Laxative to cleanse the bowels


Every adult knows that our health depends on the state of the intestines as a whole. And in order for the intestine to fully function, we periodically try to clean it with the help of various preparations. What is to choose a laxative to cleanse the intestines? Let's talk about it.

When can and should laxatives be taken?

When can and should laxatives be taken

Most often, pharmacological and folk laxatives are taken to clean the intestines in order to normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, as well as to improve bowel movement. Often, laxatives come to the aid of constipation. Treatment specialists recommend taking such funds before a medical examination, when you need to clean the intestines for diagnosis.

So, you can take pharmacological laxatives in such cases:

  • to normalize and further stimulate the functioning of the digestive tract;
  • with an unbalanced daily diet, as well as with poisoning;
  • for the treatment of helminthiasis of various forms;
  • with the appearance of constipation caused by prolonged use of pharmacological drugs;
  • with the exacerbation of a number of pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • with hemorrhoids;
  • before passing the examination and a number of medical procedures;
  • in the period of gestation, especially if the concentration of hormones affects the full defecation;
  • after delivery;
  • when taking food fortified with protein.


Despite the above indications for the use of laxative pharmaceutical agents, you must first consult with your healthcare professional. Taking such drugs has a number of contraindications. So, from reception of laxatives it is necessary to refuse in such cases:

  • with intolerance to the components of the drug;
  • in case of development of pathologies of the digestive tract;
  • in the presence of the hernia of the restrained type;
  • in case of the appearance of pain syndromes in different segments of the abdomen, the nature of which is not established;
  • during menstrual or uterine bleeding;
  • with the appearance of febrile symptoms.

Names of popular bowel cleansers

Names of popular bowel cleansers

On sale there are a number of pharmacological drugs, classified not only by component composition, but also by the method of influence on intestinal motility. Constantly take such drugs can not, because it threatens the violation of the functioning of the intestine. Also, with the constant use of laxatives, intestinal microflora will be modified, which is fraught with the onset of complicated consequences.

There are such basic types of laxatives for cleansing the intestines:

  • stimulating;
  • osmotic;
  • salt based;
  • dietary fiber or so-called bulk substances;
  • emollients;
  • candles;
  • microclysters;
  • combined and auxiliary.

Stimulant medications

The first group of pharmacological agents that have a laxative effect, include substances of plant and synthetic type. They irritate the large intestine, thereby stimulating and increasing its peristalsis. In the pharmacy you can find the following drugs in this group:

  • Bisacodil;
  • "Senade";
  • "Guttalaks";
  • "Phenolphthalein";
  • "Sodium picosulfate", etc.

Also considered to be effective laxatives are dried foliage extract of senna, rushin bark, castor oil and rhubarb.

Osmotic drugs

The second group of laxative pharmacological substances include drugs that have an osmotic effect. After ingestion, the volume of fecal masses increases, as a result of which the intestinal walls stretch and stimulation of peristalsis occurs. This group of substances includes prebiotics, as well as a number of saccharides.

The following osmotic pharmacological substances can be purchased at the pharmacy:

  • "Inulin";
  • "Forlax";
  • "Lactulose";
  • "Magnesium sulfate";
  • "Normolact";
  • Duphalac;
  • "Endofalk";
  • "Fortrans".

Salt based products

Saline substances include:

  • salt of Carlsbad;
  • magnesium hydroxide;
  • sodium and magnesium sulphate.

Bulk substances

Intestinal Cleansing Cleanser: Names

Dietary fiber, as you know, our body is not absorbed. When they enter the body, they are able to retain fluid in the intestine, which leads to a softening of containing fecal masses. This group of pharmacological drugs include:

  • husk of sunflower seeds;
  • flaxseeds;
  • agar-agar;
  • seaweed;
  • Mukofalk;
  • bran mixtures;
  • steriluyu;
  • "Methylcellulose".


With exacerbation of hemorrhoid pathologies, as well as with constipation, developing in chronic form, a person needs a mild laxative to cleanse the intestines. This group of pharmacological agents should include:

  • paraffin liquid;
  • sodium dokuzat;
  • vaseline oil extract;
  • almond extract;
  • glycerol.

Candles and microclysters

In case of pathological constipation, as well as for the passage of medical manipulations, you can use anal candles or microclysters to release the direct part of the intestine. This group of pharmacological agents include:

  • "Glycerol";
  • "Microlax";
  • "Norgalaks";
  • "Bisacodil" (in the form of candles).

Combined preparations

Also available are combined pharmacological agents that have a laxative effect. Their dosage and duration of administration should be calculated in accordance with the recommendations of the attending specialist and annotation. This group of drugs should include:

  • "Regulax";
  • "Agiolax";
  • "Kafiol";
  • "Guttalaks".

Auxiliary drugs that have a laxative effect are considered antispasmodic, prokinetic and choleretic pharmaceuticals.

Which laxative is the most effective?

Many people do full bowel cleansing with pharmacological agents regularly to prevent the development of serious pathologies, as well as to improve the rate of metabolic processes and overall health. Of course, that before carrying out the procedures, it is imperative that you consult with your healthcare professional and purchase the drugs recommended by your doctor.

Effective laxative pharmaceuticals today are:

  • "Fortrans";
  • magnesia powder;
  • Duphalac;
  • Bisacodil;
  • "Guttalaks".

In addition, for gentle but effective cleansing of the intestinal walls, oil extracts can be used, in particular almond and fennel, as well as

paraffin and petrolatum.

What do users say about laxatives?

What do users say about laxatives

At various forums you can find a lot of reviews on laxatives to cleanse the intestines. Immediately I would like to note that each drug acts differently depending on the physiological characteristics of the person. Trust your health, namely the choice of laxatives, the opinion of other people, in any case can not. In order to correctly and correctly select an effective and safe drug, consultation of a qualified specialist is necessary.

According to reviews, the following laxatives are very popular and in demand:

  • "Glitselaks";
  • "Microlax";
  • "Lavacol";
  • "Glycerin candles";
  • "Forlax";
  • Mukofalk;
  • "Slabilen";
  • "Lactulose";
  • Duphalac;
  • "Fibralax".

Many users pay attention to the fact that the drug should be selected in accordance with the physiological characteristics and diagnosis. In their responses, people who systematically carry out preventive intestinal cleansing say that shredded Senna, flaxseed and magnesia help them very well.

Take care of your health correctly! Entrust the selection of a suitable and effective laxative pharmacological drug specialists. Remember that along with pathogenic microorganisms and harmful substances, beneficial bacteria can leave the intestinal microflora, and this is fraught with the development of complicated consequences. Excessive and unbalanced use of laxatives has a negative effect on natural bowel movement. Be healthy!