Happened to you in childhood - you lie down on the soft fragrant grass and watch the clouds floating on the blue sky? At first the clouds are simply shapeless figures. Then, after looking, you begin to find in them similarities with animals or unknown creatures. And they float by, silver in the rays of the sun. And suddenly the thought comes: "That these fluffy and soft clouds would be sweet and edible." But there are such clouds! This is an airy and soft delicacy - marshmallow.

By the way, translated from the ancient Greek language marshmallow means "light breeze". The topic of our conversation today is marshmallow: the benefits and harm to the body.

Interesting information about marshmallows

Marshmallow: good and harm, calorie

By the way, according to one of the versions, not only a light breeze comes from Ancient Greece, but the marshmallow itself. According to ancient Greek mythology, it got its name in honor of the god Zephyr. There is also a less romantic version of the appearance of this delicacy on our tables. One of them reports that marshmallows and marshmallows are oriental sweets that came to the European part of the continent along with fidgets travelers and oriental merchants.

A patriotic marshmallow lovers argue that this is the age-old Russian sweetness. Once upon a time, at Apple Spas, apple jam was cooked and honey was added to it; when this mass froze, it was cut into pieces and dried. This sweetness is considered a prototype of marshmallow. The French insist that their meringues with the addition of fruit puree - this is the real marshmallow. Everyone is free to believe in what he likes.

By the way, you can eat marshmallows in different ways: just as a separate treat or, as in America, in sandwiches. Such a dessert is prepared in a very original way: take two crackers with milk chocolate glaze and put a marshmallow between them, roasted over a fire. For this, there is a special sort of marshmallow called marshmallow. Roast it on a stick one by one, until a golden crust appears, and marshmallows become soft and stingy. Lunch is or dessert, you need to ask a real American.

Marshmallow: calorie and composition

The basis of modern marshmallow is protein, whipped with sugar and combined with a variety of fruit or berry puree. Also, thickeners are added to the whipped mass to keep the form of a foamy mixture - gelatin or agar-agar, and also food additives - dyes, essences, acids. The finished product can be coated with yogurt glaze, white or dark chocolate.

If you compare the nutritional value of marshmallow with other delicacies, then its caloric content is in the middle of the dessert line, and compared to other products, it is quite high. Calorie marshmallow is 326 calories per hundred grams of product:

  • proteins - 0.8 g;
  • fats - 0.1 g;
  • carbohydrates - 79.8 g


As you can see, a unique feature of marshmallow is the almost complete absence of fat, unlike cakes, pastries and other sweets.

Marshmallow: good and harm

Zephyr is beneficial in losing weight, but more on that later. Let's find out what the benefits of eating this sweetness, and what is the harm of marshmallow.

What is useful marshmallows?

The benefit of marshmallow is in the substances that make it up, already known to us:

  • Vegetable pectin promotes the excretion of toxic substances, salts of heavy metals, decomposition products of drugs. It reduces the amount of cholesterol, improves the digestive tract.
  • Agar-agar (this is an extract from seaweed) - a storage of trace elements: it contains iron, phosphorus, calcium, and iodine. Cleans the liver, improves bowel function.
  • Animal gelatin is useful for strengthening and restoring bone tissue in fractures and other injuries.

Slimming Marshmallows

Slimming Marshmallows

They say that sweets harm health. However, this statement is not entirely true of the "sweet cloud". The lack of fat makes it quite a dietary dish of the variety of sweets. Of course, if you abuse marshmallows, you can get a few extra pounds.

If you are going to lose weight, then whatever diet you take, you will not find a single gram of sweets in any of them. And you want something sweet, and here a marshmallow comes to help you - you can safely eat one marshmallow every day and absolutely not harm your weight loss.

By the way, it has been proven that the blood sugar level in the human body is sharply reduced in the period between four and six o'clock in the evening, so marshmallow in this case is simply irreplaceable.

Who is harmful marshmallows?

Again, back to the composition of the treat: remember the amount of carbohydrates? Quite a lot, so the marshmallow should not be consumed in large quantities by those who have broken carbohydrate metabolism in the body. This also applies to those who are obese.

The presence of food dyes can cause allergies, digestive disorders or children's diathesis. When buying marshmallow, you should prefer white or slightly cream color - this indicates the high quality of the product.

Agree, without sweets, our life will be gray and joyless. Scientists are confident that desserts help raise our spirits and cope with depression. The main thing here is not to miss the choice of delicacy, so that after a convincing victory over depression you don’t have to treat obesity. Better than a marshmallow with this dilemma, in our opinion, hardly anything can cope.

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