Low body temperature

Normal body temperature is considered to be 36.6. But it happens that a person's body temperature drops, and then we just do not know what it can mean. In any case, if the body temperature suddenly became below normal, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor, because any deviation from the norm requires expert advice. Our health requires an attentive and careful attitude.

What is low body temperature?

Before addressing the causes of a decrease in body temperature, it is necessary to understand in general how this process occurs and what it depends on.

In humans, there is

1) chemical thermoregulation, which is responsible for the normalization of temperature when it is cold

2) physical thermoregulation, helping to restore heat, thanks to physiological processes

3) behavioral, which makes us look for a warmer place. It is because of violations in these 3 types of regulations that such phenomena as a rise and fall in temperature arise.

A person may have a low temperature periodically. In the case of short duration, do not worry. But when the decrease in temperature becomes permanent, it should cause concern and force a complete clinical examination.

Causes of low body temperature

  • One of the reasons for the change in body temperature may be impaired functioning of the immune system. This often happens if a person has suffered a serious illness. The body is weakened, and he does not have enough strength to maintain the temperature in the norm.
  • Also, a sufficiently strong drop in temperature often occurs due to toxin poisoning. Diseases of plastic and iron deficiency anemia almost always require constant monitoring of body temperature, as it can fall quite sharply.
  • Low body temperature is caused by a disruption in the functioning of the endocrine system. These may be adrenal gland or hypothyroidism problems. Even the tendency to reduced pressure, lack of sleep, constant stress, overstrain, chronic fatigue syndrome can cause a violation of body temperature.
  • It often happens that low body temperature in women may indicate pregnancy. Low body temperature can occur in lactating mothers.
  • The causes that can provoke a decrease in body temperature are also diseases of hypotension and vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Low body temperature may occur due to human disturbance of the temperature of the environment. This can be associated with an excessive amount of alcohol or drugs taken, or with impaired brain function caused by a tumor or some other serious brain disease.

Symptoms of low body temperature

Low body temperature is extremely difficult to determine, in contrast to high, but it can be noticed by symptoms.

These include general malaise and weakness, nervousness, high nervous irritability, in children - tearfulness. Low temperature provokes inhibition of physical and mental reactions in humans. It is accompanied by severe sleepiness, which is difficult to cope with.

If there really is a low temperature, the reason for its occurrence should be determined. If this is a person's hypothermia, you should warm up and call an ambulance. If the cause of the low body temperature cannot be established, then you should immediately visit a doctor.

Low body temperature. What to do?

  • If the body temperature is low, a woman should immediately consult a doctor to find out if she is pregnant.
  • The body of babies of the first 2 months of life still cannot regulate body temperature correctly, so parents should carefully monitor the skin of babies to be dry and warm. And if the baby starts to cry and be capricious, you should immediately make sure that it is not frozen.
  • For adults, if the temperature has decreased for a short time, it will be enough to eliminate the source of irritation, go in for sports or just sleep.
  • Low temperature, which has become constant, requires a medical examination. For this, it is better to contact your GP and endocrinologist. And if the decrease in temperature is caused by the presence of the disease, then the temperature will return to normal as soon as the disease is determined and cured.

If the examination of the disease is not revealed, then 3 weeks you can drink soothing herbal tea peppermint, lemon balm, valerian, hawthorn, motherwort and hops, and be sure to sleep. It will be very helpful for a whole month to take vitamin C, ginseng, aralia and eleutherococcus.

In order for low temperatures to occur, more attention should be paid to sports and exercise. Sports will strengthen the immune system, which plays a crucial role in the thermoregulation of the whole organism.

Low temperature is not so noticeable, but even it is accompanied by certain symptoms, knowing that you can understand what is happening. Sometimes low body temperature is an individual feature of an individual, and if a person feels fine, then for him low body temperature is the norm. In any case, it is impossible to do without an examination by a doctor, only specialists will be able to establish the true cause of low body temperature and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

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