Kosher food and groceries. the benefits of kosher food

Now there are more and more adherents of non-traditional types of food, and this is connected not only with the desire to stand out from the crowd, but also with the desire to resist the existing system. One of these areas is kosher food, which includes food for certain foods.

To follow a kosher diet, it is not necessary to be a Jew, you just need to want to improve your health and eat easily digestible food for the body. In short, Kosher food is a diet that consists of organic and nutritious foods that meet the laws of Kosher. Kosher products mean useful, eco-friendly and high-quality, and they are therefore more expensive because they pass the mandatory certification. At all, word "kosher" means fit, i.e. the most appropriate product to use.

Kosher Products

Meat of land animals belongs to kosher meat: they will differ in cloven hooves and eat mainly vegetable food. These include herbivores - cows, goats, sheep, rams, deer, moose and gazelles. Predatory animals are not included here, and their meat is called trefny. The Hebrew book describes animals that have only one sign of kosher - a hare, a camel, a daman, and a pig. The meat of these animals is also unsuitable for food. Any animal should not be slaughtered in a cruel way, otherwise it will no longer be considered kosher. Hunting animals is prohibited, and the most humane methods are used for slaughtering.

The rules of kosher state that there should be no fat, blood and live in the meat for food. To clean the meat it should be soaked, salt and rinse thoroughly with water. Meat must be checked for the absence of infections and parasites.

Fish in this food system must meet two requirements - to have fins and scales. Such fish as eel, catfish, sturgeon, shark are not suitable, as it does not have scales. It is also forbidden to eat seafood. Fish does not require special treatment, like poultry and animals. You can eat any caviar of fish, except black, since it is not considered kosher.

Kosher meat does not make special demands on poultry meat, except that the bird should not be predatory or eat carrion. Poultry meat is perfect for a kosher table - it's chicken, turkey, duck, goose.

Amphibians, reptiles and rodents are not kosher animals, and their meat is unsuitable for human consumption. Honey is allowed to include in the diet. Any vegetable food is kosher, but care should be taken so that insects or any traces of them cannot get into fresh vegetables, fruits or cereals.

It is necessary to separate the preparation of meat and dairy products, as well as store them separately. With frequent use of meat and dairy products should be a break for some time. Dishes for these products should be separate.

As for drinks, here you should also carefully monitor their preparation. Especially when it comes to wine - only a Jew should prepare it. This rule has gone since pagan times, when Jews were afraid to try the sacrificial wine. It is also forbidden to drink any grape drink, if it was not prepared by a Jew. For other drinks, this rule does not apply.

During the period of Jewish Easter - Pesach is prohibited, there are any products obtained by fermentation. This applies to bread, pasta, beer, cakes, etc.

The benefits of kosher food

The rules of kosher food came to us almost in the form in which they existed originally. Even among people of another religion, there are kosher food fans, as the products in this food system have a high degree of processing. Kosher food involves eating foods without artificial impurities and preservatives, which heals the body and removes toxins and toxins. This food system is suitable for those who monitor their health, children and pregnant women, and those who want to lose those extra pounds.

Products in this diet do not cause any harm to health. Every product in the kosher system should be checked for the maximum number of times for quality and therefore there is no risk to eat a stale or harmful product. It is a well-known fact that kosher nutrition is easy to lose excess weight, as it speeds up the metabolism and it is easy to maintain weight in the normal diet. Kosher products are considered to be so beneficial also due to the fact that they completely lack cholesterol and harmful fats, but many minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are quickly absorbed by the body. But, of course, kosher nutrition is not enough for losing weight - it should also be combined with a mobile lifestyle.

In recent years, many people speak of kosher nutrition, they often carry an equal sign to healthy eating. And this belief has a basis, because kosher products are of high quality. By the way, some Hollywood stars have long adhered to such a power system and, at a mature age, do not resort to the help of plastic surgeons in order to look their best.

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