Kareprost for growth of eyelashes


Every woman strives for perfection: beautiful hair, well-groomed nails and, most importantly, an expressive look. In order to make it dark and mysterious, girls go for some tricks, for example, building or lamination lashes. But not everyone accepts such options. In response, many cosmetic companies offer a universal remedy to stimulate natural growth of eyelashes.

Perhaps the most famous tool of this nature is kareprost, about which you can hear many conflicting rumors and opinions. In order to understand the situation it is necessary not only to take into account the words of consumers, but also to learn the opinion of experts.

Kareprost for the growth of eyelashes: features of the tool

Kareprost for the growth of eyelashes: what is it?

According to the manufacturers, kareprost eyelash growth medicine is an ophthalmic cosmetic preparation. It is used to stimulate the growth of eyelashes, as a result of which they become longer, thicker, their color changes (increases). Initially, kareprost was used in ophthalmology, as a treatment for glaucoma.

The main active ingredient is bimatoprost lipid ligament. During the use of such a drug, the number of receptors that are responsible for hair growth increases. The active substance can accelerate the growth of eyelashes, increasing their volume, length, reducing the period of hair renewal. The main indication for use is hypotrichosis, which is expressed in the painful state of the eyelashes, reducing their thickness, length. The causes of this pathology can be quite a lot.

Manufacturers claim that the result of the application will be noticeable for 2 - 3 weeks of use of the drug. The growth and increase of eyelashes will occur daily, during the night or active sleep. In order to evaluate the effect, many distributors advise you to take control photos - the initial state and subsequent results, every 2 weeks.

Consumer reviews about the drug

Reviews of this drug are very diverse, but mostly negative or just neutral. First of all, it is worth remembering about individual intolerance and, as a result, the development of allergic reactions.

Kareprost for the growth of eyelashes: what is it?

Allergic conjunctivitis, which sometimes causes kareprost, is a rather unpleasant condition. It is manifested by itching and burning in the eyes, tearing, which is not rarely accompanied by a cold, sneezing. The eye sklere redden, swell, most often affects both eyes. But such a state is possible when using any drug, kareprost is no exception.

It is worth remembering about the complications. Manufacturers said that the eyelashes will not just become thicker and longer, but also change color - will become darker. Everything would be fine, but among the negative reviews there are quite a few grievances about the dyeing of the tissues of the upper eyelid. This pigmentation persists for the entire period of use of the drug.

Women since ancient times are trying to get rid of excess vegetation. What a disappointment awaits girls who may face such a phenomenon as hypertrichosis. Those skin areas that have been exposed to kareprost may become covered with excess hair. On the one hand, it is not necessary to use the drug in all areas of action, namely the eyelashes, but the situations are different, and one careless movement can become fatal.

Negative effects can be, and even if the drug is used exclusively on the eyelids. Do not forget about turning eyelashes when they grow at the wrong angle and can scratch the sclera of the eyes.

Many women who have used this drug complain about the lack of instructions for use with all the side effects and possible consequences. Comments are unnecessary. Of course, you can write it off as a poor-quality fake, but as the analysis of customer feedback shows, in 70% of cases the tool is left without instruction.

Among the consequences of using this drug may be dry eye syndrome, which requires a long, expensive treatment. In addition, it is possible to change the color of the iris. It does not occur completely, but in areas that have been exposed to kareprost.

The most common response to the drug is the uneven growth of eyelashes - bunches, as well as the complete disappearance of the effect after the cessation of the use of funds. In order to achieve a result and maintain it constantly, it should be used without interruption. A vial of the drug on average is 800 rubles. It lasts for 8 weeks of daily use.

And what do doctors say?

Kareprost for the growth of eyelashes: what is it?

As mentioned above, initially kareprost was used as a drug for the treatment of glaucoma. But ophthalmologists noticed that all patients who were subjected to therapy had an abnormal growth of eyelashes. Gradually, cosmetologists learned about this miracle tool, so the era of large-scale production of it began to grow eyelashes.

Among the doctors, there are 2 opposing camps, as well as among buyers. Some supporters of the drug, who talk about its benefits and that side effects can be eliminated by adhering to safety regulations. There is a logic to that. Before using the product, it is necessary to remove the lenses, if any, remove the maquillae, apply kareprost exclusively on the upper eyelid with utmost care. But it is not always possible to protect yourself from the development of allergic reactions or unexpected reactions of the body.

Opinion opponents of the drug is similar to negative consumer reviews. Of course the effect of use is. Eyelashes do grow, but there is always the risk of complications. There is also a lack of a long-term result after discontinuation of the drug. In addition, doctors say that kareprost can stimulate the development of uveitis - inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, and blepharitis - barley on the eye.

To use or not kareprost - individual choice of each woman. Many do not advise using it, justifying it with a host of side effects. But there are still satisfied customers who achieved the desired result without noticing any negative points.

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When buying, the most important thing is to take goods only from trusted suppliers and conduct a rigorous inspection on the possibility of forgery. In any case, remember that the best solution for stimulating the growth of eyelashes is to consult with a specialist.