Mint for men


Everyone knows the taste of mint. Mint is added to tea, salads, mint essences are used. Women mint is useful for maintaining their beauty. But men useful mint or not?

The effect of mint on the male body

  1. From ayurvedic point of viewMint is considered a product that can give clarity to thoughts, increase the vigor of the body. It can calm the nerves and relax the body.. Therefore, when used correctly, mint leads the human body to external and internal harmony, and at the same time it will be charged with vigor.
  2. But everything is good in moderation. If you use an unlimited amount of mint very often, it will have a negative effect on a man (including his potency).
  3. Mint carries cooling effect. Therefore, it is very useful in the hot season (but without abuse).
  4. Mint leaves (and the plant itself) contributes to some blood thinning, which helps the general well-being.

Scientifically mint is not such a positive product for men. Ayurveda speaks about the negative impact of mint, but only if it is abused. The same confirms experiment modern scientists. is he performed on mice. Mice were given mint tea instead of water. This led to a decrease in testosterone in the blood, and, in addition, with further use, damage to the function of the testes.

The only good thing is that a man needs to drink at least four cups a day of mint tea every day so that over time this will lead them to similar results. It is unlikely that one of the men is such an ardent admirer of mint. Yes, and hardly any of the men every day is eaten anything containing mint.

However, modern scientists have noticed the benefits of mint in men in moderate quantities.

Plus mint for men

  • Essential oils mint possess bactericidal and antivirus by action. Mint balms help men with baldness problems. Mint is also helpful. for cardiovascular system. It is very good to use mint in the bath or sauna. Unprepared people tolerate heat better (if mint is added). In addition, mint helps men to relax and have a good rest.

  • According to herbalists, mint relieves human body from the effects of free radicals. Mint in moderate quantities protects the reproductive system of men from the dangerous effects of increased radiation. It also protects the bone marrow.
  • Mint helps to overcome one delicate male problem - excessive sweating of the feet. It’s good to keep your feet in cool water with a few drops of mint extract every night before bedtime.
  • Useful aromatherapy with mint. Peppermint flavor cheer up men, will help concentration of attention. Psychologists have noticed that mint flavor helps to incline men to their side. And this is very necessary information for business people.
  • Peppermint is useful for men suffering from a bad, keen sleep. To do this, you can sew mint pads and put them at the head of a man. In addition, other herbs can be added to such pads (sage, thyme, and other pleasantly smelling herbs). Sleep next to these pads will be strong, like a baby.
  • Extremely helpful periodically pamper a man with mint baths. Mint will help him to relax after a hard day's work, distract from unnecessary working thoughts, lift his spirits. It is also very useful to do this before a romantic evening, it will give a man a special mood. However, do not do baths very often. Better once a week. Baths with the addition of mint oil drops can replace massage. To do this, a massage cream, you can add a few drops of peppermint oil. The massage will relieve tension, and your man will surely thank you for it.

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In moderation, mint is good for men. Mint is the strong nerves of a man and the clarity of his thoughts and feelings!