Left sternum pain

Many believe that the causes of pain in the sternum on the left lie in one thing - a heart attack. In fact, this assumption is not true, since such sensations may also appear due to diseases of the respiratory and digestive systems, muscles and bones. Let's find out what these ailments can really indicate, and what diagnosis in this case will be correct.

Cardiovascular problems

Left sternum pain: causes

Cutting, tingling, severe pain can actually indicate that you have problems with the cardiovascular system. However, to come to this conclusion on your own is not enough, so, of course, you should contact a specialist who will confirm or refute your guesswork.

Pain on the left side may indicate the following conditions:

  • A heart attack accompanied by a lack of oxygen for the heart muscle. That is why you will feel unpleasant sensations, pain may spread to the jaw, arm, shoulder, back, stomach on the left side;
  • Acute pericarditis, which means that the sac that covers the heart has become inflamed. The pain will feel like a piercing or as if piercing you with something sharp. From the left half can move to the center of the sternum;
  • Prolapse of the mitral valve, that is, a violation of his work. Pain syndrome is sharp, there is no recoil in any part of the body;
  • Angina, in other words, blood does not bring the necessary oxygen to the heart. As a rule, the patient becomes ill after a strong physical exertion;
  • Aortic rupture. You will feel powerful pains on the left side.

Everything points to a disease of the esophagus ...

Why pain in the chest on the left

Such a phrase from the doctor after the diagnosis, you can also hear if the pain is localized in the sternum on the left. Most often, the reason lies in heartburn, arising from the abuse of nicotine, strong drinks, fatty foods, drug use and other factors.

You can also feel drooling, nausea, bitter taste in the mouth. You may not be able to swallow normally, and a dry cough will begin to torment you.

It is necessary to check the respiratory system

Since some diseases from this sphere also have pain in the list of symptoms under the sternum on the left. A specific diagnosis may be as follows:

  • Pulmonary embolism, which means the formation of a blood clot in a vessel that delivers blood to the lungs. In addition to the patient's pain, there is a sharp difficulty in breathing, as well as frequent breathing;
  • Collapse of the lung. In addition to the sharp pain syndrome there is dizziness, rapid heartbeat, weakness, breathing problems;
  • Pneumonia, that is, pneumonia. Left-side pain disturbs the patient when trying to breathe deeply, as well as during a prolonged cough. Also, there is a high fever, trouble breathing, sputum when coughing.

Correct diagnosis - the right treatment

Causes of pain in the sternum on the left

As you can see, you should not brush off the aching pain in the sternum on the left, as perhaps it informs you about serious health problems that require treatment. And you can get all the necessary recommendations from a doctor who is obliged to perform a competent diagnosis. And when can it be considered categorically correct? As a rule, depending on the type and location of pain, the actions of the doctor should be such (but do not forget about exceptions):

Where and how does it hurt?


If it hurts on the left side of the sternum, as well as in the middle. Plus, the pain goes into the arm, jaw, stomach, back.

Examine the sternum.

Make an electrocardiography of the heart.

To pass a blood test, thereby obtaining data on the enzymes created by the cells of the heart muscle.

The pain on the left and in the middle of the chest has the character of sharp or stabbing. It becomes worse if you take a deep breath or take a horizontal position.

Examine the sternum.

Get the results of electrocardiography.

Sharp pain, not projected anywhere, not related to physical exertion.

Hearts are heard through a stethoscope.

You need an ultrasound of the heart.

The pain appeared after physical exertion (rarely at rest). After nitroglycerin, the discomfort did not pass.

Donate blood to study enzymes. Thereby eliminate a heart attack.

To conduct an ECG.

Powerful pains on the left side, as well as in the back or near the shoulder blades.

Computed tomography (CT) of the chest.



Acute penetrating pain, can move in the back or shoulder.

Inspection of the sternum.



It hurts, especially with deep breathing.


X-ray of the chest.

Blood donation to check oxygen levels.

CT of the lungs.

V / Q scan.

Sharp chest pains, difficulty breathing, dizziness, rapid heartbeat.

X-ray of the sternum.


Radiography of the peritoneal organs.

Sore left sternum when trying to breathe deeply, as well as coughing.

Listening to the patient.

X-ray of the sternum.

Causes of pain in the sternum on the left in women and men, as a rule, are reduced to ailments of the cardiovascular, digestive or respiratory system. Some of them require urgent intervention and help! If you are tormented by such pain, then this is a significant reason to consult a doctor to identify the exact causes. The specialist will examine your complaints, carry out a full diagnosis, diagnose and prescribe treatment.

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