Millet porridge


Millet porridge is familiar to each of us since childhood. In kindergarten, it is included as a mandatory element of the diet in the food for the little ones. And all because millet porridge is very nutritious and healthy. It helps the child's body to develop properly.

But adults also should not refuse such a useful product, because you need to monitor health at any age, especially if this applies to weight control. In order to make an informed decision about adding millet porridge to your own diet, it is better to get acquainted with the benefits it gives to the human body and the harm it can cause.

Millet porridge on the table

Millet porridge: the benefits and harm

  • Millet porridge is obtained from such a grain crop as millet. After its processing and purification, it turns out millet, from which this wonderful porridge is brewed.
  • The first inhabitants of the Earth, who appreciated the millet, became the Chinese. It was they who started growing it in order to get millet, which was affectionately called "golden cereals". After that, millet appeared in other countries and came to the Slavs, who began to prepare millet porridge from it, known today to everyone.
  • The undoubted advantage of millet porridge is the presence of useful vegetable protein in it, the amount of which significantly exceeds the amount in barley, rice and buckwheat. In addition, millet porridge contains in its composition vitamin PP and trace elements, potassium, iodine and zinc, necessary for strengthening the immune system.
  • Millet porridge is also useful for improving the work of the digestive system, and in case of diabetes, it is an integral part of the diet. The amino acids that make up millet porridge help speed up the breakdown and removal of excess fat from the body.
  • Now there is a perception that millet porridge can also help in removing antibiotics from the body and toxins, which is very useful if you have just finished the course of medication.

The benefits of millet porridge

  • Millet porridge is very rich in microelements necessary for normal functioning of the body.. Due to the presence of copper, manganese and iron in its composition, it improves skin elasticity and improves blood composition. Magnesium and potassium, also present in millet porridge, are necessary for the proper functioning of the heart. They normalize the heart rhythm and strengthen the heart muscle. This is exactly what makes millet porridge indispensable for maintenance therapy in diseases of the cardiovascular system, which cardiologists also recognize when prescribing it to patients.

Harm of millet porridge

  • Very important is the fact that millet porridge is harmless and practically has no contraindications. It can be eaten even to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the strongest allergies. Millet porridge gently affects the body without disrupting the processes occurring in it and without causing harm.
  • But all this is legitimate, if you do not abuse this product, as they say "everything is good in moderation." With unrestricted use of millet porridge in men, it can provoke a deterioration in potency.

Harm of millet porridge

  • If iodine deficiency occurs in the body, its amount is also better to be reduced so as not to provoke a disease of the thyroid gland. And, of course, as with any other product, a total diet with this porridge can lead to depletion of the body, since its composition does not contain all the substances necessary for normal human development.

Therefore, to get only good from the millet porridge, do not abuse its quantity, and also pay attention to quality. Indeed, despite some alleged disadvantages, it remains a valuable food product.

Remember that before cooking, wheat millet must be very thoroughly washed until the water is completely transparent. It is worth taking advantage of a large number of existing cooking recipes that will help make it tasty. To give a great taste of millet porridge, you can add such dried fruits as prunes, figs or raisins.

Millet porridge is the oldest porridge, which was prepared in Russia. It has become the same national dish as soup. No significant event in the past centuries could have done without it. Our ancestors were well aware of the benefits of this porridge, even without delving into its composition. And now, when all the beneficial properties of millet porridge confirmed by scientists, Why not make it part of the diet of the whole family, especially children?