Nowadays, many women suffer from fungal diseases affecting the vagina, especially from thrush. In this case, many patients leave positive feedback on the use of such a drug as vaginal suppositories livarol.

It is composed of the substance ketoconazole, and it is very effective in the fight against certain varieties of the fungus. This medicine is produced in the form of vaginal suppositories containing 400 mg of the active ingredient. Packaging may consist of 5 or 10 candles. Each of them has the shape of a torpedo, cream or white, the surface may be marble.

These candles fight against the fungal infection of the female vagina, prevent the formation of certain substances on the surface of the fungus and change the composition of its shell. This remedy is effective against those fungi that belong to dermatophytes, for example: trichophytes, microspores, epidermofits and yeast fungi: Candida, pythyrospores. Also often, livarol has an antibiotic effect, combating staphylococci and streptococci.

Livarol Candles: instructions for use

Livarol: reviews

Most often, this tool is prescribed for thrush. But there are other diseases, in the occurrence of which doctors use candles livarol:

  • Violation of the vaginal microflora of various types of causes (also during pregnancy);
  • Acute candidiasis, that is, thrush. The disease is very violent, and its distinctive feature is white vaginal discharge and other symptoms;
  • Chronic thrush. She has periods of remission and exacerbation;
  • As a preventive measure for thrush with the joint use of antibacterial agents;
  • After the transfer of an infectious disease that lowers the immune system, as a prophylactic against thrush.

The quality of this drug is very high, so it has practically no contraindications. But if the patient is allergic to ketoconazole or other components that make up the candles, it is better not to use it. During pregnancy, livarol can only be started from the 12th week, when the main organs and their systems have already formed in the fetus. Livarol should be used with caution in cases where the patient has not yet turned 12 years old; during pregnancy up to 12 weeks; during lactation. It is better not to neglect the consultation of the attending gynecologist in all cases.

An overdose of the drug was not identified. But he has a number of side effects, namely: the occurrence of itching and burning in the vagina, redness of the mucous membranes in this area and visible signs of irritation, which the gynecologist will find during the examination. Also on the skin may appear rash and urticaria, that is, itchy skin redness. Less commonly, dizziness and nausea can occur, as well as pink discharge from the vagina.

Livarol: reviews

To use the medication, first of all the candle should be removed from the packaging, pulling both edges. Then lie on your back and deeply insert it into the vagina. It is better to do this just before bedtime. After the candle has been inserted, it is not recommended to stand up, because it can leak out if the body moves to the vertical position. Enter thus need 1 candle 1 time per day. The course of treatment usually lasts 3-5 days, and in severe chronic forms of the disease - 10 days.

During pregnancy, the dosage of the drug does not decrease, as well as the duration of treatment. If there is an urgent need, the tool can be used during menstruation. By the way, the sexual partner of a woman also has to undergo a course of treatment to avoid re-infection. For men, there are special antifungal creams and ointments. And if the fungal infection is quite serious, then in addition to creams, the partner must take special pills.

During pregnancy and during breastfeeding of a child, only a gynecologist should prescribe livarol, and the treatment itself should take place under its constant supervision. At formation of negative manifestations, use of candles should be immediately stopped. Taking alcohol does not affect the action of the drug.

Candles livarol: analogues

Livarol has some similar drugs that contain the same active substance as the candles themselves. These analogues include: ketoconazole, dermazole, mikozoral, mikanisal. Also have a similar effect nizoral, dandruff, sebazol, mikok, funginok and oronazol.

Livarol candles: reviews

Reviews not only patients, but also gynecologists on antifungal suppositories livarol are overwhelmingly positive. This drug is of high quality, relatively affordable in terms of price (the average price in Russia is 350 rubles).

Livarol: reviews

  • Lily: I'm only for livarol! He helped me get rid of thrush during pregnancy. I can not imagine what would happen next if it were not for this drug! Thrush disappeared very quickly and for a long time!
  • Larisa: During breastfeeding, I got thrush. I was very scared, and more for my son, I thought I would infect him. During pregnancy, my gynecologist prescribed me livarol, in the instructions I read that candles can also be used during lactation. But I was afraid to prescribe him myself, I went to see a doctor and she confirmed that during lactation, livarol is not prohibited. Cured thrush very quickly, did not even have to interrupt breastfeeding his baby.
  • Larisa: Previously, thrush treated with the so-called "express drugs." The last time I tried livarol, I really liked these candles! There were no side effects, and thrush disappeared.
  • Love: Previously, she often suffered from thrush, last time (and it was already 1.5 years ago) she treated her with livarol, and now she forgot about the disease, as she withdrew!
  • Inga: I was treated with livarol on the recommendation of a doctor. The tool is very well suited. By the way, his gynecologist advised me to use it during the holidays if I have to go somewhere and change the climate, spending 5-day prophylaxis. They really help me a lot. Previously, most of the holidays spent on fighting thrush, now this problem does not suffer.

If you have a thrush, do not rush to panic. Our domestic pharmacology offers a variety of drugs to combat this nuisance. One of these drugs - candles livarol. They are high quality, affordable and convenient to use. Just do not forget to consult with a gynecologist! It is better if this specialist will appoint you.

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