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The ancient Slavs considered this tree sacred, so they planted it near temples and churches, hiding under it from thunderstorms. Slavic girls led round dances around, and young fathers planted a linden seed around the house to protect their child from the disease and the evil eye. Times and traditions have changed, but the lime blossom is invariably one of the most famous healing plants.

Linden: useful properties

  • The bark, buds, flowers and linden bracts contain vitamin C, A, essential oils, antioxidants, tannins, glucose, protein, amino acids, phytoncides, bioflavonoids and many other useful substances.
  • Due to its composition, this plant is a unique drug used in pharmacology and traditional medicine.
  • Colds. Useful properties of linden flowers concentrated in lime broth. It is taken for bronchitis, sore throat, measles, pneumonia, chronic cough, etc. This tool perfectly removes inflammation, destroys bacteria, has antipyretic and expectorant properties.
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Decoction of flowers removes toxins from the liver, relieves pain in the stomach, helps with colic and spasms, regulates metabolic processes, has a choleretic effect, relieves the symptoms of food poisoning and enhances digestion.

Linden: useful properties

  • Nervous system disorders. The flowers contain essential oils that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, soothing it. Inhaling the lime aroma, you will feel much better: the nervous tension will subside. You can take baths with lime infusion. To do this, prepare a concentrated infusion of flowers and pour it into the water.
  • Fatigue and headaches. Drink tea with linden in the morning - it relieves fatigue and headache, giving you strength and energy for the whole day. Linden leaves also have beneficial properties.. They prepare a decoction and make compresses for headaches.
  • Pain in the joints. A decoction of linden flowers is used for pain in the joints, gout, burns, ulcers, wounds, rheumatism, furuncles and hemorrhoids.
  • Diseases of the mouth. Decoction of flowers with the addition of soda (1 tbsp of broth - 0.5 tsp. Soda) can rinse your mouth with: gingivitis, stomatitis, laryngitis, etc.

Linden: useful properties for women

  1. Lipa is famous for its beneficial properties for women's health. Decoction of its flowers to women of all ages. Due to the large number of phytoestrogens, relieves spasmodic pains during menstruation, normalizes the menstrual cycle, retards and facilitates the flow of menopause.
  2. Linden color has antispasmodic properties. The decoction of the plant is used in cystitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, removes toxins from the body, etc.
  3. Nutritionists recommend drinking tea from lime blossoms by girls who want to lose weight. It is necessary to drink it on 1 cup a day with breaks. Fragrant decoction will dull the feeling of hunger. In addition, this tea relieves stress, which is not uncommon in the period of weight loss.
  4. Tonic for the face, made from linden decoction, will give the skin elasticity and velvety. Frozen cubes of infusion will give the face a blush and freshness. The tool from inflorescences has a powerful anti-aging effect, so they are recommended to wash the face of women after 25 years.
  5. Linden coal. He plays a special role in medicine. Coal is able to absorb and absorb toxins and harmful substances. It is recommended to take with diarrhea, dysentery, various diseases of the intestines and stomach.

Linden: contraindications

Linden: contraindications

  • Despite its enormous benefits, lime should be drunk intermittently and in reasonable quantities. It increases the protective functions of the body, because of which there is an additional load on the heart and blood vessels.
  • If abused, vision may drop, insomnia and irritability appear, pressure may rise, pain in the heart area, etc.

Traditional medicine has appreciated the beneficial properties of linden. No wonder this healing plant has been used for many centuries in various countries. In addition to unconditional medicinal qualities, lime tea has a magnificent fragrant aroma and exquisite delicate taste. Not only useful, but also pleasant to pamper yourself with this hot drink on a cool overcast day!

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