Nail polish for the treatment of nail fungus on the legs


Along with other bacteria, fungi are also found in the human body. In the event of the causes contributing to their enhanced reproduction, infection may develop. One of the clearest examples of such an infection is a nail fungus. Consider the varnish for the treatment of fungus of toenails as a way to combat misfortune.

What kind of animal is nail fungus?

Nail Polish for the treatment of nail fungus on the legs

Of the whole kingdom of mushrooms, about 500 of their species cause pathological processes in the human body. The appearance of the problem of infection of nails with fungi can lead to a visit to a bath, sauna, swimming pool, beach. Fungi thrive in warm and humid environments. Toes are more at risk because they spend a lot of time in conditions conducive to the reproduction of fungal infections.

Manicure accessories are also capable of spreading the fungus. In addition, there are many factors that increase the likelihood of infection:

  • the presence in the medical history of diabetes;
  • circulation problems;
  • age over 65 years;
  • nail extension;
  • visit to the public pool;
  • nail injury;
  • damage to the skin around the nail;
  • fingers or toes stay in water for a long time;
  • weakened immune system;
  • prolonged use of shoes with closed toe.

Nail infections are more common in men than in women and in adults compared to children. When there are members in the family who are prone to fungal infections, it is likely that others will become infected. We list the visible signs of the development of a fungus on the nails:

  • subungual hyperkeratosis - thickening of the skin;
  • white or yellow stripes on the nail plate;
  • dilapidated corner or tip of the nail;
  • peeling, white areas on the surface of the nail, the presence of pits;
  • the appearance of yellow spots in the lower part of the nail;
  • nail loss;
  • detachment from the nail bed;
  • smell coming from infected nails;
  • brittleness or thickening of the nail.

Antifungal nail polish - the current means of dealing with the disease

Antifungal Nail Polish

Antifungal lacquer is a tool that has gained relevance recently in the fight against nail fungus in the initial stages of infection, that is, in cases where the plate is less than 50% defective. The effectiveness of lacquers is weak if nail growth centers are affected - lunula.

However, the use of such tools can have a deterrent effect on the spread of infection. The liquid structure of varnishes contributes to a deeper penetration of the drug. Therapeutic components of drugs are actively fighting the fungus due to its ability to penetrate the nail bed, where the pathogen is most active. Consider the most popular antifungal varnishes.


Lac "Oflomil" has a considerable price, and user reviews confirm its effectiveness. The active ingredient of the drug is amorolfine hydrochloride. This highly active substance in relation to such causative agents of nail damage:

  • dermatophytes;
  • dimorphic fungi;
  • yeast fungi;
  • mold fungi.

Amorolfine damages the cell membrane by reducing the production of ergosterol, thereby destroying the fungus. The lacquer itself is a liquid of colorless or light yellow color. Its use is preceded by treatment of the infected area with the help of a nail file from the kit. Next is cleaning with alcohol and directly applying varnish. Treatment of toenails should be continued for up to 12 months. The price for a varnish of 5% in a 2.5 ml bottle with an applicator and nail files reaches 1200 rubles.

But what about the varnish "Oflomil" say users in their reviews:

  • Inna: "An excellent tool. Indeed, it helped in the treatment of fungus on the nails."
  • Igor: "I regularly visit the gym and swimming pool. The problem is familiar. The drug" Oflomil "helped get rid of the fungus. Now I use it for prophylaxis. It is quite convenient."


Now consider the nail polish "Demicten": let's talk about the active substance, price, reviews. Polyvinyl acetate emulsion forms the basis of the product. Formaldehyde gives it disinfecting properties at an acceptable concentration. Enzymes and metabolites of friendly bacteria have been added as a stimulant. The varnish is similar in appearance and smell to PVA glue. The drug is applied in a thin layer on the prepared areas marked by lesion. The average price is 360 rubles for 35 g.

Product reviews:

  • Anna: "It is an excellent remedy, by smell and appearance it looks like glue. But how it smells like lacquer and what it looks like, it does not matter, most importantly, it helps."
  • Stepan: "The drug was not impressed. The effect was like a folk lotion. The doctor changed it for another tool, there was progress in the growth of healthy nails."


nail polish

Next, we discuss the nail polish "Batrafen": what is the basis of its effect, what is the price, reviews on the web. The active component of the drug is ciclopirox, a substance with a broad spectrum of action on fungi. The drug acts on the infection by inhibiting certain enzymes of fungi.

Its use should be preceded by the process of maximal removal of a part of the affected nail, which will then be varnished. The average treatment period is 14 days, the maximum is 6 months. A tightly closed cap protects the product from drying out. Price - up to 2500 rubles per bottle of 3 g.

Reviews of varnish "Batrafen":

  • Lilia: "I picked up the fungus on my toenails in the pool. It's just a disaster. I used Batrafen, it helped."
  • Alexander: "I used varnish according to the instructions attached to the bottle. The effect is zero. I will go to the doctor, let him prescribe a treatment."

Summing up, it should be said that in the event of the appearance of symptoms of nail lesions with a fungal infection, and especially if this is accompanied by favorable factors, you should seek qualified medical assistance. The formulation of experiments by self-selection of therapies not only will not help anything, but will also aggravate the status quo. It is very easy to get a gift in the form of a fungus on the nails, but it is rather difficult to recover from it. Therapy requires a long time and is often complex, so you should not start the course of the disease by self-treatment. Health to you!