Mustard oil


Pharmaceutical companies spend huge amounts of money to create another costly wonder drug that will help preserve health. Meanwhile, nature has long given people such funds. One of them is mustard oil. Useful properties and contraindications for the use of this product will help to figure out whether to include it in your diet and for what purpose.

When studying ancient Roman and Greek manuscripts, scientists found references to mustard oil in them. This natural product was included (and included) in the recipe of many Indian and Chinese dishes and medicines. Our ancestors were also familiar with mustard spice and highly appreciated its taste. During the reign of Catherine II, mustard seed oil was considered an "imperial delicacy." In the XVIII century. Empress ordered to create a German settlement of Sarepta, where excellent mustard was grown especially for the royal table.

Mustard oil: beneficial properties

What you should know about mustard oil: composition, calorie and beneficial properties

To obtain mustard oil is placed under the press mustard seeds - white and black. Extrude it at a temperature regime not higher than 50 degrees - then the spice retains the entire set of unique properties. It, as well as the taste and aroma, depend on which particular spice is obtained from the seeds. White mustard provides a pronounced warming effect, although it has a moderately pungent taste.

Like any oil, mustard is a fairly high-calorie product: 898 kcal per 100 g of product. There are no proteins and carbohydrates, but the amount of fat reaches 99.8.

The unique healing qualities of mustard oil and contraindications are due to the special composition of this product. It contains many bioactive components, phosphorus, potassium. Together with oil, a large amount of vitamins will also enter the body - B3, B6, A, E, D.

This supply of nutrients makes mustard oil really useful for maintaining good health. Its use will help to reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis several times, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and maintain an optimal balance of hormones.

If you include mustard oil in home cooking recipes, you can naturally, without drugs, strengthen the immune system and improve the functioning of the digestive organs. It will be useful to use mustard oil with:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • hypertension;
  • hepatitis and other liver diseases, cholecystitis;
  • ENT diseases.

Contained in mustard oil vitamin Anezamenim for those who have impaired visual acuity. Nature has supplied mustard and a strong antioxidant - vitamin E, which is able to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs and positively affect the functioning of the heart.

It should be noted, and what is useful mustard oil for children and pregnant women. This product increases the level of hemoglobin, which is important for future mothers. Oil should be present in the diet of children suffering from rickets. This will help them recover faster.

How to treat at home with mustard oil?

How to treat at home with mustard oil?

Folk healers are well aware of the benefits of mustard oil, so in unconventional medicine you can find many recipes in which this herbal ingredient is the main active ingredient.

For any ailments and how to use mustard seed oil?

  • The product from mustard seeds can be used as an auxiliary component in the treatment of viral and bacterial diseases. To do this, eat 1 tsp. oil before meals 3 times a day or gargle them.
  • To eliminate swelling and swelling, you can do a massage with a healing ointment based on mustard oil. For its preparation it is necessary to take 2 tbsp. l butter, 2 cloves of garlic and ½ tsp. fenugreek All mix, boil.
  • If a cramp occurs, it is enough to rub this place with mustard oil, and the pain will recede.
  • Mustard oil is suitable for the treatment of rhinitis. When the first signs of rhinitis appear, 2 drops of oil should be instilled into the nose.
  • The product helps to get rid of cough. To do this, it is mixed with salt and rubbed back to red.
  • If your ear aches, you can relieve the suffering of the patient by dripping 3 drops of warm oil into the ear canal.
  • If irritation appears on the skin, 1 tsp is mixed. turmeric and 1 tbsp. l oils. This composition lubricates the problem area and make a light massage. To increase the efficiency of the mixture, you can add to it 5 drops of camphor alcohol.
  • Oil will help in the fight against worms (worms).

The secret ingredient: mustard oil in cooking

Dietary characteristics of mustard oil is much better than sunflower. Gourmets note the amazing ability of this spice to give the dishes an original taste. One of the features of the product is that it does not burn and does not give the finished dishes a bitter taste. Therefore, it is eagerly used by skilled cooks.

Thus, French culinary specialists, famous for their mastery, must season with mustard oil salads and vinaigrettes, use this ingredient when baking. In Asian countries, mustard seed products are added to stewed vegetable dishes, and they also cook meat and fish on it.

Do you want to surprise loved ones with an unusual taste of familiar dishes? Then use the secret of the masters of the kitchen: so that when baking the chicken is juicy and fragrant, it is enough to rub it with mustard oil before sending it to the oven.

It is worth using it for frying pancakes, pancakes and cheesecakes - it will emphasize the taste of the dish. Oil is excellent with greens and vegetables. To make homemade pastries a beautiful and appetizing golden hue, you can add a small amount of it to the dough while kneading. With the help of this unique herbal product, even ordinary porridge can turn into a delicacy! A little mustard oil - and the dish will acquire a delicate oily taste.

Why is mustard oil called the butter of youth?

mustard oil in facial cosmetology

It is helpful for beauties to keep mustard oil on their vanity and use for skin care. It is perfectly absorbed into the skin, while nourishing it, eliminates dryness and gives it a radiant look and freshness. Since the product contains vitamins A and E, it is able to protect the skin from the premature signs of aging.

Very useful mustard oil for hair. To have a luxurious head of hair, you can make a special mask, which includes mustard and essential oils. It is applied to the hair before washing. Oil can solve the problem of their loss. To preserve hair and prevent the appearance of early gray hair, healers advise to rub the oil in its pure form into the scalp or prepare a special composition for hair with mustard oil:

  • mustard oil - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • egg yolks - 2 pieces;
  • Cognac - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Aloe juice - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • cream - 2 tsp.

Apply the mixture to the hair roots and scalp, hold for 15 minutes.

Is it possible to harm the use of a natural product?

If we weigh the benefits and harm of mustard oil, then the first, of course, will outweigh. But in some situations, the use of the product must still be limited or completely excluded. So, it only hurts those who suffer from gastritis and increased acidity of the stomach. A serious contraindication is duodenal ulcer. Medical studies have proven that this product has a negative effect on the myocardium, so it is also not suitable for cores.

The benefits and harm of mustard oil depend on the selected dosage. To spice strengthened health and increased immunity, you should eat no more than 40 grams per day. Some people have an allergic reaction to mustard - they should not include mustard oil in their menu.

Mustard oil is a valuable food component, an assistant in the treatment of many ailments, the guardian of female beauty. It does not lose its unique qualities (if stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container) up to 2 years. If you systematically and correctly apply this spicy product, then it will not only diversify the diet, but also help to preserve health, youthfulness and attractiveness.