Menu year old child for every day with recipes. what parents


It would seem that yesterday you were anxiously and anxiously awaiting the birth of your baby, and today the crumb already celebrates the first anniversary. And now the kid is sitting at the common table and picking at his little spoon. It is during this period that mothers need to properly compile a one-year-old child’s menu for each day.

Children can do anything, but not immediately: the principles of nutrition

The one-year-old's menu should include steamed cooking recipes.

Many mummies mistakenly believe that a child can be given food that adults eat per year. However, in reality it is not. The infantile organism is still not sufficiently capable of digesting fatty fried cutlets, pilaf, or baked chicken pieces.

The one-year-old's menu should include cooking recipes for steaming or cooking. In addition, all food is preferably served in the form of a liquid consistency. This will help you a great fixture - kitchen blender. By the time your baby gets better at chewing, you can add crackers, a crust of bread or crackers to your diet.

When preparing and serving food, pay attention to the following points:

  • The child still does not know what to blow hot food. Therefore, make sure that the temperature of the dish does not exceed the mark "very hot."
  • Fried, smoked, salty and spicy food is completely excluded from the diet of a small child.
  • Make the process of food consumption exciting and exciting. The dish should awaken the appetite of the baby with only one of its kind. Try to decorate the food with vegetables or fruits or lay out the dish in the form of animal figures.
  • Do not leave while the child eats at the table to prevent the risk of choking from an overly large piece.
  • Do not turn food into a game. When the baby is full and just starts scattering food on the table, remove the plate.

Always remember that children learn everything from their parents. Therefore, you should carefully choose your diet and behave appropriately at the table.

We paint the approximate menu

the one-year-old child’s menu for each day should include groceries

It would be logical to assume that now, when the crumb has grown up, he should eat more than before. However, do not be surprised if everything is completely different with your baby. His daily nutritional requirement does not exceed 1000 kilocalories.

Ideally, a one-year-old child’s menu for each day should include the foods listed in the table below.

Product groups



Common foods

Dry cereal

¼ - ½ cup or 60-120 ml

Noodles, rice

¾ - ¼ cup or 30-60 ml


1-2 things

Slice of bread, muffin, pancakes, waffles

¼ portions

Milk products

Whole or breast milk

½ cup or 120 ml


20 ml or 30 grams

Cottage cheese

¾ cup or 180 ml

Yogurt, puddings

½ cup or 120 ml

Fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits

¼ - ½ cup

Canned or frozen fruit

2-3 tablespoons or 30-45 ml

The juice

1/8 cup or 30 ml

Cooked vegetables

2-3 tablespoons or 30-45 ml

Raw vegetables

2-3 tablespoons or 30-45 ml

Protein food

Meat, chicken, turkey, fish

1 tablespoon or 15 ml


½ pieces

Cooked beans or lentils

¾ cup or 60 ml

Peanut butter

1 tablespoon or 15 ml


¼ cup or 60 ml

When choosing berries and fruits, give preference to banana, apple, tangerine, strawberry, raspberry or blueberry. Experiment with exotic varieties leave until better times when the child grows up.

For breakfast

When planning a meal for a child you need to consider that breakfast is the main component of the day. Thus, the dishes should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Offer the crumb a glass of whole milk, half a banana, two strawberry slices. You can regale a small gourmet with half a boiled egg or offer a choice of corn, semolina and oatmeal porridge.

For dinner

one year old child every day with recipes

For a mid-day cracker sandwich with chopped turkey or chicken, a cup of green vegetables and soup is perfect. But remember that at this age there is a high risk of food allergies, so introduce new products gradually.

For dinner

To make your dinner easier, you can offer your baby what the whole family eats, only in smaller quantities. The potential menu should include such products:

  • cooked meat cubes;
  • steam vegetables;
  • pasta;
  • rice or potatoes.

Offer new types of foods, such as zucchini puree, spinach, boiled beets or sweet potatoes.

Snacks and liquids

The diet of one year old baby should include at least 4 meals. Three of them are breakfast, lunch and dinner, the rest are snacks. Fruit yogurts, a piece of cream cheese, whole or breast milk, and juices are perfect for small snacks.

Useful recipes

In drawing up the menu for a one-year-old child for every day, one cannot do without a couple of necessary recipes. Cook a fragrant vegetable soup or mashed potatoes for a small gourmet. By the way, you can add a little dietary meat to them.

Meet the first dishes

Soups - this is an excellent opportunity to acquaint the crumb with cereals and noodles. But do not forget that the first dishes should be light and ungraceful, for example, as in this recipe.


  • ½ carrot;
  • ¼ bulbs;
  • ½ potato;
  • 2 tbsp. l rice.


  1. Boil in a saucepan, divided vegetables until cooked.
  2. Then take out and pour rice into the broth.
  3. Vegetables, meanwhile, mash with a fork and return to the pan.
  4. As soon as the cereal is ready, turn off the soup.

Gentle mashed potatoes

In a year, you can safely give the child cabbage

Vegetables are loved by many children. In a year, you can safely give the child cabbage, spinach, pumpkin or carrots. Try to make a bright vegetable puree out of all this.


  • broccoli;
  • carrot;
  • egg;
  • potato.


  1. Boil until cooked in lightly salted water all the vegetables in a small amount.
  2. 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking, we drive an egg into the broth and mix it quickly.
  3. Then turn off the heat and grind the ingredients into a paste using a blender.

The main thing in all this is not only to make the right menu, but also to prepare dishes with warmth and love. Then your baby will certainly not be familiar with such concepts as intestinal colic or gastritis. Grow healthy and strong!