"lactacid" - gel for intimate hygiene of the new generation.


Today, there is a wide variety of hygiene products. "Lactacid" is a gel for intimate hygiene of a new generation, developed using innovative technologies. It is used by women of different age categories in order to preserve their female health and attractiveness.

We carefully study the annotation

Gel for intimate hygiene

In pharmacies and specialized stores of the domestic market, you can find a whole line of various products sold under the brand "Lactacid". This gel for intimate hygiene is used by many women, which is why instructions on the use of this product are of great interest.

The action of "Lactacid" is primarily aimed at maintaining a normal alkaline-acid balance in the area of ​​the external genital organs, as well as at restoring the vaginal microflora. It is important for a woman to feel daily comfort in this part of her body. It was with the aim of caring for women that the whole series of intimate means "Lactacid" was developed.

Its component composition is unique and includes the following substances:

  • lactic acid;
  • walnut oil extract;
  • milk protein type.

In specialized cosmetic sales offices and pharmacies "Lactacid" is implemented in several pharmacological forms, such as:

  • spray;
  • gel;
  • emulsion;
  • mousse;
  • napkins;
  • liquid.

Many specialized doctors advise the use of such gel for intimate hygiene to representatives of the weaker sex of different age categories. The only limit is age up to 12 years. At puberty, girls can already use this gel to protect external genital organs from the effects of irritants, as well as maintain a normal pH balance.

Profile doctors are advised to use "Lactacid" in such cases:

  • during the climacteric pause;
  • during menstruation;
  • with the development of inflammatory processes in the genitals;
  • in order to prevent thrush, especially while taking antibiotic or hormonal drugs;
  • after undergoing simple surgical interventions;
  • as a hygienic product after sexual intercourse, various sports, other exhausting loads, visits to the sauna, public pool, etc.

Ways to use brand hygiene products

Gel for intimate hygiene "Laktatsid" won a huge amount of positive feedback. Many representatives of the weaker sex use this hygienic tool in the period of menstrual bleeding. With it you can not only get rid of dryness, irritation or discomfort, but also forget about the unpleasant smell.

Thus, the use of gel "Lactacid" allows you to eliminate the following discomfort:

  • burning;
  • itching;
  • inflammation;
  • redness;
  • unpleasant smell.

Due to its unique component composition, the gel contains only natural substances, as a result of which the vaginal passage is quickly colonized with beneficial lactic bacteria. The normal level of acid-base balance protects against the development of many gynecological ailments.

How to use "Lactacid"?

Methods of use of hygiene products of the brand "Lactacid" differ depending on the form of release of the substance. So, gels and mousses are applied directly to the area of ​​the external genital organs, rubbed gently with massaging movements, and then washed off with water.

"Lactacid" can be used every time you take a shower. As practice shows, there are no contraindications to its use. Practicing gynecologists advise using this tool during gestation and during the lactation period in order to protect external genital organs, as well as to maintain a normal level of acid-base balance.

If you have purchased in the pharmacy an emulsion "Lactacid" or a hygienic agent in the form of a liquid, then before using them you need to dilute with filtered water in proportions of 1: 2. Such a prescription of the manufacturer due to the fact that these forms of "Lactacid" are characterized by a high concentration of active substances.

Pay attention to your feelings. Gel, as a rule, does not cause side effects. The only drawback can be intolerance and hypersensitivity to one of the component elements. In this case, consult a specialized doctor and select an alternative means for intimate hygiene.

The line of products "Lactacid"

Product line

In addition to the above pharmacological forms of release of the described means, there are other types of gel for intimate hygiene "Lactacid". They differ in the principle of action and are intended for different types of skin of the representatives of the weaker sex.

Unfortunately, the same personal hygiene products are not suitable for all women. Some have oily or mixed skin, while others suffer from dryness or excessive sweating. In this regard, in the line "Laktatsid" a lot of innovative tools that can meet the needs of every woman.

Today, in specialized cosmetic stores and pharmacies, you can buy the following types of gel "Lactacid":

  • for basic care;
  • for getting rid of mild irritation;
  • for enhanced blocking of unpleasant odors;
  • for moisturizing and feeling soft;
  • for antibacterial protection;
  • for sensitive skin;
  • for long-lasting hydration;
  • for getting rid of irritation, itchy sensations and reddening of the genitals.

"Lactacid" - a very popular tool used by millions of women to care for external genital organs. Maintaining normal microflora and acid-base balance, of course, important for the full functioning of the reproductive system and comfort. It is especially good to use various means of this line during trips and in the summer. Daily use of "Lactacid" gives the representatives of the weaker sex a feeling of tenderness, lightness and comfort. Before using it, carefully study the annotation and consult with a specialized doctor. Be healthy!