Kiwi fruit


Kiwi- exotic fruit with an unusual and pleasant taste. Kiwi is considered to be One of the most useful fruits is a storehouse of vitamins and microelements.

What is part of kiwi?

The composition of kiwi includes carbohydrates, trace elements, mineral salts, vitamins, tannins. Of the mineral substances it contains beta-carotene and magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, sodium and sulfur, copper and iron, aluminum and zinc, manganese and fluorine, molybdenum and cobalt, and irreplaceable myodyne. From vitamins - this is a two-day dose of vitamin C, vitamins E and A, vitamins of group B and PP. Kiwi contains enzymes that interact with the skin.

Kiwi's benefit

  1. Kiwi has the most positive effect on women. Enzymes that are part of kiwi, penetrating the skin, increase the production of collagen, which is responsible for the aging of the youth of the skin. Daily use of kiwi helps prevent gray hair, helps burn fat and maintain a good body shape.
  2. If you feel that you have swallowed, heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, eat one kiwi and feel relief. To reduce pressure and reduce cholesterol, kiwi is simply replaceable with potassium.
  3. Vitamin C, which is part of kiwi, strengthens the immune system and boosts the body's tone. It also prevents you from entering into your body nitrites and nitrates, which form toxic compounds, can cause severe illnesses such as cancer.
  4. A large amount of iron in kiwi helps to fight with anemia and other blood diseases.
  5. Kiwi burns fats that block the arteries, and this helps reduce blood clots and fatty acid levels.

Who is recommended kiwi?

  • Everybody without special restrictions starting from 5 year old age.
  • Elderly and people with high blood pressure to fight him.
  • Athletes -to restore the body after exercise.
  • Women -to enhance women's health.
  • People with cardiovascular diseases It is necessary to eat 3 fruits of kiwi a day.
  • By that who wants to lose weight, because kiwi contains very little sugar andcalories, and can replace other fruits.

The healing properties of kiwi pulp

Kiwi is an excellent preventive tool to fight against flu and colds. It fights against harmful infections, enhancing the protective functions of the body. Kiwi calms the nervous system, relieves nervousness and irritability, improves mood and energizes you. Daily use of kiwi helps get rid of toxins, normalize the work of the intestines, prevent the formation of kidney stones, increase hemoglobin. Kiwi has an antitumor and antioxidant effect on our body. It helps burn fat, improve metabolism, being indispensable in the process of losing weight.

The beneficial properties of kiwi peel

Not only the kiwi flesh is useful, its skin has no less useful properties. There is a Spanish variety of kiwi, whose skin is smooth. That it is most suitable for human consumption, but also the other skin of kiwi is edible. Kiwi peel contains a lot of antioxidants. In their skin more than in the very pulp.

Kiwi Tips

Before you decide to eat the peel, be sure to rinse it thoroughly. Those who have too sensitive mucous membrane of the stomach or an ulcer, have a peel - is not recommended. Children under 5 years old cannot eat kiwi to avoid the appearance of laryngeal dermatosis, collapse and even edema of the tongue. Kiwi can also trigger allergies. Kiwi can be eaten not only fresh, you can make various salads from it, make jam. If you add kiwi to the cooked meat, it will be softer and more tender.

Goat kiwi for feminine beauty

To make your skin always beautiful, you can make various face masks from kiwi.

  • If you want to soothe, slightly brighten the skin, supply it with minerals and vitamins, you will suit the following composition of the mask. Kiwi pulp mash together with a teaspoon of the poppy seeds. We bring to a uniform consistency and massage applied to the face. After 14 minutes, rinse with cool water with massaging movements. Any skin type is suitable for this mask.
  • To satiate aging skin vitamin C and slow down the aging process do the following mask. Kiwi peel, chop finely, mix with a teaspoon of honey. Apply for 10 minutes, wash off with water at room temperature.

  • For dry and normal skin You can make the following mask. Take Art. spoonful of kiwi juice and skim cheese. Mix and apply. After 25 minutes, wash off with water at room temperature.
  • For oily skin is necessary mix in equal parts the flesh horseradish, lemon and kiwi. Apply the mixture on your face for 12 minutes. After wash your face with warm water.
  • Forcombination skin mash one kiwi, add there art. a spoon green clay, olive oil and alone whipped protein, mix everything up. Apply on face for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water.
  • To clean oily or normal skin faces you need to make from kiwi pure and put it on face. After 15 minutes, wash off with warm water, then apply night cream on your face.
  • Nourishing maskfor the face is done as follows. Take kiwi and half a banana, mash them. Apply on face for 20 minutes, then wash face with warm water.
  • At home for dry skin can cook mask scrub. For this we need one kiwi, tea spoon honey, Art. spoon sour cream, Art. spoon olive oil, h. spoon ground almond, Art. freshly squeezed spoon orange juice. All this is mixed, brought to a uniform consistency and applied to the face. For 7 minutes, massage the face, then rinse with warm water.

Kiwi is created by nature itself to enhance women's health and beauty, and that is why it is worth giving it its due and making it one of our favorite fruits.

Especially for - Yuliya