Lytic mixture for children


From time to time, each child's temperature rises, due to a variety of reasons. Every parent begins to worry. You can fight the unpleasant temperature of your offspring in different ways, one of them is a lytic mixture, which is recognized as very effective.

Knock off or not knock down - that is the question

Lytic mixture for children

Some overly caring mothers, and sometimes even fathers, decide to beat down any fever in a child. This is a big mistake, and it is bad for health. You must understand that the temperature is a protective response of the organism of any person, both an adult and a child. Such a mechanism suggests that the correct fight against viruses.

Immediately it is worth noting that the method of measuring temperature is important. Known for all standards refer to the measurement under the arm. If oral or other thermometers are used, the normal temperature numbers for the child are slightly higher, namely, from 37.2 to 37.4.

Since most parents use a traditional thermometer, you need to build on this. Every responsible adult should remember that heat reducing agents should not be used if the temperature is 37-38 degrees. If there are signs of bacterial, viral infection, the temperature should be reduced if it exceeds the value of 38, 5 degrees. If the barrier has crossed 38 degrees, and in some cases is not, and there are signs such as febrile seizures, weakness, you also need to take measures to reduce the temperature. The same applies to the situation when the child has any cardiac pathology.

The cases in which the temperature should be reduced can be briefly described as follows:

  • high values, from 38.5;
  • there are symptoms of respiratory failure;
  • convulsive phenomena;
  • vomiting and diarrhea;
  • diseases of the central nervous system, endocrine system, including diabetes mellitus;
  • child's refusal to drink.

It is important not only to reset the temperature, but also to call a pediatrician or go to the hospital. There are different ways to improve the condition of the child. Lytic mixture is considered one of the proven methods.

Independent preparation of lytic mixture

Independent preparation of lytic mixture

It is very easy to prepare. The main drug of the lytic mixture is analgin. He is half the composition. Many people know that he knocks the temperature very well. The mixture should contain Dimedrol 1% and papaverine (0.1% solution). If there is no Dimedrol or parents do not want to use it for their own reasons, you can use tavegil or suprastin.

It is necessary to strictly follow the dosage of lytic mixture for children. Its volume is calculated as follows: About 1 ml of each component for one year of life. For example, if a child is 4 years old, he needs a mixture containing 0.4 ml of dipyrone, 0.4 dimedrol, and 0.4 papaverine. The finished mixture is injected intramuscularly, that is, with the help of the injection.

Of course, for this you need to be able to make injections, observing cleanliness, sanitary standards. The skin must be pre-treated with an antiseptic composition. After the injection is made, it is important to put a wound on the site with the same composition.

Features of the use of the mixture in ampoules and tablets

Before you give an injection of a lytic mixture to a child, you need to know if he is allergic to one of the components. Check it out is easy. It is necessary to drip the tool under the lower eyelid. If a sting and redness occurs, the mixture cannot be used.

It is not necessary to make shots from these drugs. You can use their pills. It is necessary to crush them into powder and mix in the right proportion: ΒΌ each tablet. This dosage of the lytic mixture for children in tablets is the most optimal. But it is important to remember that the effect of injections is faster than tablets.

A useful conclusion can be made: at home there should always be ampoules of necessary medicines or tablets, as well as a syringe, antiseptic, cotton wool. Before use, you must be aware of contraindications and side effects.

There are several contraindications to the use of lytic mixture.

  • Fever with abdominal pain. The fact is that the cause of abdominal pain not only in a child, but also in an adult, can be appendicitis. Lytic mixture suppresses its signs, and running appendicitis can lead to dangerous consequences and even death.
  • Individual intolerance to drugs, an allergic reaction. Therefore, if there is no exact information regarding such manifestations in a child, it is necessary to do the test described above!
  • Age up to 6 months. During this period, it is not advisable to use a lytic mixture, although some doctors prescribe it. In this case, it is necessary to strictly observe the indicated dosages of the lytic mixture for children in ampoules or tablets.
  • Acceptance of drugs containing analgin, less than 4 hours before the injection. This is due to the fact that a large amount of analgin injected into the body entails side effects, overdose.

injection of a lytic mixture to a child

If it is uncontrolled to give a mixture to a child, dangerous consequences may develop. Even the body of an adult can not cope with the load, not to mention the weak body of children. It must be remembered that the internal systems of a person who are constantly struggling with hyperthermia with the help of a lytic mixture may become immune to other medicines. Most often, moderate use of the mixture is easily tolerated. Side effects are confusion and drowsiness.

The use of lytic mixture is important to combine with some useful tips that relate to high temperature. For example, some parents think that a child should sweat well. This is a big misconception. You can not muffle your child with a fever in a blanket or warm clothes. In the heatwave period, the human body should give off excess heat, and not take it. Therefore, the room should be a comfortable temperature, about 22 degrees. It is better to dress a child into something light, for example, in a cotton blouse.

During high temperatures, it is important to give the patient plenty of water. This is due to the fact that the body loses a lot of fluid, and it must be filled. In addition, water helps to eliminate toxins.

And yet: no need to rub the child with alcohol and cold water. These actions can cause vascular spasm, due to which the body will heat up more, and this should be avoided. In addition, the child should not breathe alcohol vapors, and alcohol very well penetrates the blood through the skin.

So, the use of a lytic mixture for a child during an elevated temperature helps to successfully reduce it. But this can only be said if there are no contraindications. Only competent and caring behavior of parents during the illness of their offspring will help to effectively cope with the disease!