Milk thistle


Nature gives man the opportunity to use almost all of her gifts for free. First of all it concerns medicinal plants. No wonder they say that the first-aid kit is under our feet. One of the most effective medicinal plants is milk thistle, the beneficial properties and contraindications of which we will consider today.

Thistle oil: useful properties and contraindications

milk thistle oil

In everyday life, milk thistle is also called the thistle or Marinas thistle. At first glance, milk thistle looks like an uncommon weed, but as part of the seeds, inflorescences and stems of this plant, more than three hundred useful, fortified, fatty, mineral micro and macro elements are collected.

Milk thistle seed oil is obtained during the cold-type spin process. Manufactured extract includes the following useful ingredients:

  • carotenoids;
  • vitamins of various groups, in particular, tocopherol, D and K;
  • polyunsaturated acids;
  • flavonoids, etc.

Most often, thistle seed oil is used to cleanse the liver cells. Due to its component composition, it is this oil extract that promotes rapid regeneration and stimulation of cells. In addition, the composition of thistle oil includes a number of acids, which are beneficial for metabolic processes. The use of thistle seed oil is quite wide: it is used in various medical fields and in cosmetology.

Herbalists recommend using milk thistle seed oil in such cases:

  • for the treatment of burn wounds;
  • for the healing of ulcers, abrasions;
  • in the treatment of various types of dermatitis;
  • for the treatment of pathologies in the oral cavity, in particular, stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontal disease;
  • with the development of ulcers in the organs of the digestive tract;
  • for the treatment of gastritis and colitis;
  • with any form of hepatitis, cirrhosis;
  • for removal from the body of poisonous potent components that have a detrimental effect on liver cells (for example, after poisoning by alcohol, mushrooms, drugs, etc.);
  • in order to normalize blood clotting;
  • to strengthen the immune system, especially as a result of the transfer of diseases or surgical interventions;
  • with the development of atherosclerosis;
  • with varicose veins of any degree of complexity;
  • for the treatment of erosive processes in the cervical uterus;
  • in order to cure hemorrhoids.

The most popular thistle seed oil received in cosmetology. It is added to various creams, ointments, shampoos, balms, masks. Due to its complex composition, thistle oil has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair follicles.

Despite such a wide range of beneficial properties, it is necessary to use thistle oil for medicinal purposes with extreme caution. So, the use of this herbal remedies should be abandoned in such cases:

  • with the development of cholecystitis in the acute stage;
  • with gallstone disease;
  • with individual sensitivity and intolerance to the components.

What can you say about the seeds of the plant?

thistle seed

Thistle seeds in their pure form have a number of useful properties. They include many fortified and mineral micro- and macroelements, which together combine beneficial effects on the liver cells.

In practice, there were cases when the regular intake of milk thistle seeds saved people from severe poisoning, for example, with pale toadstools. They are used for making infusions and decoctions.

Milk thistle seeds have such an effect on our body:

  • Thistle seeds in their pure form cleanse the body of accumulated toxins and slags;
  • beneficial effect on the vascular walls, they are cleared, which prevents the development of a number of diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • due to the active components of the seeds of the thistle, liver cells regenerate;
  • normalize the level of sugar, as well as the separation of bile;
  • With the help of this herbal medicine you can get rid of excess body weight;
  • normalize the digestive tract.

The seed of the spotted milk thistle is often used to treat a number of pathologies of the female reproductive system, in particular, vaginitis and erosion of the cervical uterus. In addition, it has a healing effect, so it can be used as a compress.

What properties has thistle meal?

Thistle meal

The ground seeds of a thistle that have been squeezed are called meal meal. As a result of this procedure, butter is made from seeds, and crushed seeds are enriched with fiber, which is why milk thistle meal is so useful. The main property of meal can be considered the protection of liver cells from the effects of toxic elements, including alcohol.

In addition, the thistle seed meal has a number of other useful properties, in particular:

  • regulates fat metabolism;
  • normalizes the functioning of the heart muscle;
  • has a beneficial effect on vision and skin;
  • supports the full functioning of the nervous system;
  • restores, cleans and protects liver cells from the effects of damaging toxic elements;
  • improves bile secretion;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • improves lipid metabolism;
  • normalizes blood pressure.

Meal helps to cope with ulcerative pathologies, colitis and hemorrhoids.

The dosage of the meal and the duration of the treatment course must be coordinated with the attending specialist. To achieve the desired result, it is best to take the ground milk thistle seeds on an empty stomach immediately after waking up.

There are a number of contraindications to oral intake of such phytomedication:

  • Reception of thistle seeds from thistle is not allowed during the development of gallstone disease;
  • during childbirth and breastfeeding;
  • in case of hypersensitivity or intolerance to the substance;
  • children under the age of 3 years.

As a result of research, it was found that taking thistle from milk thistle does not cause side effects. It is extremely rare for people to have pain in the area of ​​the liver. Do not forget that any medication, including herbal remedies, should be taken as directed by a physician.

Milk thistle capsules: the benefits and harm

Milk thistle capsules

Treatment specialists often prescribe their thistles to capsules for their patients. The soluble shell contains chopped thistle seeds, which have only a positive effect on the human body, in particular:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • anthelmintic;
  • regenerating;
  • immunomodulatory;
  • diuretic;
  • laxative.

It is necessary to take such capsules only as directed by the attending specialist and in strictly prescribed doses. If you yourself have started taking this herbal medicine, be sure to read the instructions.

Thistle Honey Value

This sort of honey, perhaps, is the rarest and most valuable. First of all, it is taken by people suffering from liver diseases. Thistle honey is famous for its properties. With the systematic use of this product, blood pressure is normalized, metabolic processes are improved, the work of the heart muscle, blood vessels are cleaned, liver cells are restored.

Take this kind of honey is possible only after passing the test for the manifestation of an allergic reaction. Starting the drug is best with small doses.

thistle honey

Overheard by the people

At various forums you can find a number of positive reviews about the beneficial properties of milk thistle. Many people note the undeniable value of thistle seeds, in particular, for the treatment of diseases of the liver and organs of the digestive tract.

Among the users of the global network, information about the beneficial properties and contraindications of milk thistle for men spread fairly quickly. Indeed, in our 21st century, men are exposed not only to debilitating physical but also mental stress. Regular intake of milk thistle strengthens blood vessels, prevents the formation of plaques, and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, the active components of milk thistle protect the liver cells from the harmful effects of alcohol.

Many women leave feedback that the reception of thistle seeds has helped them cope with the problem of excess weight. In addition, this herbal remedy has a good effect on the skin, slows down the aging process, returns the natural beauty of curls.

On the beneficial properties of the seeds of milk thistle can talk for hours. Do not forget that the reception of any herbal medicine can be started only after consulting with a healthcare professional. Be healthy!