Morning jogging - how to motivate yourself

An early jog has long appeared their defenders and opponents. Lovers of sleep say that morning jogs are harmful for an organism that is not yet fully awakened, and those who follow jogging in the morning consider it to be an optimal exercise and energy boost throughout the day. In order for jogging to be a joy, it is necessary to select the optimal time for oneself and not go on the run immediately after waking up: while you wash and gather, you have time to finally wake up.

The benefits of running in the morning

1) Running, we will almost use all muscles of the body, like during a set of physical exercises.

2) With intensive running, we are sweating with which slags and toxins are removed from the body.

3) When running blood circulation increases and nutrition of organs and cells with oxygen.

4) With morning jogging good cope with a bad mood and depression, because running produces an happiness hormone in the body.

5) Running a favorable effect on immune and central nervous system.

Also running is great tool for self-discipline, after all, getting up for a jog early in the morning, you check your own willpower and develop strength of character, and this will definitely be useful to you later in life.

How to start jogging?

You have been wanting to start training for a long time, but are you constantly putting everything off? First of all, stop writing off everything for all circumstances: I didn’t get enough sleep, the weather is bad outside, today there is a lot to do. Circumstances will always be, and you will not be able to postpone or change them, but you can motivate yourself. Secondly, it will be a little hard for only the first couple of days, while you will be drawn in, and then the body will get used to it and will already demand the load.

Tips for effective jogging

Pick your pace

If you're certainly not a professional athlete, then overloading you to nothing - it is bad for the heart. Training should be moderate, the load can be increased when you are already running into a run.

Choose the right shoes

Do not skimp on good quality sneakers for running. The sole in them should be thick and strong, so that the legs do not take the whole blow on the ground.

Take care of clothes

In summer, of course, there are no problems with the choice of clothes. But in winter, dress like a “cabbage” in several layers, for example, wear a pullover with olympic sweatshirt or a couple of sweaters.

Make a good route for jogging

The most ideal place for running will be some kind of park or forest, there are few people there, picturesque and lots of fresh air due to the trees. Also think about the coating - running on asphalt or sand is not a good solution. If you have problems with your knees, then avoid steep ascents and descents.

Relax while running

If you strongly strain while running, you can then feel severe fatigue in the muscles, especially at first. Control the relaxation of the shoulders, back and chest, while focusing on the legs, which perform the main load.

Don't run in pain

Pain is an indicator of body problems, so if you feel unpleasant and painful sensations, then immediately stop running. Perhaps your body is just tired and needs rest, but if the pain continues during the next workout, be sure to consult a doctor!

Running as a norm of life

Make a jog in the morning an important part of your day and do not rush to postpone the run due to bad weather. By the way, running in the rain is not only an excellent tempering procedure, but also a powerful educational factor. After such a run, any minor problems and troubles will not be terrible.

How to run?

It is best to run no more than half an hour every other day, giving the body a rest. You can use a very effective technique for healing - running jogging i. jogging.Be sure to start training with stretch marks, to warm up the muscles.

Now the first stage - temporal. On it you run slowly, combining slow running with walking. At this pace should move about 15 minutes. After the first week, increase the time by five minutes, and in the fourth week you can run for half an hour. So your body will get used to running completely painlessly, you will not suffer from shortness of breath and start to enjoy the process of running.

The second stage is remote. On the first run you can run up to two kilometers, on the second already 3 km, on the third - 4 km, and on the fourth workout, go back again to 2 km. Then again increase the distance of running and of course do not forget to rest between workouts. Run in a light relaxed pace, so that you can still have a conversation with someone. It is also very important to watch your breathing, beginners often make a mistake and do not breathe deeply. Inhalation air must pass completely into the lungs and carefully exhaled. Before completing your run, it is useful to do a slight acceleration, and then not stop abruptly and continue to walk at a fast pace for a couple of minutes.

To motivate yourself and not lose interest in running, you can make a diary of jogging or trace numbers in the calendar when you run. Running should be a joy, so take them not as a duty, but as a concern for your own beauty and health. Running, imagine how your figure will improve, well-being and the body's defenses will increase after regular jogging.

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