The meat is tender, at the same time juicy and fragrant

This fish is the most delicious of the whole family. The meat is tender, at the same time juicy and fragrant. The product is often included in the dietary and children's menu. The most delicious dish of navaga are roasted carcasses. The small size and weight allow you to bake the fish in the oven entirely.

Caloric Navaga - 68.5-73 kcal. More than 85% of all calories fall on protein in the complete absence of carbohydrates. Given the method of heat treatment of the product, slightly, but the calorie content of the fish changes:

  • fried - about 65.4 kcal;
  • boiled - 65.7 kcal;
  • baked - 66.3 kcal.

Dietary meat contains almost no fat, but in the fish liver there are a lot of them. Treskov liver is generally considered a delicacy product.

Useful properties of navaga

Useful properties of such fish as navaga are indisputable

Useful properties of such fish as navaga are indisputable. For example, selenium is an excellent antioxidant, slows the aging process of cells and tissues. We need iodine and phosphorus for normal cerebral circulation, as well as for the prevention of endocrinological disorders.

In addition, navaga promotes:

  • strengthening the body's immune defenses;
  • normalization of the central nervous system;
  • anti-inflammatory patches (Omega-3, Omega-6);
  • prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • control lipids, maintain lipid metabolism;
  • strengthening bone and cartilage structures;
  • improve the condition of the skin;
  • weight control;
  • rejuvenation of the body.

Navaga practically has no contraindications to use. Only those who have an individual intolerance to seafood should abandon it. Otherwise, this is an excellent fish, which is suitable for both the holiday table and the everyday dinner with the family.

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