Lizobakt tablets


Any inflammatory process in the mouth or throat causes pain. Relief preparations help relieve the condition and eliminate discomfort. One of them is Lizobact. Someone uses it when coughing, someone with angina, and someone claims that it is a remedy for stomatitis. Who is right and from what pills lysobact? And does he have analogues?

Cures throat, saves from bacteria and fungi: on the composition and purpose of Lizobact.

from what pills lysobact

The medicine is made in the form of lozenges. It is included in the group of antiseptics. Lizobact produces a complex action. Manufacturers have included two main components. One of them is an enzyme with antimicrobial activity lysozyme, and the second is pyridoxine.

What are these substances? Lysozyme is a natural component that is found in saliva. It is he who neutralizes pathogens that enter the mouth, and is involved in the formation of immunity that protects against diseases of the throat and upper respiratory tract.

But if a strong infection appears in the mouth or wounds form on the mucous membrane, the amount of lysozyme is reduced, and saliva stops serving as a barrier against microbes and viruses. This is where Lizobact comes to the rescue.

Pyridoxine is an equally important component. It heals mucous.

What diseases does the drug fight?

Possessing a pronounced immunomodulatory potential, Lizobact is indispensable in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract and the elimination of dental diseases..

The instructions will help to get an exact answer to the question, from what tablets lysobact. It says that the indications for its reception are:

  • gingivitis (inflammation in the gums);
  • inflammation of the oral mucosa caused by bacteria, fungi (stomatitis) and the herpes virus;
  • erosion and ulcers in the oral cavity;
  • catarrhal symptoms in the throat and upper respiratory tract (we are talking about such phenomena as swelling, pain, redness, cough, tickling).

Lizobakta has no mucolytic abilities. It will only soften the sore throat, reducing the incidence of coughing attacks.

Whether to use it for sore throat and other sore throats?

Lizobakta has no mucolytic abilities

And here is the snag! If you precisely follow the instructions, then there is no direct indication that the medicine is intended for the treatment of angina. But with this disease, symptoms develop, against which Lizobact works very well. It will relieve pain and swelling in the throat, cleanse the tonsils from purulent plugs. Therefore, in case of acute tonsillitis, its administration is indicated, this medicine will speed recovery.

It is even better to combine its use with the use of antibiotics or any other antimicrobial agents. This will cause a crushing blow to the sore throat. But Lizobact alone will never overcome this disease!

The drug demonstrates high efficacy in case of prolonged sluggish pharyngitis, which occur with reduced immunity. The active components of Lizobakta are able to cope with this problem on their own.

How to treat?

In no case should tablets be chewed or swallowed whole: then they will be useless. They should be resolved.

What dosages for adults and children to take lysobact tablets? Instructions for use contains the following recommendations:

  • adolescents (over 12 years old) and adults are prescribed 2 tablets each. from 3 to 4 p. per day;
  • patients of school age (from 7 to 12 years old) need 1 tab. 4 p. in a day;
  • small children are allowed treatment with Lizobakta (after consulting a doctor) from the age of 3 years. The following scheme is used: according to 1 tab. in 3 doses.

Although the drug is not dangerous for children under 3 years old, but it is not used for this category of patients, since it is impossible for them to explain the correct principle of its use. After all, if a child chews a pill, then it will not bring benefit.

What will happen if pregnant women are treated with Lizobact??

What will happen if pregnant women are treated with Lizobact?

Since this medicine does not include chemicals that can harm a woman and the fetus, it can be used to treat a sore throat. The tool is not toxic, so women in the position should take it according to the standard scheme.

There is only one reason why you should not take lysobact during pregnancy. The instructions say that this should not be done if a woman has an intolerance to its components.

Nursing mothers, if necessary, can also treat the throat with this remedy. It is so safe that it is not necessary to transfer the baby to artificial compounds.

How dangerous are side effects and are there any contraindications?

The medicine has only one contraindication - hypersensitivity. It does not provoke serious adverse reactions, in exceptional cases an allergic rash may appear.

Can I find analogues of Lizobact in the pharmacy?

There are no absolute “twins” among the drugs in Lizobact. There are drugs that can be considered analogs with great stretch. These are Hexalysis and Laripront, which also include lysozyme.

Therefore, patients often doubt whether to buy - Laripront or Lizobact? What will work better? The second component of Laripront is dekaliniya chloride. It is a powerful antiseptic that has a stronger effect on pathogenic microorganisms, but it does not restore the mucous. In pregnancy, Laripront can only be used under the supervision of a physician. Allowed for children. Adverse reactions rarely provoke, their list is limited to allergies.

The composition of Hexalysis is also different from Lizobact. It contains lysozyme, enoxolone and biclotymol. Therefore, it has antimicrobial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory activity. It is cheaper, but inferior to Lizobact in security. May cause dysbacteriosis of the mouth. Banned up to 6 years, pregnant women can use it only under strict indications.

Lizobak is a unique drug, it is not too expensive (for 30 tabl. - from 150 to 190 rubles). One tablet is unlikely to improve the condition, the result can be seen if you are treated for 5 days. Although manufacturers insist on his safety, it would not be superfluous to ask the doctor if this remedy is suitable for you (and especially for a child).