Linden honey


High-quality linden honey includes many different chemical elements. He has healing properties thanks to almost 400 compounds and substances that are necessary for the human body for normal functioning.

This honey consists of 20% of water and 80% of dry substances, most of which are fructose and glucose. They are easily digested without high energy costs. 6-8% of the product is maltose, it has a good effect on digestion. But there are few vitamins in this honey: B1, B2, B5, B6, H, nicotinic acid, PP, C and tocopherol. But they bring great benefits because of the beneficial combination with other elements such as potassium, copper, calcium, sulfur, iodine, aluminum, nickel, phosphorus, magnesium, chlorine, cobalt, manganese, zinc, etc.

Linden honey is well absorbed by the human body. Its regular use maintains normal pressure, hormonal system and digestion. The product contains many organic and inorganic acids: lactic, tartaric, succinic, phosphoric, gluconic, malic, oxalic, linolenic, hydrochloric, etc. Thanks to these compounds, honey has a pleasant sour taste and aroma. Linden pollen itself is a direct supplier of amino acids and proteins.

Time-tested remedies

Linden honey: useful properties

  • People have called this product "liquid gold", it is able to resist many bacteria.
  • With the help of lime honey it is good to treat colds: runny nose, sore throat, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc. In relation to aloe juice 1: 5, it will give an excellent result. 1 tsp. This mixture should be taken 1 hour before meals 3 times a day. With a strong head cold will help 30% solution of honey in combination with freshly pressed beet juice. In each nostril should drip 5 drops of this tool. Acute bronchitis can be cured as follows: pound 5 portions of aloe into porridge, mix with 2 egg yolks and 1 tbsp. l honey Mix it all up with a bottle of Cagor and take a little during the day.
  • Cakes made from a mixture of honey, flour and sunflower oil will help to get rid of a strong cough. All components need to be mixed and put before bedtime on the chest overnight. The most effective treatment of colds with the help of lime honey with the observance of bed rest, then will pass and high fever, and headache, and weakness. Very good product during pregnancy, when you can not get sick at all, and many drugs are prohibited.
  • Lime honey is used to make many drugs against tuberculosis, which means that official medicine has recognized its healing properties.
  • Very good to use the product and in violation of digestion. Gastritis, colitis, gastroenteritis - all these diseases are accompanied by unpleasant symptoms. But "liquid gold" will help to cope with this. 1 tbsp. l This product, dissolved in warm water, will help heal a stomach ulcer, provided it is taken 3 times a day for a fairly long time.
  • Adherents of traditional medicine say that stomach and lime honey are good friends. The only thing that is important to remember is that the product reduces the hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid only if it was taken in a warm form, and in the cold opposite - it increases it. Experts know this feature and are often used when prescribing proper treatment to patients. Sometimes they prescribe the use of linden honey in combination with milk, nuts or the juice of regular white cabbage.
  • Since ancient times, this type of honey has been used to treat headaches, gout, rheumatism, kidney diseases, urinary tract infections, the female reproductive system, and more. etc. Also, with its help you can get rid of neurosis, insomnia, stress, cardiovascular diseases.
  • Not without linden honey and in cosmetology. Wraps, masks and ointments are made with it, which contribute to the preservation of body elasticity, density and healthy appearance of hair, youthful skin. A bit of linden honey mixed with mashed berries of raspberry, peach, strawberry, egg yolk or cottage cheese, can be an excellent mask for neck, hair, hands, skin of the face.

Linden honey: the benefits and harm

Linden honey: useful properties

Lime honey has a delicate taste that will not leave anyone indifferent to a sweet tooth. Among experts, this particular variety is considered the highest quality. 100 g of the product contains about 309 kcal, of which 81, 5 g are carbohydrates. Because of this, he is able to quickly restore the lack of glycogen in the muscles, this is especially good for athletes. But those who struggle with excess weight in the gym, you need to comply with the measure in the use of this honey. In moderate doses, it acts as a powerful adaptogen and helps the muscles recover more quickly after exertion, while in large doses it prevents the burning of fat and increases body weight.

Despite this, lime honey is present in a number of diets and it is included in them for several reasons. It is sweeter than regular sugar, so it satisfies cravings for regular carbohydrates. The product stimulates the immune system, which is damaged by all low-calorie diets. Especially recommended to eat it after heavy workouts, but not more than 10-20 g per day.

Honey is useful in the recovery period after suffering various diseases. Its antibacterial properties help the human body to gently get rid of pathogenic flora. At occurrence of inflammations in an oral cavity, with "liquid gold" do lotions and rinsings. Lime honey also has a mild laxative effect, because of this it can be prescribed to those patients who need to stimulate the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Unlike other laxative products, it does not cause painful cramps.

Due to the high glucose content and rich enzyme composition, this honey is recommended for patients suffering from cardiac diseases as a product that strengthens the heart muscle. He is also prescribed to patients with asthma as a sedative and tonic. In addition, linden honey helps to restore the nervous system, so it is prescribed to patients with its disorders.

If you rinse your teeth with "liquid gold", then it will whiten tooth enamel, it will help with pharyngitis and sore throat. It is also useful to wash with water in which the spoon of this product was dissolved, because it has antibacterial and nourishing effect for the skin. Some experts recommend to improve the appearance and immunity, pour 8 liters of water, in which 100 g of lime honey was previously dissolved.

But in addition to the positive properties, fake honey has contraindications, which, in particular, appear when it is incorrectly stored and consumed. First of all, do not eat honey, which was frozen. It lacks all the beneficial properties and left only calories. It is also not recommended to interfere with this product with hot tea, it will also kill its benefits.

Honey itself is not a food product that can be used uncontrollably. His overeating contributes to an increase in blood sugar levels and other problems that are associated with increased appetite and metabolic disorders. Do not eat honey and diabetics, as well as those patients who suffer from morbid obesity.

Also, honey is a strong allergen and can cause skin rashes, swelling in the nasopharynx, and other similar symptoms. Since this product has a warming effect, it is advised to use it in the morning, before going to the cold or on the day when there is a risk of falling into drafts.

Linden honey: photo

Linden honey: useful properties

Linden honey: useful properties

Linden honey: useful properties

Linden honey: useful properties

White honey - a natural storehouse of useful substances! With it, you can not only cope with many diseases, but also strengthen your immunity. It is necessary to consider that it is possible to use a product only in reasonable doses. Otherwise, it can provoke obesity, a violation of the volume of substances or allergies.