Lymph nodes under the arm. inflammation of the lymph nodes


Important organs in the human immune system are lymph nodes. Their main function is to protect the body from infections by fighting harmful microorganisms. It is in lymph nodes that lymphocytes destroy all the harmful substances that the lymph collects in the body. In a normal state, they are practically impossible to probe, they are invisible and do not bother.

The increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes indicates the occurrence of the disease, so as soon as the lymph nodes under the armpit are inflamed, you should immediately consult a doctor for help.

Lymph nodes under the arm: inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm

Enlarged lymph nodes under the arms: causes

Lymph nodes under the armpit may increase for a variety of reasons. But the exact reason can be determined only by a doctor, so one cannot ignore the enlargement of the lymph nodes and self-medicate. The reasons for the increase in lymph nodes include:

  • Transmitted infectious or catarrhal disease of the throat, nose, or ear.
  • Intoxication of the body due to complications arising from the flu.
  • Inflammation of the mammary glands.
  • Abundant sweating, provoking the multiplication of bacteria and viruses.

Cancer of the lymph nodes - lymphoma. Moreover, if in the first two cases the enlarged lymph nodes are painful, then with such a serious disease they do not cause discomfort at all. That is why it is necessary to seek help from a specialist.

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How to determine the inflammation of the lymph node under the arm?

The first sign of an enlarged lymph node is redness of the skin above it. This is also evidenced by prominent skin in the armpit. Inflammation of the lymph node can be determined by palpation. If the feeling is accompanied by painful sensations, then the lymph node is inflamed due to some kind of infectious disease. When inflammation of the lymph nodes under the arm, pain, weakness, fever, headache.

The pain of intense nature, reddening of the skin on the lymph nodes, already indicates their suppuration. With the appearance of severe weakness, chills, and a sharp rise in temperature, purulent lymphadenitis begins to develop. Any of these conditions require the help of a qualified doctor.

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Sore lymph node under the arm: what to do?

  • For pain in the lymph node, you should immediately seek help from a doctor, only he can prescribe a treatment that will help relieve pain, having established the exact cause of inflammation. The most accurate method to determine the inflammation of the lymph nodes is a physiological study. With it, the doctor can determine the size of the nodes, the symptoms of inflammation, the nature of the occurrence, consistency and mobility - all the points that are necessary for the appointment of the correct treatment. In rare cases, a surgical opening of an inflamed and festering lymph node under the arm is prescribed to clear the primary focus.
  • To relieve pain in an enlarged lymph node due to a cold or flu after consulting a doctor, you can use the tips of traditional medicine. Echinacea tincture with alcohol helps to cope with pain well, if you take it in 10 drops diluted in water, 4 p. a day before meals.
  • For cleansing the lymph and reducing pain, it is also good for resorption of unrefined sunflower oil for a month. This should be done at bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach. In the mouth you need to dial 1 tbsp. l oil and dissolve it like candy 15 minutes. When the oil becomes liquid, you need to spit it out, you can not swallow it.

Lymph nodes under the arm

Treatment of lymph nodes under the arm

The process of inflammation of the lymph nodes in medicine is called lymphadenitis. It manifests as a consequence of the inflammatory process in the body. Inflammation of the lymph nodes is usually caused by the ingestion of microorganisms, bacteria, their toxins and decomposition products. The nature of the inflammation may be chronic or acute. The inflammation itself causes the activation of the lymph, which, moving through the body, clears it of alien and harmful microflora. When the flora is too large, the white bodies do not have time to deal with pathogenic bacteria, which leads to inflammation.

The main treatment is to combat harmful bacteria and microbes with sulfonamides and other antibiotics. But it is equally important to strengthen the protective forces and reduce body toxicity. This can help both vitamin complexes and traditional medicine.

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  1. To clear the lymph from harmful microflora, you can use the tincture of calendula. To do this, grind 1 tbsp. l dry calendula flowers, pour 250 ml of boiling water over them and leave to infuse in a warm place. Drink this tincture is necessary before eating on an empty stomach, 50 ml of 5 p. per day for at least 12 days. Calendula has a strong bactericidal effect and helps to quickly deal with inflammation.
  2. A mixture of tansy and calendula flowers has an even greater anti-inflammatory effect. To prepare a healing infusion you need to mix the grass, previously crushed, in equal amounts and pour 0.5 liters of cold boiled water. Within 4 hours, it must be infused in a sealed container, then strain. Take tincture 25 minutes before meals 3 p. per day for 14 days.

The lymph nodes under the armpit are the most important elements for protecting the body against harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Lymph, washing all organs, collects all the harmful substances in order to destroy them and protect the body, and if there are a lot of them, it begins to increase and become inflamed. Very often, the inflammation of the lymph nodes is accompanied by painful sensations. The first thing to do in this case is to ask for help from a doctor, only he will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct course of treatment. Take care of yourself!