Lytic mixture

The human body is able to carry huge loads, but, at the same time, it can fail by catching an ARVI. Many diseases are accompanied by increased body temperature, so the body copes with the infection. The temperature should not be artificially lowered to certain figures, however, if the mercury column shows 39 degrees or more, urgent measures should be taken. If the usual antipyretic drugs fail, then a lytic mixture is used, the dosage for adults should be calculated very carefully.

Lytic mixture: a panacea for ills?

Lytic mixture: a panacea for ills?

Adherents of the "natural" treatment advocate the possibility of the body independently, without external intervention, to cope with the heat. However, it must be remembered that high fever, especially for a weakened organism, can be extremely dangerous. It can provoke convulsive syndrome, lead to damage to internal organs and even fatal.

Antipyretics do not always cope with the task. If there is an urgent need, then apply a medicine called "lytic mixture."

The lytic mixture of temperature is used only in emergency cases, with this medicine you need to be very careful, just counting the dosage (as with any other).

For adults, the lytic mixture contains 3 components:

  • Baralgin (Analgin) - has a very strong antipyretic effect, relieves pain. Refers to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • No-spa (papaverine) - antispasmodic drug, leading to local expansion of blood vessels and increased heat transfer;
  • Dimedrol - has an antihistamine effect, significantly enhances the effect of dipyrone, is a sedative and local anesthetic.

Diphenhydramine can be replaced by suprastin.

An adult, whose body weight is 60 kg, uses the following dosage of medication:

  • 2 ml analgin (50%)
  • 2 ml no-shpa (2%)
  • 1 ml of Dimedrol (1%)

For every next 10 kg of weight is added a tenth of the mixture. All components are used in liquid form and are drawn from ampoules into one syringe.

Lytic injection is given to a patient intramuscularly., in the outer upper quarter of the buttocks. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the solution, if necessary, is heated. His temperature should correspond to the temperature of the patient.

Making the injection, you must follow the rules of antiseptics. The needle is inserted deep into the muscle, the solution is given slowly.

The desired effect will be observed after 15-20 minutes. However, the next time you can use this "wand - magic" will be no earlier than 6 hours after the previous injection.

Lytic mixture of tablets

Liquid dosage form can be replaced by solid and use tablets.

There are situations when an injection is not possible. In this case, the liquid dosage form can be replaced with a solid one and tablets can be used. The ratio of the constituent parts will be as follows: one tablet of the same drugs - baralgin (analgin), papaverine and dimedrol (suprastin) are taken orally with a large amount of liquid. To make it easier for the patient to swallow the medicine, it can be crushed. The powder will act faster and the effect will be more pronounced. In general, the pills are slower than the injection, the constituent parts of which fall directly into the blood, and not into the gastrointestinal tract, from which they are absorbed into the bloodstream. The effect after taking the pills comes within an hour.


Each drug has its own contraindications, they also exist for the lytic mixture. They need to be taken very carefully, because the medicine is strong.

  • Lytic mixture can not be used to relieve fever and abdominal pain before the patient is examined by a doctor and diagnosed. The hidden symptoms of appendicitis, for example, can lead to very sad consequences;
  • To exclude the possibility of overdose, the lytic mixture is not used in the case when the patient has taken any drug that is part of the mixture before. After taking should take at least 4 hours;
  • If the patient has individual intolerance to any component that is part of the lytic mixture.

The lytic mixture is a good tool against high temperature, but it cannot be resorted to, only the thermometer showed elevated numbers. Even with fever and heat, the lytic mixture is used with caution, a sharp drop in temperature - a large load on the heart and blood vessels, in no case should the dosage be increased in order to help the patient more quickly. It is very dangerous. With extreme caution, the fever is reduced with the help of a lytic mixture in the elderly and adolescents, making allowance for the body strength.

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