Karsil or essentiale forte - which is better


Many people are familiar with disabilities of the liver. In such a situation, the majority resort to the help of drugs to protect this organ - hepatoprotectors. Today, the assortment of most pharmacies presents a huge number of such drugs. How do they differ, which act better and how to choose a tool that is right for you?

When do you need hepatoprotectors?

When do you need hepatoprotectors?

When the liver is slagging, the person begins to experience pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium, general weakness and malaise, irritability, skin color becomes earthy, and various unpleasant rash appears on the face and body. It is not surprising that he turns to the help of special drugs.

Hepatoprotectors are a number of medications that are designed to protect the liver from the adverse effects of external factors. Their reception can be justified in the presence of toxic, viral or alcoholic hepatitis, as well as with the regular use of certain drugs that adversely affect its cells. In particular, almost all antibiotics, oral contraceptives, painkillers, anti-tuberculosis and anticancer drugs have a similar effect.

Contrary to a fairly common opinion, a single dose of the hepatoprotector after excessive drinking or eating habits makes absolutely no sense. Any such medication should be drunk, otherwise you just throw money away.

Liver protection products may be based on one of the following components:

  • essential phospholipids;
  • amino acids;
  • milk thistle extract;
  • bile acids;
  • artichoke extract;
  • pumpkin seed oil.

All drugs for the protection and maintenance of liver function can be divided into several groups according to the active substance. In each of them there will be quite a lot of drugs, similar in their action, but differing in a number of characteristics. In addition, complex pharmaceutical products that contain several active ingredients, as well as homeopathic preparations, can be found on the market today. That is why people who want to buy a hepatoprotector simply get lost in front of a choice.

The main characteristics of the drug Kars

The main characteristics of the drug Kars

Kars is a fairly effective drug for the liver, which is widely known since Soviet times. The basis of its action is the active substance silymarin, which is a complex of biologically active substances of the fruits of the medicinal plant - milk thistle. This herb not only restores damaged and damaged parts of the liver, but also stimulates the active growth of cells.

The drug Karsil is usually used in the presence of the following disorders:

  • history of past hepatitis;
  • chronic hepatitis non-viral nature, for example, toxic;
  • alcoholism;
  • steatosis and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • regular use of drugs that have an adverse effect on the liver and the body as a whole.

Also, the drug has been successfully used for prophylactic purposes.

If there are enough serious violations of the liver, in which a sick person experiences general malaise and various discomfort, it is better to purchase a similar drug with a higher content of active substances - Carsil Forte. In addition, this medicine is much more convenient to drink. In accordance with the instructions for use of the drug Karsil Forte with serious violations of liver function should be taken 1 tablet 3 times a day, whereas Kars - 4 tablets at once.

Thus, when deciding whether it is better to purchase Karsil or Karsil Forte, the need to take a hepatoprotector should be assessed. If you just want to help the liver a little to cope with the functions assigned to it, but do not suffer from hepatitis and other similar illnesses, choose Kars. If you have liver disease, it is better to give preference to a stronger means - Karsil Forte.

Essentiale forte - characteristic

Essentiale Forte, a widely used remedy, contains essential phospholipids that restore the cells of the liver walls and help them to perform their functions. Oral administration of this medication can bring tangible effect only after a very long course of use, therefore, in the presence of serious diseases, intravenous administration is recommended.

Essentiale Forte is most often used in the following situations:

  • hepatic coma;
  • hepatitis of any origin;
  • psoriasis;
  • diabetes;
  • neurodermatitis;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • toxicosis in the first trimester of pregnancy and late gestosis.

Similar drugs to restore and support the liver

Similar drugs to restore and support the liver

One of the most expensive, but at the same time the most effective medicines is Heptral. It is based on the amino acid Ademethionine, which has detoxifying properties and a regenerating effect.

The pronounced effect of this drug can usually be noticed after the first week of use. Most often it is used in chronic viral or toxic hepatitis, fatty hepatosis, as well as to relieve withdrawal symptoms, relieve from binge and get rid of depressive mood, which often accompanies liver disease.

Also today, the hepatoprotector of Russian origin, Essliver Forte, is very popular. It contains essential phospholipids and in its essence is a cheaper analog of the advertised Essentiale. In addition, Essliver Forte is enriched with vitamins and trace elements that help the body cope with the adverse effects of external factors.

Which is better - Kars or Essentiale Forte?

Although both of these drugs belong to hepatoprotectors, the indications for their use differ significantly. For example, Carsil is useless in the chronic form of hepatitis caused by a viral nature, while Essentiale Forte is used in the treatment of this disease along with other drugs.

Essentiale is much more expensive. In this case, the course of treatment with this drug is up to 6 months, so you will have to pay a tidy sum for it. Kars is much cheaper and is usually used for no more than 3 months in a row. Finally, Kars is prohibited for use in children under 12 years of age, as well as expectant mothers and nursing women. Essentiale Forte is much safer, and it is not forbidden to drink to these categories of patients.

Choosing a hepatoprotector from these two drugs, first of all, evaluate their indications and contraindications. Most likely, one of them simply does not suit you, since these medicines have different purposes, and therefore it is unequivocal to answer that it is better, Kars or Essentiale Forte, is not possible.

Heptral or Essentiale Forte - which is better?

Of course, the effectiveness of Heptral is much higher than Essentiale Forte. Nevertheless, it is a rather serious medicine, which in no case can not be used without a doctor's prescription. In addition, it is sold in pharmacies only by prescription. Heptral has many contraindications, in particular, it is strictly prohibited for use in children under 18 years of age, as well as future and nursing mothers.

If you decide to use one of these tools without serious prerequisites from the work of the liver, give preference to Essentiale Forte, because it cannot cause significant harm to your body.

What to choose - Essliver Forte or Essentiale Forte?

What to choose - Essliver Forte or Essentiale Forte?

Finally, often in people suffering from liver disease, the question arises as to whether Essentiale Forte or Essliver Forte is better. Indeed, these two agents belong to the same group of drugs and contain essential phospholipids. In addition, Essliver Forte is enriched with vitamins than Essentiale cannot boast.

Essliver Forte is produced in Russia, so it costs much less than the German Essentiale. Many people do not trust Russian pharmaceutical companies and prefer the more expensive drug manufactured in Germany. Meanwhile, this position is fundamentally wrong, because numerous clinical studies have shown that Essliver Forte is no less effective than its German counterpart.

In addition, in the treatment of liver diseases, which arose as a result of prolonged and regular consumption of alcoholic beverages, Essliver Forte was much better. In addition, both drugs are fairly safe and have no serious contraindications.

Thus, choosing from these two medicines, it is better not to overpay, but to purchase a cheaper equivalent.

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There are many different hepatoprotectors that can help our liver to perform its functions. Choosing one of them, you can use the information and recommendations set forth in the article. However, do not forget that any drug can bring the human body not only benefit but also harm. Therefore, before you buy a hepatoprotector, you should consult with your doctor.