Leukocytes increased in a smear in a woman by gynecology -


Every time you visit a gynecologist, regardless of the purpose of the visit, you will have to take a smear for flora. According to this study, one can suspect a huge number of diseases and pathological changes in the female genital sphere. One of the most important indicators of this analysis is the number of leukocytes. What may indicate their increase?

Leukocyte rate in smear

The content of white blood cells can not exceed 15

The content of white blood cells can not exceed 15. At the same time, such a value is allowed only in the cervical canal. In the vagina, the number of leukocytes, as a rule, is not more than 10, and in the urethra - 5.

Elevated white blood cells in a smear suggest that the inflammatory process of various etiologies in a woman’s body is suspected. Moreover, the higher their content, the more actively the inflammation develops.

What can be raised leukocytes in a smear from a woman in gynecology?

The most common situation when leukocytes are elevated in a smear is caused by the following reasons:

  • endometritis;
  • vaginal dysbacteriosis;
  • adnexitis;
  • urethritis;
  • intestinal dysbiosis;
  • various sexually transmitted diseases;
  • colpitis;
  • cervicitis;
  • cancer of the genital organs.

What signs are accompanied by increased white blood cells in a smear?

Usually, elevated leukocytes in a smear do not manifest themselves in any way for a long time. A woman may not even guess that the inflammatory process is actively developing in her body until she passes the tests during a routine examination.

However, in some situations, this pathology may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • copious discharge from the vagina or urethra, with a persistent unpleasant odor;
  • the inability to conceive a child for a long time;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • pain and discomfort during intercourse, as well as immediately after it;
  • discomfort during emptying of the bladder;
  • redness, burning and itching in the genital area.

What do elevated leukocytes say in a smear during pregnancy?

What do elevated leukocytes say in a smear during pregnancy?

The expectant mother has to pass this analysis several times before the child is born. For the first time such a procedure is carried out immediately after she learns about the occurrence of pregnancy. The content of leukocytes in the results of the analysis in a woman in an interesting position is slightly increased. Allowed their presence in an amount of from 10 to 20.

However, the value of this indicator in the waiting period of the child gynecologists pay special attention. The presence in the body of a pregnant woman of a pathological inflammatory process is dangerous not only for her own health, but also for the functioning of the fetus.

When detecting the number of leukocytes above normal values, it is necessary, first of all, to retake the analysis. Any, even minor, errors during the production of biological material can radically change the situation and distort the results very much.

If, after the retake, the number of leukocytes is also too high, the expectant mother should undergo a thorough detailed examination. In particular, it is necessary to investigate the seeding of vaginal secretions for the presence of pathogens, as well as to pass tests for numerous infections of the female genital tract produced by PCR.

Often, the expectant mother is extremely surprised if, at the planning stage, she repeatedly took a smear and received an absolutely normal result. Meanwhile, this situation is very easily explained. In the period of expectation of a child, a global restructuring of the body of the future mother occurs. A pregnant woman is very much reduced immunity, and she becomes susceptible to various diseases. In connection with the weakening of the protective functions, those pathogens that have settled in your body much earlier, often appear, but you did not even know about their existence.

How to reduce the content of leukocytes in a smear?

How to reduce the content of leukocytes in a smear?

First of all, before prescribing treatment, the doctor should determine why leukocytes in the smear are elevated. For this purpose, various examinations are appointed, on the basis of which a qualified doctor can draw certain conclusions and prescribe the appropriate medicines. Most often in such a situation, antibiotic therapy and vaginal suppositories are prescribed, as a result of which the inflammation in the genital area is relieved and the tests are normalized.

In addition, to reduce the number of leukocytes in a smear, you can use the following effective methods of traditional medicine:

  • 2 tbsp. l chopped dried chamomile flowers need to pour 500 ml of clean water and put on the stove. This solution should be brought to a boil, then strain and cool to a temperature of 37 degrees. The resulting fluid must be doused in the morning and in the evening, preferably before inserting candles into the vagina, which your doctor prescribed. The furatsilina solution has a similar effect, which can be purchased at any pharmacy;
  • Another effective folk remedy for the treatment of inflammation can be obtained by mixing aloe juice and bee honey in equal proportions. It is necessary to make a tampon from the resulting mixture, which should be inserted into the vagina before bedtime. The procedure must be repeated daily for 2 weeks. Usually, as a result of applying this method, after 5-7 days, the number of leukocytes is significantly reduced;
  • The following remedy is great for a sitz bath. You must first prepare a mixture of dry herbs: nettle, St. John's wort, chamomile, red root and oak bark. All ingredients must be mixed in the same proportions. The resulting fee should be poured boiling water at the rate of 4 tbsp. l mix on 3 l of water. Next, the broth should be cooled to 45 degrees and sit in it for about 15 minutes. If this water temperature seems too high, you can lower it a little.

Any inflammatory processes in the female genital area can be very dangerous. This is especially true of future mothers, who absolutely cannot ignore the analysis with a high content of leukocytes. In case of any deviations in the results of the examination of the contents of the vagina on the flora, it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor for a detailed examination and appropriate treatment. The above methods of traditional medicine can only help in combination with traditional drug treatment, and not instead of it.