Medicinal herbs for insomnia


Insomnia is a condition that is familiar to each of us. To fall asleep, you have to drink sleeping pills or suffer all night long in anticipation of such a desired rest. In nature, there are certain types of herbs that without side effects will help us regain a healthy and sound sleep and at the same time have a beneficial effect on our health.

Herbs for insomnia

Herbs that help in the fight against insomnia include poppy, medicinal valerian, hop cones, lavender, peony, sweet clover, oregano, St. John's wort, dandelion, lemon balm, motherwort, chamomile, hawthorn fruits and, of course, mint, and such exotic, like patrinia, blue skullcap and baikal skullcap. Proper use of these herbs will help you not only get rid of insomnia, but also calm the nervous system, feel the peace and lightness.

An important point in the use of herbs for insomnia

The most effective of all herbs in the fight against insomnia is poppy, but its uncontrolled use can be addictive, so poppy and all the drugs that contain it are taken only by prescription and medical supervision.

Receiving herbs for insomnia

Herbs for insomnia inside are taken in the form of decoctions, tinctures, tea, compresses. With their help, you can do aromatherapy and take a bath. Hop cones are brewed with boiling water before drinking, and a simple tincture or vodka is made from a Baikal skullcap. Valerian can be taken in the form of tablets, tinctures, sold in a pharmacy, or cook yourself. To do this you need rhizome of valerian, which you need to fill with cold water, and leave to infuse for 5 hours. Also made and tincture of patria, which is a relative of valerian. Melissa, mint and oregano can be brewed instead of tea and drunk with honey. Also, add broth to the bath and take it before bedtime.

Herbal tea for insomnia

To sleep you can cook special herbal tea. For it, you will need valerian root, hops, lemon balm, lavender, and stratotsvet. You can use the herb, sold in a pharmacy or better collected independently. Take 25 g of each herb, mix and pour a glass of boiling water. Leave for 15 minutes to infuse. After it has cooled a little, you can drink it in small sips.

Influence of the herbs entering into tea from sleeplessness

The herbs in tea will have a different effect on your body, but they will all help you fall asleep, and your body to calm down and relax.

  1. Tea with valerian will relieve from the nervousness accumulated for the whole day.
  2. Hop, thanks to essential oils, will produce a hypnotic effect.
  3. Melissa its smell will calm you and reduce the feeling of anxiety.
  4. Lavenderuseful for nervous disorders.
  5. BUT stratotsvet will have a sleeping effect on the body.

Herbs and type of insomnia

Also, herbs should be selected for each type of insomnia defined. Before choosing them, you need to know what type of insomnia does not allow to fall asleep.

Exists several types of insomnia:

  1. The first type is when, fearing that he will not fall asleep, a person tries to take a comfortable posture, and falling asleep stretches for more than an hour.
  2. The second type is characterized by frequent awakenings during the night and a long sleep after each one.
  3. The third type of insomnia is when a person wakes up too early and can no longer fall asleep.
  4. Insomnia refers to the fourth type, when a person wants to sleep all the time, this can be caused by an excessive intake of sleeping pills or a person's reaction to external factors.

Herbs for insomnia type 1 and 2

There are several types of herbs that can help to cope with insomnia type 1 and 2. 1 collection - Mix the valerian root, motherwort, hawthorn, sweet clover, chamomile, oregano. 2 harvest - mint, lavender, cyanosis root, calendula flowers, fireweed. 1 collection for 2 types of insomnia - we take raspberry leaves, hop cones, thyme, dried cinnamon and birch leaves. 2 collection for type 2 - dandelion root, valerian and diving peony, St. John's wort and oregano.

Herbs for insomnia 3 types

For 3 types of insomnia, such charges from herbs are suitable. Collection 1 - the root of the blueness of goygil, birch buds, sweet clover, nettle, geranium mint, oregano, immortelle flowers and dill fruits. To collect 2 we take: primrose root and elecampane, juniper fruits and hop cones, wormwood leaf and sweet clover, oregano, motherwort and lavender.

Herbs for insomnia 4 types

Collection from increased drowsiness. Collection 1: tansy flowers, Leuzei root, dagil, chicory, mint, agrimony, yarrow, St. John's wort. Collection 2. Take pine buds, blueberry sprouts, Rhodiola root, leaf of the fireweed, currant leaf, sweet clover and meadowwort flowers.

Terms of preparation of fees from herbs

All of these fees are prepared as follows. Ready collection is ground in a meat grinder or coffee grinder. Next, take 2 tablespoons of the ready-made collection, pour 0.5 lbs. The resulting infusion is poured into a thermos and put on the night, insist. This infusion is a daily dose. Drink 150 ml during the day. You can add jam, honey. The course is 3 months.

Benefits of herbs for insomnia

Daily use of herbs for insomnia will improve your condition in 3 weeks.. Before choosing a particular herb for yourself, familiarize yourself with the contraindications to its use. Taking herbs with a healing bath will help you cope with insomnia faster. For the bath, take the cooked infusion, strain about 1 l and pour it into the bath. Bath should be taken an hour before bedtime. The course consists of 15 procedures.

We need sleep for a full and healthy life. Without a normal and full sleep in the morning, we feel completely overwhelmed. Acceptance of sleeping pills, although it makes it possible to fall asleep, but it is far from as safe and useful as we need. In order for us to always have a normal and healthy sleep, we must remember that nature itself gives us this opportunity. Such herbs as mint, lemon balm, oregano and clover themselves and in combination with others will give us a full and healthy sleep, if we do not forget about their beneficial properties, which will help us in the fight against insomnia.

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