Lack of calcium in the body


Calcium deficiency is recognized as the cause of the occurrence of more than 100 diseases associated with bone tissue. This arthritis, and arthrosis, and osteoporosis. Without a sufficient supply of calcium to the body, not only is the structure of the bones broken, but also the work of many organs.Without calcium, correct muscle contraction and optimal heart and circulatory system function are impossible.

Calcium is one of the main trace elements for babies and lactating mothers because it is responsible for the formation of the baby’s skeleton, its teeth and the further development of the body.

The first signs of a lack of calcium are the deterioration of hair, nails and teeth.

Symptoms of calcium deficiency

One of the first symptoms of a lack of calcium - increased nervousness, irritability, sleep disturbance, weakening of memory, high blood pressure, fast fatigue, the appearance of anxiety states, especially if they have never been. Systems of the body can not function normally, provoking the occurrence of these disease states.

With a lack of calcium in the body, our circulatory system begins to fill its lack of bone tissue, which leads to increased bone fragility and the formation of kidney stones.

Signs of lack of calcium in the body

  • The main signs of a lack of calcium are brittle nails and hair. First of all, calcium entering the body is used to provide the most important functions, and only then it goes to strengthen nails, hair and teeth. Therefore, when the body does not have enough calcium, the nails begin to break first.
  • Tooth enamel begins to break down, cracks appear and the need to fill teeth.
  • Also, if during sports you are plagued by frequent convulsions - this may also indicate a lack of calcium in the body.
  • The fragility of blood vessels, paralysis of the facial nerve and premature gray hair can also be signs of a lack of calcium.
  • The most formidable sign of a lack of calcium is bone fragility. If during the fall you did not hurt yourself, but you broke your arm or leg, then this indicates a serious lack of calcium in the body, and you should consult a doctor immediately.

Calcium deficiency in children

Calcium deficiency in children can cause many diseases at a later age.These are multiple sclerosis, poor blood clotting, nervous disorders and pathological changes in the lens of the eye. There is a violation of the formation of teeth, the occurrence of seizures and excessive excitability. Therefore so It is important to provide proper nutrition and exercise to your baby..

In the case when there are signs of too much calcium deficiency, you must immediately consult a doctor. Only under the supervision of a physician can properly treat.

An excess of calcium in the body is as dangerous as its lack.

How to fill the lack of calcium in the body?

For In order to quickly fill the lack of calcium in the body, you should increase the amount of milk you drink. But with age, the calcium in the milk is less absorbed by our body, so it is necessary to replenish its reserves, eating hard cheese, low-fat cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt.

Also a lot of calcium is found in vegetables that have green leaves. These are parsley, celery, asparagus, broccoli, white cabbage and cauliflower. There is it in beans, nuts, egg yolks. Eating canned salmon, sardines, we also get calcium with them.

It should be remembered that for the full absorption of calcium, we need vitamin D, produced in our body only under the rays of the sun. Do not forget about exercise, without them, too, can not do. The older a person becomes, the more and more he needs morning exercises, walks in the fresh air, and even more regular exercise.

Calcium norm and substances incompatible with it

The daily rate of calcium in the age after 25 years is 820 mg.This amount is contained in 35 g of hard cheese or 250 ml of yogurt. After 35 years and the onset of menopause, calcium begins to be very quickly excreted from the female body, therefore it is necessary to increase the amount of its products or special vitamin complexes in its diet.

Also, if you have signs of lack of calcium in the body, remember that some foods interfere with the absorption of calcium in full, therefore, as long as you do not fill the lack of calcium in the body, their use should be abandoned. These products include caffeine, it prevents the formation of vitamin D, which helps the absorption of calcium. Spinach and sorrel due to the content of acid, interacting with calcium, form salts, which do not allow to fully absorb this trace element. A sedentary lifestyle is responsible for disrupting the entire calcium metabolism, sodium salt and bad cholesterol excrete calcium as soon as it enters the body.

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Without calcium, normal development, the formation of strong bone tissue and the proper functioning of the whole organism are impossible. Women lose calcium much faster than men, therefore, they need to be even more attentive to ensure that this important trace element is always in sufficient quantity in their diet. This will help vegetables, dairy products, sports and sun. Without forgetting this, you can avoid many future health problems and save it without expensive treatment.

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