Medical and folk remedies to get rid of snoring at home


Many perceive snoring only as an annoying physiological feature. But doctors have long established the fact that people who snore in their sleep are prone to cardiovascular diseases, destructive changes in the brain, and breath-holdings - to its complete standstill. Good reasons to learn how to deal with the problem!

Fighting snoring: mission possible?

effective remedies for snoring

Snoring men and women, adults and children. Fortunately, there are effective snoring remedies. At home, you can use a special device or resort to recipes of traditional medicine. The treatment does not have a specific focus. Most physicians are inclined to believe that such an unpleasant physiological deficiency provokes, in particular, a wrong lifestyle and a person’s age, as well as injuries to the nose and nasal septum. Many ways to help get rid of this deficiency for quite a long time, but not forever.

Medical supplies

The cause of the unpleasant phenomenon can be diseases of the upper respiratory tract, reduced muscle tone of the soft palate, tongue and pharynx. In these cases, it is recommended to use the following medical devices.

  • Slipex - has anti-inflammatory action. The composition contains essential oils that increase the tone of the muscle tissue of the nasopharynx. The drug is recommended for use in mild snoring caused by respiratory diseases. With prolonged use, patients become addicted to the components in the product.
  • Silence is a stronger drug than Slipex. It is used for strong snoring, apnea. Essential oils relieve swelling of the nasopharynx, overstrain of the vocal cords. Slipex has a long lasting action that lasts all night. With prolonged use is also possible addiction to the components of the drug and, as a consequence, a decrease in its effectiveness.
  • Dr. Snore - a drug based on essential oils. It is recommended to use with strong snoring and with a tendency to sleep apnea. The tool increases the elasticity of the soft tissues of the sky, moisturizes the nasopharynx.
  • SnorStop - homeopathic tablets with extracts of medicinal herbs and minerals. They relieve inflammation of the mucous membrane, increase the tone of the muscles of the nasopharynx and significantly reduce the intensity of snoring.

Medications - sprays and pills - well help to weaken the power of snoring, moisturizing the laryngeal mucosa and toning muscle tissue in this area. In mild cases, they can help get rid of the problem for a long time. But in more serious situations, sprays or tablets are best combined with special devices.

Medical devices

Remedy for snoring at home

Currently, there are several effective devices to help get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon and facilitate the respiratory process.

  • Magnetic clip "Antikhrep Nose Clip" - a miniature device, in its form resembles a horseshoe, made of silicone. At the ends of the clip there are small magnets that, when activated, improve blood circulation in the nasopharynx and widen the airway passages. According to consumer feedback, the anti-snore Nose Clip anti-snoring tool effectively reduces the sound intensity and gradually reduces it to nothing.
  • device from snoring "Extra Lor" - has a therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Recommended for use with a strong, pronounced symptom, bruxism, various types of apnea. Judging by the feedback from consumers, the remedy for snoring Extra Lohr has helped many people to get rid of the chronic problem that has plagued them for many years. The device was developed by Russian scientists, sold at an affordable cost. Given the peculiar design of the device, it will have to get used to it in advance so as not to experience discomfort during sleep.

Folk remedies for snoring: use at home

According to many ordinary people, folk remedies help in the fight against snoring, no less than medicines. Their systematic use over time allows you to completely get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon.

Cabbage is a proven and effective means of reducing snoring. Grind 3 large sheets in a blender and mix with 1 tbsp. l liquid honey. Take the mixture immediately before bedtime. Every evening, prepare a new composition and consume within 30 days without a break.

Against snoring can be used and a simple herbal. Take 1 tsp. horsetail and cowller root, 2 tbsp. l burdock and 1 tbsp. l dry elderberry berries. All ingredients are ground to a powder. 1 tbsp. l powder is brewed in 1 tbsp. boiling water and take at least 5 times during the day. Herbal drink to complete cure.

Another remedy for snoring for home use is Kombucha. It is very useful to gargle them before going to bed. If discomfort is felt, the infusion should be diluted with water.

Sea buckthorn oil helps to reduce snoring intensity. It is instilled into the nose in an amount of 3-5 drops about 3 hours before sleep. Duration of treatment is about 3 weeks.


Get rid of snoring or reduce its intensity

Getting rid of snoring or reducing its intensity is also a good help and a change of lifestyle. The absence in the diet of alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, a ban on smoking will only benefit. Harmful habits have a negative impact on the entire body, in particular, on the mucous membrane of the larynx and nasopharynx, overdrying it.

It is not recommended for people suffering from overweight and snoring, is at night. Doctors note that it is in these cases that nightly sleep apnea is fatal. Proper, lively lifestyle and healthy eating - this is what should be preferred.

Try also changing your posture while you sleep. According to statistics, snoring often occurs in a position on the back, and when turning on its side it passes by itself. Take care of proper body position during sleep. Get an orthopedic pillow and mattress.

Snoring treatment is available and quite effective. The most important thing is to realize that this is not only an unpleasant phenomenon, but also a certain danger, leading to failures in the functioning of vital systems and organs. Watch your health, get rid of snoring in a timely manner, because it is much better than long-term treatment of its unpleasant consequences.