Milk serum

We all know that protein is a necessary component of every diet. It takes an active part in the formation of muscle mass, and also provides essential amino acids and enzymes. You can get protein from many products. Milk whey is especially rich in them, benefit and harm, the dose of which we will consider today.

A bit of the history of the drink

Whey for medicinal purposes is used

In 1749, there was a patient in Switzerland whose doctors could not cure the disease and were considered fatal. But the man did not despair, but went to the mountain village of Gais and was completely healed there of his illness with the help of whey. Is it really so, we do not know. But some time later, a spa center was established in this tiny town. And then in 160 other cities in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, popular resorts were opened, which practice whey treatment.

The most amazing thing about the healing properties of serum was known in ancient times, and modern research confirms this fact. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, recommended daily to drink serum to his patients. Following him, Galen founded and supervised a medical dairy center at the foot of the mountains in Italy.

Whey for medicinal purposes is used today. Few remedies and medications can boast such a long history and healing properties.

Milk whey: useful properties

Serum has numerous medicinal properties. Unlike other means and food products that act one-sidedly, the healing properties of this fermented milk product cover several body systems at once. Serum has a beneficial effect on the intestines, liver and kidneys, promotes the growth of muscle mass and helps control the deposition of subcutaneous fat.

Due to the content of this lactic acid, whey is able to stimulate intestinal motility and is an excellent mild laxative. It is very effective in cases of intestinal lethargy and in chronic constipation. This product also shows good results in case of intestinal damage as a result of regular cleansing, as well as from taking aggressive laxatives.

Serum contains lactose, which allows beneficial bacteria to actively develop in the intestinal microflora. Therefore, it is especially useful to use whey during the period when intestinal microorganisms were destroyed, for example, after taking a course of antibiotics.

The stagnation of excess fluid and salts in the body leads to many problems - increased blood pressure, lymphatic blood stasis, etc. By regularly using a serum that is rich in potassium, you can get rid of puffiness and excrete salt.

The kidneys are constantly working to cleanse the body of waste and toxins, as well as to maintain the blood as close as possible to the ideal value. However, for various reasons, purification may not be sufficient, and waste begins to accumulate in the body. During treatment, the serum increases the fluid content passed through the renal filter, thereby increasing the level of transport and elimination of toxins.

Whey contains the perfect balance of carbohydrates.

Whey contains the perfect balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, so that it is part of the mixture for breastfeeding. Acceptance of porridge and mixtures on this basis helps to strengthen the baby’s immunity, and also improves digestion and gas discharge.

The proteins that make up the whey are particularly popular with athletes. Many commercial companies add this ingredient to special protein blends and shakes. In addition, whey is actively used in cooking, replacing this product with a variety of animal fats. And on its basis produce masks for skin and hair, shampoos and conditioners.

The diet on whey is prescribed to combat such problems of the body as:

  • bladder infection;
  • blood viscosity and high cholesterol;
  • constipation and bowel dysfunction;
  • diabetes;
  • gas formation and bloating;
  • heart problems;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • high blood pressure;
  • dyspepsia;
  • joint disease;
  • kidney disease and stones;
  • liver failure;
  • muscle cramps and cramps;
  • skin diseases;
  • puffiness;
  • overweight problems.

Who is bad to drink whey?

There are no significant contraindications to the use of serum. The only thing that can be noted is the individual intolerance to lactose. But most often the patient knows this in advance, since an allergic reaction is also manifested after consuming other sour-milk and dairy products.

Whey does not contain complex carbohydrates. And if you are looking for a balanced diet with these minerals, it cannot be an alternative for you.

How to cook and drink a healing tool?

Milk whey: how to cook and drink

How to drink whey to get all the beneficial properties of this product? For those who have just started to practice this diet, we explain: they drink serum in its pure form, and the daily dose should not exceed 2 glasses of fermented milk mixture. In addition, this product can be added to cocktails, cereals, pastries or make homemade yogurt based on it. Some lovers add whey to their morning coffee.

You can buy the finished product at any supermarket or market. It is necessary to buy only fresh serum, because as a result of improper storage, it can cause pathogenic bacteria.

To overestimate the benefits of whey for the body is quite difficult. It not only helps to cope with many diseases, but also relieves fatigue, compensates for the lack of energy and enthusiasm. But to accurately ascertain the need for such a diet, consult with your doctor.

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