Medication for colic in the tummy for newborns - a list.

In the first months of life, a newborn baby is often plagued by colic. This problem is due to the imperfection of the intestinal microflora in infants. The colonization of the gastrointestinal tract by beneficial bacteria is not a quick process, and it is necessary to help the child with pain immediately. In this case, doctors prescribe medication for colic in the tummy of newborns. What drugs exist and how effective are they?

What are the medications?

In the first months of life, a newborn baby is often plagued by colic.

There are several groups of drugs designed to save babies from gas formation in the intestines.

  • Probiotics. These are medicines that contain bifidobacteria or lactobacilli. Once in the intestine, they attach themselves to its walls and gradually colonize. Thanks to this action of probiotics, digestion is improved and excessive gas formation is lost. The effect of these drugs is not immediately apparent: treatment takes several weeks. If the intestinal microflora is normalized, the gases disappear by themselves. Due to the duration of exposure and the inability to instantly check the result of the work of probiotics, these medicines are not recognized by all doctors as a remedy for colic. Rather, they can be called drugs for the treatment of dysbiosis.
  • Remedies for colic in a newborn based on simethicone. These medicines are designed to quickly eliminate symptoms. Simethicone cleaves gases well and painlessly removes them from the intestine, while not causing addiction and without harming the body. Take medication for 15-20 minutes before or during feeding.
  • Medicines on a natural basis. The principle of action of these medicines is similar to the effect of simethicone, but they are created on the basis of medicinal herbs. Among the most common ingredients are chamomile, dill, fennel, anise. Herbal teas from gas can be found in any form: granules, capsules, powder. Do not be afraid if the medicine is produced in capsules. It is necessary to carefully pour the contents of the capsule into a glass of water and mix well.

It is rather difficult to determine right away what remedy will suit your baby. Sometimes even a pediatrician does not know this. We have to choose the drug through trial and error, since the perception of drugs for each of the babies is individual.

Below is a list of colic medicine for newborns. It will help parents to find out which drug will be useful in each case.


Bifiform The basis is bifidobacteria

Drugs that contain different groups of bacteria include:

  • Bifiform The basis is bifidobacteria. Along with excipients, lactulose, enterococci and lactic ferment have been added to them;
  • Linex. The drug is available mainly in capsules. The basis of the active substance is lactobacillus;
  • Acepol Includes acidophilic live bacteria;
  • Bifidumbacterin. It contains only 2 ingredients: bifidobacteria and lactulose;
  • Hilak Forte. Includes lactobacillus, along with a fairly extensive list of excipients.

This is not all probiotics offered by modern medicine. Feedback from parents on their use is controversial. Some argue that the drugs really help, but do not expect a momentary effect from them. The formation of intestinal microflora is a long-term matter. It is difficult to single out the best among these products: they are based on different types of bacteria. To choose the right medicine, you need to consult with your doctor.


Espumizan from colic. This medicine can be given to babies from the first days.

Drugs based on this substance are the most popular. They are used to get rid of gazikov before each feeding. For maximum medical effect, probiotics can be combined with simethicone-based medication. The latter include:

  • Espumizan from colic. This medicine can be given to babies from the first days. For the dosage of liquid used measuring spoon. The minimum volume of consumption for 1 time - 5 ml. Although simethicone in Espumizan is less than in similar preparations, many parents note that only this remedy helped them;
  • Bobotik from colic. The medicine has a pleasant fruity smell. However, instructions for use indicates that this drug can be given to babies no earlier than one month after birth. Often, parents in this period will no longer need to find remedies for colic: gases either stop torturing the baby, or convenient medicine has already been found, so Bobotik is not particularly popular. The average dose per dose is 8 drops. Just a day, you can give the drug no more than 4 times;
  • Sab Simplex. This tool is very similar to Espumizan. It can be given to children from birth. A single dose is 15 drops. The drug can be mixed with mother's milk or water.

Thus, of all simethicone-based drugs, Espumisan is the most popular because of its ease of use and effectiveness.

Herbal preparations

medicines based on natural ingredients - crushed herbs

Some parents prefer to use medicines based on natural ingredients - crushed herbs or essential oils of plants. In the pharmacy you can find herbal tea BeybiKalm, Bebinos, but the most popular lately becomes Plantex from colic, the reviews of which confirm the ease of use and good effect of the drug. It consists of:

  • fennel seed extract;
  • gum;
  • fennel essential oil;
  • dextrose;
  • lactose.

Plantex is sold in the form of granules or packaged powder, which is very convenient for dosing. It is enough to dilute 1 sachet in boiled water - and the medicine is ready.

As the opinions of parents expressed on the forums show, Espumizan and Plantex are still the best remedies for colic in newborns. Their advantage lies in speed of action, convenient dosage and effectiveness. As for probiotics, as well as preparations based on enzymes (CREON, Laktozar), these medicines for tumors of tumors for tumors remain aside and are used mainly as part of complex therapy for the treatment of dysbacteriosis in children.

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