Medicinal herb series


Sometimes, returning home from a walk in the woods, we notice the plant seeds attached on our clothes, and so, one of these plants is a train. Hooking on the clothes or hair of an animal, the seeds of this grass spread over various territories.

The succession (Bidens) - a plant of the Asteraceae family, the flowers of this plant are yellow, collected in baskets. Flowering takes place from July to September. Another "popular" name for this herb is "scrofulous grass."

A series of three-part(Bidens tripartita) is a kind of a succession of ordinary, its habitat is the shores of lakes, rivers, marshes, vegetable gardens and margins of fields, often this flower forms whole thickets! The series of three-part in central Russia is the most common type of series. It is called tripartite because of the unusual form of the leaf - it is divided into three parts.

Another type of train is a ray train. From tripartite its difference lies in the fact that its leaves are not separated and have a solid form.

You cannot confuse the above varieties of the series, since has useful properties of which only a series of three-part, and other species when applied can seriously harm your health!

In Europe, the series was recognized as a medical treatment quite recently, it was believed that it contains toxic substances, although in the East it was dysentery that was treated with a string and used for the treatment of purulent wounds.

Turn: medicinal properties

Useful properties of the series are explained by its constituent substances, the most important of which is manganese. After all, manganese is part of a larger number of enzymes in our body, and enzymes are substances that improve the speed of the reactions that take place inside us. Manganese has a significant effect on blood clotting and improves blood circulation in the body as a whole, helps to improve the work of the endocrine glands.

Along with this, the series contains essential oils, vitamin C, carotene and tannins (up to 60%). Tannins have excellent bactericidal properties, which is especially important when using a series of three sections for tinctures or baths.

The use of the series

  • A three-part series is used most of all as a “bath” plant. Its infusion is added to water when taking a bath, which contributes skin treatment, such as urticaria, diathesis, various allergies.
  • From the series is preparing a decoction for ingestion, for this you need to take 2 tablespoons of dried grass (if there is no dried, then fresh will do), it is poured with a glass of warm water (room temperature) and heated in a water bath, you do not need to bring the broth! - so the nutrients of the train break down. After heating, the decoction is infused for 40-50 minutes, filtered and topped up with about 200 ml of water. This means is used in a tablespoon 3-4 times a day (it does not matter - you take it before or after meals). The decoction is used for accelerating wounds, reducing pressure, has a calming and bactericidal action.
  • A decoction of 15-30 g of the series on 1 liter of water is a very useful tool for the prevention and treatment of scrofula, when used for bathing. Young children can be bathed in the bathroom without soap in boiled water, with the addition of an infusion sequence. For the treatment of scrofula in children, in addition to baths with a decoction of the triple-divided string, which must be taken 3 times a week, it is recommended to take inside an infusion of 10 g of grass per 200 ml of water half a teaspoonful 3 times a day every day.
  • With psoriasis treatment Adults can take a decoction of 25-20 g of grass per 200 ml of water, 2-3 tablespoons 3 times a day and outwardly 2.5-3% ointment from 1: 1 extract on a lanolin-vaseline basis, which is rubbed into the skin 1 per day.
  • The decoction is used for colds and diseases of the diuretic system. In cosmetology, a decoction of the tripartite train wipes the skin of the face, it makes it soft, and also eliminates acne and acne.

The series of three-part is one of the few medicinal plants, contraindications to the use of which does not exist. That is, its effect on the body has no side effects. But with too frequent use of drugs from this plant, the excitability of the organism can dramatically increase, the emotional background, sleep can be disturbed.

In nature, there are many useful herbs, but the triple partition is one of the most useful. Medicinal decoctions and infusions with its use are easy to prepare at home and do not need to spend money on expensive drugs with a similar effect. Be healthy!