My throat is twitching


The feeling of coma and sore throat is familiar to anyone. These unpleasant symptoms can signal the onset of a cold. Therefore, you should not think that the tickling will pass by itself. There are simple methods that will help you to get cured without using medicines. It is enough just to understand what caused the discomfort.

Why do you have a sore throat?

Such a common symptom, as a throat perception can actually signal many diseases. Often, doctors denote these unpleasant sensations and a term for dry cough. It manifests itself as a lump, sometimes difficulty breathing. There is also a sore throat due to other reasons.

Tickles in my throat: what to do?

  1. Viral infections. Almost all acute respiratory diseases begin on the abdomen. At the same time, the patient may begin to get eyes, a cold begins. Sometimes the temperature rises slightly during the course of the disease.
  2. Cold. A sore throat occurs if you are frozen or, for example, eaten frozen.
  3. Allergic reaction. Allergy symptoms are sometimes something like a cold. The person also has a peritoneum, red eyes, a watery eye and a runny nose. The reason could be anything - dust, pollen, cat's fur.
  4. The problem with the nervous system. In our organization is all interconnected. Sometimes lesions of the nervous system lead to necrosis of the throat. The disease is also manifested by scratching.
  5. Environmental conditions. Throat begins to hurt when the apartment is hot and dry. The situation may be complicated by the fact that the room is dusty.
  6. Predisposition due to lifestyle or physiology. Usually, sore throat is considered an occupational disease of people who, by virtue of their work, talk a lot. Teachers and university professors often suffer from unpleasant symptoms. Also, children complain of sore throat - they overstretch the ligaments during the game.

How to treat?

Engage in self-treatment of unpleasant sensations in the throat in several ways. The type depends on the root cause of the neg. Methods for eliminating the symptoms of a cold or an infectious disease are slightly similar. They include rinsing and the use of products that prevent inflammation. It is worth remembering that when sore throats need to take immediate action. The disease may subside below and give complications to the lungs or bronchi.

Tickles in my throat: what to do?

Start the treatment with rinsing. You can use for this salt or medicinal herbs. Often decoctions and solutions for rinsing are done by eye. You can not adhere to strict recipes. For example, fill in 2 tbsp. spoons with so much warm water to make the liquid salty. The approximate volume is -200 ml. Clean the throat with the obtained solution 3 times a day.

Various herbs are often used to create this kind of liquid medicine. It is best suited to eliminate symptoms of tickling in inflammatory processes of chamomile and sage. They have an antibacterial effect. Simplifies the preparation of a useful solution form of packaging herbs. Worth buying them in filter bags. Usually take 2 pcs. and pour 250 ml hot water. The liquid is drawn for 20-30 minutes, and then used to rinse the throat. This is usually done 2-3 times a day.

A completely different treatment option is used if the throat is tickling because of an allergy. First you need to figure out what the body reacts to. If it was born in spring and summer, then pollen and poplar fluff can cause it. Therefore, the only means of time is antihistamines. Some of them are sold without a doctor's prescription. Among them - suprastin. Tablets should be taken in strict accordance with the instructions.

Often, some people experience allergic reactions to bed dust mites. The first problem is solved daily wet cleaning. Dealing with ticks is a little more difficult. They usually live in carpets, feather pillows and blankets. In addition to scratching the throat, mites cause tingling and itching of the skin. You can fight them by replacing bed linen and using artificial fillers. Carpets are also better off. At the same time, you should start taking antihistamines.

What to do when you have a sore throat during pregnancy?

Problems with throat during pregnancy are complicated by the fact that expectant mothers can not use many medicines. At the first occurrence of symptoms should immediately consult a doctor. This will help prevent the spread of the disease and the occurrence of adverse factors affecting the health of the baby.

Tickles in my throat: what to do?

  • From safe proven methods during pregnancy, you can use solution for rinsing. 1-2 hours. l substances for this pour 250 ml of warm water. The same principle is used chamomile or calendula.
  • Frequently the therapist during pregnancy prescribes Malavit drops. They have a disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect. Usually, 100 ml water is diluted with 5-10 drops. Then the solution is rinsed throat 3-5 times a day. Minus the means to read that it does not fit all. Possible individual intolerance to the components of the drug.
  • If you have too much of a throat, then you should think about strengthening your immunity. There are a whole range of spectrums that help cope with colds. Most of them are not very expensive - in the range of 20-40 rubles. Excellent immunostimulants are found in minor echinacea. They are usually produced in the form of alcohol tinctures, a few drops, which are diluted with water. Solution is taken internally - within 10-14 days. It is especially necessary to improve the immune system in late autumn and at the end of winter.
  • Many people know that at the first signs of a throat it is worthwhile to include foods that contain large amounts of vitamin C in the diet. It helps to prevent a more serious flow of a cold. You can start drinking lemon tea, eating oranges, or using vitamin pills.
  • There is also another miracle remedy that helps eliminate tickle - grapefruit seed extract. It is believed that he is a very strong natural antibiotic. It can even be given to children. The extract is produced in the form of pressed seeds, which is diluted with glycerin. A few drops of the product are diluted with water. Then the resulting liquid is drunk or caressed by her throat. It is important to begin treatment at the first signs of tickling. Improvement possible after the 1st day of use.
  • Also, during a cold, sore throat removes bee propolis well. It is sold in a variety of plates. A small amount of propolis needs a little chew. Eating after this is not recommended. Otherwise, all the nutrients washed away with saliva and food. Best used propolispredsnom.

There are several options for why there is a sore throat. Such a symptom is a consequence of the onset of a cold, allergy or certain types of diseases. It is worth treating a throat only after you have determined the cause. If this is a cold, then use rinsing with soda, salt or a solution of herbs. This option is suitable for pregnant women. The allergens should be removed by contacting with allergies and using antihistamine preparations. In other cases, you will need to consult a doctor.