Lotus oil

The lotus is a sacred plant, symbolizing the original purity. Its rhizomes are immersed in dirt, but the flowers and leaves remain clean, rising high above the water and above all earthly. It is believed that a person, being among the "dirt" of modern society, must remain internally free from it, unspotted. People breathing in the scent of a lotus receive its protection.

Mystery lotus

The gods in various religions are often depicted sitting on a blossoming lotus flower. It is a symbol of the full disclosure of the soul and spirit. The rhizome, which is in silt, symbolizes the material world, the stem that stretches upward is the soul, and the flower that does not touch the water and is open to the Sun is the spirit. Lotus reminds us of spirituality, chastity, God. A lot of things are associated with this plant. For example, it also symbolizes the unity of times: past, present, and future — seeds, unblown buds, and open flowers are simultaneously present on the same lotus plant in an unusual way. The connection of the lotus with the basic elements is noteworthy: there is its root in the earth, a stem in the water, leaves in the air, and flowers are turned to the sun fire.

Application of lotus oil

Lotus oil has a light sweet floral aroma with spicy herbal notes, freshness and a touch of honey. It exists in a concentrated state - in the form absolute. Therefore, this oil must be diluted or dissolved in the base oil (neroli, sandalwood, cinnamon, etc.). The aroma of the lotus unfolds gradually - a subtle hearty aroma comes to replace the first slightly spicy earthy and watery notes. It is easy to distinguish natural lotus oil from a fake, thanks to this aroma - the smell of 100% lotus oil is felt after opening the container within a radius of 5 meters.

In aromatherapy this amazing oil can be used in aromalamphah and at massage. To do this, dissolve it in the base oil with a concentration of 0.5-2%. And at reception baths It is necessary to add 3-5 drops of lotus oil to the emulsifier and then mix with water. A good aromatic blend for a relaxing bath is the combination in equal proportions of lotus and neroli with the addition of half the number of drops of incense oil in half.

Contraindications: Not recommended for use during pregnancy, lactating mothers, as well as children. It is better to avoid contact with mucous membranes and be sure to dilute it.

Lotus to calm the mind, meditate and awaken higher abilities

Masters of yoga for a long time use lotus oil as incense to soothe and recommend it as cleansing mind, body and environment. The aroma of the lotus contributes to immersion in meditation, awakens the mind, clears the mind, activates spiritual abilities, reveals us unselfish love. It helps to treat depression and nervous tension, relaxes and harmonizes.

Lotus oil is also painkillers, it removes the feeling of fatigue, increases vitality, gives a sense of peace, peace, joy, freshness, enlightenment. This oil is recommended to overcome difficult life situations, as well as to improve brain activity and exacerbate intuition.

Cosmetic properties of lotus oil

Lotus oil is suitable for all skin types.. It intensively moisturizes, softens, cleanses, smoothes and refreshes the skin, gives it elasticity, restores elasticity, promotes cell renewal, evens skin texture. This is due to the abundant content in the lotus of flavonoids, resins, rubber, tannins, vitamin C and group B.

  • For sensitive skin Lotus oil is an excellent sedative, relieves irritation, inflammation, reduces itching and has a strong astringent effect.
  • For oily and combination skin Lotus oil is good in that it treats inflammation, eliminates acne, and also tightens pores, cleanses them, stimulates the activation of metabolic processes, smoothes irregularities.
  • For fading skin The cosmetic effect is that aging processes are slowed down, the oil stimulates and tones the upper layers of the skin, moisturizing and refreshing them. Dry lotus extract is suitable for whitening skin and getting rid of age spots.

Lotus oil has a low-fat, light texture that allows it to be absorbed well, but due to its strong concentration it must be diluted. You can mix it for this purpose with sunflower or olive oil in the ratio of 2% to 98%, or add a drop of lotus oil to the cream.

Erotic lotus action

Lotus is strong aphrodisiac, enhancing attractiveness and causing sexual attraction. In ancient Egypt, lotus oil was used in an interesting ritual to enhance femininity, beauty and charm: it was necessary to apply lotus oil on three points - in the middle of the forehead and behind each ear. When applied, the correct triangle was obtained, the top of which was directed upwards, and this was considered a symbol of success in attracting the opposite sex. However, in magic the lotus did not find wide application. This is due to the fact that it is considered a sacred plant, so it can not be used for personal gain.

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Adding a drop of lotus oil to the aromacolon will help protect against the negative effects of foreign energy, remove the evil eye and damage. It will bring you a blessing from above and real happiness. Inhale the fragrance of the lotus, and let its purity and peace come into your life.

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