Motherwort pills

Modern people live in constant stress. Problems at work, in personal life and relationships with people affect the nervous system. Sometimes overvoltage is so high that it requires quick elimination. One of the most effective sedatives of arabic origin is motherwort.

Motherwort is very unpretentious. You can meet him in the ravines and fields. It is quite tall, with a long stem and small pinkish flowers, collected in one inflorescence. For use in traditional medicine it is usually used inflorescences.

The grass has a whole range of useful elements, ranging from vitamins and ending with organic acids. Motherwort not only soothes the nerves, but also has a positive effect on the function of the internal organs. It is not by chance that people call it “heart grass”. It strengthens the heart muscle, making it stronger.

The medicinal plant has a wide range of effects on the human body. Tincture, decoction or motherwort pills will help reduce blood pressure, to establish the menstrual cycle and digestion. Fresh leaves can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent. They perfectly heal wounds.

Another plus of this herb is good compatibility with other drugs. That is why it can be part of multi-component means. Numerous studies have shown that motherwort is completely non-toxic. In its action, it is similar to valerian, but at the same time it is more effective.

Motherwort tablets: reviews

If earlier it was necessary to drink decoctions from motherwort to calm the nervous system, now you can do without it. It is produced in tablets.

Motherwort extract tablets: instructions

Motherwort is used to solve a whole range of problems. Indications for use can be epilepsy, hysteria, hypertension, menopause.

Motherwort extract does not differ in its effect from tinctures or tablets. It is believed that liquid forms have a faster effect. In addition, there is an extract of motherwort tablets. It also has a significant advantage - ease of use. Also, the remedy in tablets is suitable for people who do not use alcoholic tinctures. Typically, liquid extracts contain about 70 percent alcohol.

Motherwort extract in tablets has a calming, anticonvulsant effect on the body. It is prescribed for nervous excitability. Contraindications include gastritis, an ulcer and individual intolerance.

Usually used in 14 g of dry extract 3-4 times a day.

Motherwort tablets during pregnancy

Manufacturers of all forms of motherwort do not recommend the use of grass for pregnant and lactating women. This does not mean that it is dangerous. The whole thing in the composition of the tablets or extract. Contraindications associated with the presence of auxiliary substances in the dietary supplement. Broth or tea from dry motherwort will not cause harm. Pregnant women are prescribed it for colic, as a sedative. It helps with severe nausea, improves blood circulation.

If you are still afraid to drink broths or motherwort teas, you can spread out the grass near the bed. In this way, too, you can remove the overstrain and nervous excitability.

When colic is advised to add 1 g of dry grass to the prepared food.

Motherwort tablets during pregnancy should be consumed if there are no contraindications, under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, motherwort can be used in packages. It is sold in any pharmacy. Usually for a decoction you need to brew 1 sachet per 1 tbsp. boiling water. Drink decoction on an empty stomach.

Motherwort during pregnancy is prescribed

Motherwort tablets during pregnancy

  • With uterus tonus
  • For sleep disorders and insomnia
  • As a sedative to calm the nervous system
  • To lower blood pressure
  • Tachycardia

The result from taking motherwort is not immediately visible. It is visible after 10-14 days.

Motherwort tablets: price

The price of motherwort in tablets depends on the manufacturer. The cheapest pills of Russian firms cost about 16-20 rubles. Hermit forte will cost much more. Its cost is more than 100 rubles.

How to drink motherwort in pills?

Motherwort in tablets has a number of advantages. Unlike broths, it is not necessary to spend time for preparation. If the tinctures contain alcohol and are rather unpleasant to taste, then motherwort tablets are deprived of this minus.

  • Motherwort tablets manufacturer Forte recommends applying them 1-2 p. per day during the meal. By the way, the preparations of this company contain not only motherwort. The tablets contain vitamin B6 and magnesium. They control the nervous activity. With a lack of magnesium and B6, the course of motherwort can have a lesser effect.
  • Other manufacturers dosage is different. Motherwort tablets P drink 3 p. per day 2 tablets for 14 days. This tool is recommended to drink with neurotic conditions, menopause, insomnia. In addition to combating these problems, Motherwort P, according to the manufacturer, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, affects the digestibility of proteins. In addition to motherwort, these tablets contain lactose and vitamin C.
  • Manufacturers of all forms of motherwort do not recommend its use to people with individual sensitivity to components, pregnant women. Caution is advised to drink extract or tablets while breastfeeding.
  • If you for some reason do not like to take alcoholic tinctures and tablets, then motherwort can be drunk in the form of decoctions. In violation of sleep 2 tbsp. l 500 ml of boiling water is poured over the crushed grass. Broth insist for 2 hours. Take on 1/3 tbsp. 3-4 times a day before meals. This decoction will help eliminate tension and irritability, relieve insomnia and help with neurosis.

How to drink motherwort in pills?

  • To restore the menstrual cycle and menopause also a healing tool will help. It is prepared a little differently: 1 tsp. herbs brewed 250 ml of boiling water in a thermos. Broth insist 7-8 hours. Ready infusion taken before meals for 90-100 ml. 3 times a day. The drink prepared according to this recipe also serves as a good diuretic.

It is worth remembering that motherwort has contraindications. It is better not to use it as a sedative or therapeutic agent for hypotonia and people with a slow heart rate.

Leaves of motherwort are used in some dosage forms. Such dietary supplements should be used with caution allergy. In addition, it is better to refrain from taking herbs to people whose hobby or work requires a high concentration. Even in the instructions for use of tinctures or tablets of motherwort mentioned that it reduces attention. It is not recommended to take a car while receiving motherwort.

Motherwort is used in traditional medicine in many countries. So in Russia they were treated with a strong cough, in China they were used to stop bleeding, in India they were used to eliminate problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its valuable properties, the plant is used in modern medicine. Based on it, they make many sedatives. Forms of release are different. Motherwort is sold in the form of tablets, tinctures, dried herbs, dry or liquid extract.

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