Medicines for diarrhea in adults


Diarrhea is a very unpleasant disease and always happens at the wrong moment. It is said that in this way the body is cleansed. However, as you know, everything is good in moderation. Today we will tell you what medications for diarrhea in adults are considered the most effective.

Choosing drugs for diarrhea in adults, depending on the cause of its occurrence.

Talking about diarrhea, it's diarrhea, probably not necessary

Talking about diarrhea, diarrhea, is probably not necessary. Everyone at least once in his life, he happened. But about the reasons for his cause, let's talk more. To begin, consider the types of violations of the chair and understand the criteria for assessing its deviations from the normal, to put it simply, find out the indicators for which you clearly understand that you have diarrhea.


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Estimated stool rate Norm Diarrhea
one. The number of approaches to the toilet per day 1-2 times 3-4 times and more
2 Consistency Soft, cashepous Liquid
3 Colour From light brown to dark brown Green-yellow, brown, dark cherry. Perhaps with bloody inclusions
four. Character Homogeneous, decorated Unformed, foamy-watery
five. Presence of impurities There may be a slight amount of mucus. Undigested food residues, mucus in large quantities, greens

Causes of abnormal stool are infections of both viral and bacterial nature, food poisoning, or the effects of taking antibiotics. We give the most comprehensive list of such causes and recommended medications for diarrhea in adults.

Causes of abnormal stool infection are both viral and bacterial.

Item number The name of the reason Variety Recommended Medications
one. Viral infections

- rotavirus

- enterovirus

- adenoviral (group of SARS)

- antibiotics

- absorbents

- intestinal antiseptics

2 Bacterial Infections

- salmonellosis

- dysentery

- cholera stick

- E. coli

- antibiotics

- sorbents

- peristalsis drugs

3 Lack of enzymes

- inflammation of the pancreas

- cholelithiasis

- enzyme therapy
four. Bowel disease

- enteritis

- colitis

- antibiotics

- anti-inflammatory drugs for intestines

- glucocorticoids

five. Tumor proliferation

- polyps

- inflamed diverticula

- sorbents

- coating agents

6 Autoimmune diseases

- allergy

- joint inflammation

- lupus

- antiallergic drugs

- sorbents

- glucocorticoids

7 Intoxication - poisoning with poisons, chemicals, food

- intestinal lavage

- sorbing substances

- drugs that improve motility

eight. Medication Effect

- antibiotics

- laxatives

- prokinetics

- cytostatics

- sorbents

- probiotics

- prebiotics

9. Internal hemorrhage

- open ulcer

- enteric

- colic

- hemostatics

- drugs against ulcers

- infusions

The best cure for diarrhea in adults: a review of drugs

Today, an arsenal for dealing with liquid illness in pharmacies is represented by a large collection of cheap Russian drugs for diarrhea in an adult. We offer an overview of the most commonly prescribed medications in such cases:

  • Antibiotic "Ciprofloxacin". Drug of bactericidal action. The daily dose for an adult is 250-500 mg. The course of treatment is from 5 to 15 days.
  • Antimicrobial agent Ftalazol. Bacteriostatic effect on the pathogenic environment. Accepted according to the scheme courses for several days. Therapeutic dose - from 2 to 6 g per day in several doses.
  • Intestinal antiseptic "Nifuroksazid". Inhibits the enzyme activity of bacteria. Accepted 200 mg every 6 hours.
  • Antifungal agent "Nystatin". Dosage form is presented in two forms - tablets and rectal suppositories. It is recommended to take 500 thousand units. up to 4 times a day. Candles - 250-500 thousand units. twice a day.
  • Antifungal drug "Pimafucin" fungicidal action. Accepted 100 mg every 6 hours during the week.
  • Sorbent - activated carbon. The preparation of cleansing action. Take 2 tablets 3 times a day with plenty of drink.
  • Enterosorbent "Diosmektit". Effectively removes viruses and bacteria from the body, prevents dehydration and loss of minerals. Dosage form - powder. It is necessary to accept within 7 days on 1 bag 3 times a day. The powder from the bag is diluted in 100 ml of warm water.
  • Adsorbent "Enterosgel". Relieves irritation of the mucous membrane, stimulates the digestive tract. One tablespoon of the gel is taken three times a day between meals. The duration of treatment is 2 weeks.
  • Antiperistaltik "Loperamid-Akri". Slows intestinal peristalsis and eliminates the urge to defecate. Available in capsules of 2 mg. Not taken more than 16 mg per day, 1 capsule after each trip to the toilet. The course of treatment is to normalize the stool.
  • Probiotic "Lactobacterin". Restores the intestinal microflora. Dosage form - ampoules containing 3-5 doses of the substance, tablets with a single dose. The daily rate of the drug - up to 10 doses in two doses. The duration of treatment is 2-3 weeks.

All of the above drugs for diarrhea in adults are inexpensive and fairly effective.

What to take pregnant with diarrhea?

With diarrhea, pregnant women are not recommended to abuse the medication.

In case of diarrhea, pregnant women are not recommended to abuse medication, only in extreme cases. If diarrhea in a pregnant woman is not accompanied by a dramatic dehydration of the body and the presence of pain in the abdomen, it is better to do without pharmacological drugs. To reduce the frequency of visits to the toilet, you can try these methods:

  • refuse liquid food;
  • eat more rice dishes;
  • effectively fighting diarrhea, viburnum red and blueberry - a few berries are enough;
  • eat baked pears or decoctions of them;
  • drink plenty of liquids: compotes, herbal teas, water without gas;
  • from drugs you can use Smektu, activated carbon, Mezim, Pancreatin.

And once again about the cleansing of the body. Modern medicine recommends not rushing to get rid of diarrhea at the first sign of its occurrence. By and large this is a defensive reaction of the body when it tries to get rid of various harmful substances. Interrupting diarrhea with medicines, you allow all agents of your peace of mind to stay inside, and the process will only be delayed. And it is better to consult with the attending specialist. Be healthy!