Kefir, without the slightest exaggeration, is the national drink of the Slavic peoples. We drink it much more often than any other dairy products. But today, among supporters of a healthy diet, there are heated discussions about its necessity. Let's go and we will try to figure out what kefir is - good or harm?

The prefix "bio" is not accidental

What is kefir useful for?

“Before, everything was much simpler, more convenient and clearer,” - this phrase is often heard by young people passing by from grandmothers sitting on a bench under the window. If we turn this expression to modern fermented milk food, then we will see that they are right. Today on the labels in the store you can read half of the periodic table: bread with sulfur, milk with iodine added, and kefir with antioxidants. How can a simple buyer understand all this supplement cocktail?

What benefit and harm to the body will be from kefir with the prefix "bio"? In fact, this prefix is ​​not accidental, and certainly it should not scare you. Firstly, bottles with fermented milk products, which are enriched in starter cultures, are so marked. And secondly, these same cultures are necessary for beverages in order to preserve as much as possible all their beneficial properties. The main thing is to remember that such fermented milk products can be stored at a temperature of +2 to +6 degrees and for a very limited number of days.

In addition, this wonderful product is an excellent supplier of both phosphorus and calcium, and even magnesium, without which we would undoubtedly become victims of arthritis, atherosclerosis, or caries at best. Of course, these trace elements can be found in other products, such as black currants, citrus fruits and strawberries. But everywhere is either one or the other, and only kefir has managed to combine them under its lid.

Live bacteria rush to help the body

What is kefir useful for?

It is considered to minimize harm and maximize the benefits of kefir, it is recommended to drink it at night. In fact, some substances that are part of kefir, can cause insomnia and excessive emotional arousal. So it is better to use this fermented milk drink at least two to three hours before bedtime. By the way, despite all the drawbacks of the "night binge," scientists found that with such a schedule for taking kefir, calcium is absorbed from the body much better.

As for the main benefits from the use of dairy products, the scientists of the minds consider them as such:

  • Kefir contributes to the rapid absorption of food, improves the functioning of the digestive tract, improves metabolism and normalizes the intestinal flora.
  • If you do not want to harm your figure, for all the benefits and benefits drink kefir nonfat. It will remove toxins, as well as improve the motility of the stomach.
  • Drinking non-durable storage with "live" bacteria helps fix weak stools.
  • If you are tortured with insomnia, headaches, eternal depression and stress, a glass of yogurt can solve even such problems. And all thanks to tryptophan - a special amino acid. It is a sedative effect on the irritated nervous system.
  • An indispensable assistant drink will be in the morning after a noisy alcohol party. He is no worse than brine cope with a headache and alcohol intoxication.

But even kefir should be drunk with extreme caution, as it includes, albeit a small, but still very significant proportion of ethyl alcohol. Therefore, dairy product is not held in high esteem among drivers, nursing and pregnant women. It is also not necessary to conduct experiments on the body and simultaneously mix two fermented milk products, for example, kefir and yogurt. Most likely, from such a cocktail, your stomach will rebel in almost the same way as if you drank milk with herring.

And inside and outside: how else can you use kefir?

What is kefir useful for?

Kefir is a very tasty product both by itself and with added sugar. However, many of us are so accustomed to drink it, that they completely forgot about the other benefits of the product. We allow ourselves to remind them only a little:

  • kefir can make an excellent rejuvenating face mask or hair balm;
  • home-made kefir will bring many benefits to the skin, for example, eliminate the harm from exposure to direct sunlight, to put it simply, they can smear burns and failed tanning sites;
  • Fermented milk products are also suitable as an excellent marinade for meat, fish, liver and offal.

In extreme cases, if you bought an extra liter of kefir and he managed to spoil during storage in the refrigerator, use it as a good substitute for vinegar for soda when baking. Add a few spoons to the cake dough or just feed the cat - he will be happy.

And traditional medicine uses kefir as a panacea for all diseases known to nature. But the most surprising thing is that it can even cope with diseases such as shingles, skin eczema and psoriasis. However, in the latter case, it will only slightly eliminate flaking and soften the skin. For the treatment of these diseases, healers recommend lubricating the affected areas with kefir each time before taking a bath.

To drink or not to drink kefir is a purely personal matter. Some people do not like this drink for a sour taste, others don’t like the obvious fermentation process, but no one will dare deny its beneficial properties. Of course, everything good should be in moderation, and this applies even to sour milk drink. And if you have no contraindications, lactose intolerance or other reasons to refuse kefir, feel free to drink it for the benefit of your body.