Motherwort for children


Very often, young mothers have many doubts about drugs for children. Are they harmful or not? Therefore, often, before poisoning your crumbs with chemistry, they weigh the pros and all the cons for a very long time.

Not all children today have a calm character. They say that parents themselves indulge their children, and therefore they do not listen to them, they arrange tantrums. There is another point of view that the world has simply changed, and the nervous system has become genetically more vulnerable. And children, due to the small control over their emotions, cannot yet control themselves.

We will not find out which point of view is the most correct, it is better to talk about how to calm the child. For ourselves, we drank valerian or motherwort.

But is it possible to give motherwort to a child? Is it bad for him? Doctors say it is not harmful.

Useful properties of motherwort

Motherwort is a grassy perennial plant. It becomes useful during flowering. In medicine, both traditional and folk, use its upper parts. Bottoms too tight.

Motherwort contains such beneficial substances asalkaloids, essential oil, glycosides, tannins etc. This medicinal herb has the following properties:

  • sedative
  • lowers blood pressure
  • regulates the strength and rhythm of the heart,
  • positive effect on the central nervous system.
  • relieves cramps and cramps
  • lowers glucose, cholesterol and some acids,
  • normalizes the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats.

When is motherwort needed by children?

If doctors give an unequivocal answer that motherwort to children is not harmful, then another question arises: "When can I give a child a motherwort?"Already from the age of three months, motherwort can be given to children. non-alcoholic tincture, and decoction.

Still the best option to calm the child would be bathing with the addition of motherwort broth. The baby will inhale the soothing scent and become calm. In addition, after soaking motherwort in the delicate skin of an infant, the child will smell a calming smell after bathing.

But in what quantities can motherwort be given to children?To answer this question, it is better to turn to a pediatrician, because each child has its own individual characteristics of the nervous system, and what is good for one is bad for another.

For children from a year old and older, doctors are allowed to use tincture. And half a glass of water must be dripped one or a maximum of two drops.

Recipe for a child (from a strong tantrum)

With every child a strong fit of hysteria can sometimes happen. This does not mean that we must immediately run to the doctor and worry about his health. Worry and seek help should be if such episodes are renewed.

From a single tantrum your child will be helped by the following recipe: take 1 tsp. chopped grass motherwort and brew a glass of boiling water, cool and give the child 2 tsp.

Do not worry about the vagaries of your child. Now all the children are like that. Moreover, doctors constantly inspect the little one, and they shouldn’t advise you to something bad.