Medicinal properties of propolis


One of the best natural antibiotics was, is and remains propolis. It has medicinal properties that destroy the most dangerous microorganisms, without adverse effects on the human body. Propolis has no contraindications, and has just a huge healing effect on the female body.

The composition of propolis

Due to its composition, propolis has these healing properties. As part of propolis, scientists discovered about 50 substances. This wax, and balms, and tannins, and essential oils, and vegetable gums. The substance "hepatoprotector", which is part of propolis, has a stabilizing effect on the membranes of liver cells and on improving the ratio of protein fractions in the blood. It also has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system: the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland. Benzoic acid and flavones help prevent the development of irost microorganisms.

Beneficial featurespropolis

Propolis helps to reduce blood clotting, relieves vascular spasms and reduces cholesterol levels. It kills germs without destroying beneficial microorganisms, pathogens do not have resistance to it. Propolis has a devastating effect on viruses, pathogens of typhoid, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, candidiasis, hepatitis viruses, fungal microorganisms. It has a tonic, astringent and antitumor effect. It is used as an anesthetic.

Propolis promotes bone splicing, tissue regeneration, healing of burns and cuts. It has antioxidant and antitumor properties, helps to localize the tumor process. It cleans cell membranes and normalizes the process of cell respiration. Uncontrolled multiplication of cells in the body leads to the formation of tumors, and propolis stabilizes this process.

Features of propolis

The main healing properties of propolis are bacteriostatic and bactericidal.. They stop the growth of viruses and have a preventive effect on the development of viral infections in the body. Unlike antibiotics, propolis does not cause a disturbance of the intestinal microflora and does not cause dysbacteriosis. Due to the fact that the bees collect nectar from different colors, propolis has properties that are harmful to bacteria.

Propolis for children, the elderly and athletes

Propolis is able to restore the elasticity, flexibility and strength of interchondral fibers, inter-articular surfaces and connective tissue. This is very important for the elderly, after injuries to athletes and during growth for the full development of children.

The impact of the healing properties of propolis

Propolis accelerates the process of excretion of foreign substances from the body, it helps to reduce the infectious stress of the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Strengthens immunity. It is used for poisoning, treatment of varicose veins, prevention and complications after heart attacks and strokes. For psoriasis, skin lesions, insect bites, fungal diseases of the legs, propolis helps treat and reduce itching. The dermato-plastic effect of propolis contributes to the emergence of new tissues. It has a regenerating effect on the mucous membranes. With cataracts, propolis helps to restore the normal transparency of the lens of the eyes. When wounds, postoperative sutures, frostbite, burns, it prevents the development of scars.

Medicinal properties of propolis and cataracts

By dripping 3 times a day, 1 drop into the eyes for 6 to 12 months with an aqueous solution of propolis, you can have a preventive effect against the occurrence of a cataract.

Propolis alcohol tincture

Propolis tincture on alcohol has anti-toxic and wound-healing, antiseptic and analgesic, antipruritic and antioxidant properties. It can relieve vascular spasm, activate the body's metabolic processes, increase the body's defensive reaction, fight colds and flu. If you rinse your mouth with tincture, you can cure diseases of the oral cavity and gums.

30 grams of propolis will be enough for a long time. The finished solution is stored for a long time. Preheat it in the sun before use.

Features cooking propolis

To prepare the alcohol tincture you need to pour 20 g of propolis in a 100-ml container and pour the alcohol diluted to 60 degrees. Then put the container in the sun for 6 hours or heat in a water bath for 45 minutes, occasionally shaking.

Propolis and treatment of colds

Start treatment as soon as felt thatstart to get sick. Take a little propolis and rub into the nasal passages, preferably as deep as possible. This will help prevent the development of frontal sinusitis and sinusitis. For severe illness, other treatments are also needed.

Propolis, legs and fungal diseases

Propolis helps to warn andcure fungal disease. To do this, you need to take a small amount of propolis, apply between your fingers and rub until a thin layer is formed. If the nail is damaged, then you need to lay a lump of propolis under the edge of the nail and press. Do it better after the bath.

Propolis wound treatment

To cure cracks, we take cotton, we lower in propolis alcohol tincture, we put it on a crack. Rana gets rest and starts to heal. The sooner you start treating the fracture, the faster the wound will heal.

In case of inflammation of the itching of the external auditory canal: treat the ear canal with propolis tincture on alcohol and insert cotton wool soaked in a solution into it.

Propolis has collected all the beneficial properties of the plants from which it was created. All the best that nature can give is in it. He has truly wonderful properties that can protect you and even cure from so many diseases. And what could be better?