Kalanchoe in traditional medicine


Kalanchoe plant has long been grown in our country as a houseplant, and as a home remedy. Kalanchoe is widely used in traditional medicine. What properties does this medicinal plant have? What are some popular recipes using Kalanchoe?

The benefits of Kalanchoe

  • This plant contains a large amount of flavonoids and tannins that have a positive effect on the human body.
  • Kalanchoe contains vitamin C in large quantities.

  • The content of Kalanchoe includes organic acids, polysaccharides, mineral substances.
  • If the leaves and stalks of Kalanchoe hold some time in a cold dark place, biogenic stimulants begin to be produced in it.
  • Kalanchoe juice is low toxic.
  • Juice, obtained from Kalanchoe, possesses bactericidal, hemostatic, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties.
  • Excellent helps Kalanchoe juice in the healing of pressure sores, ulcers, burns, frostbite and wounds.
  • Fresh juice from this medicinal plant is able stop bleeding, cure some skin diseases, get rid of boils, nipple cracks and cervical erosion.
  • Kalanchoe juice exhibits excellent qualities both at periodontitis and stomatitis.
  • The juice from this plant copes with various diseases of the ears.

How to get Kalanchoe juice?

How to get this wonderful medicinal juice from Kalanchoe?

Take the leaves and stalks of Kalanchoe, put in a dark cold place and leave for a period of about five to seven days. After the specified time, remove the stems and leaves, grind to a state of gruel, squeeze and leave for some time - settle. After a while, filter the juice. If desired, you can add alcohol to the juice. In this case, the juice will be mothballed. And it will not lose its healing properties throughout the year.

Folk recipes using Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Ointment

You will need 30 ml of Kalanchoe juice and 50 g of pure lanolin. Mix these ingredients, then add 50 g of vaseline and mix in such a way that a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Kalanchoe for chirias, burns, purulent wounds, eczema, skin abscesses and herpes

Make Kalanchoe juice, and drip two or three drops several times a day on a sore spot. The duration of treatment is five to six days.

Kalanchoe with cervical erosion

Prepare Kalanchoe juice, soak a cotton swab in it, insert it into the vagina daily for fifteen minutes. It is best to carry out the procedure at night, before bedtime.

Kalanchoe with varicose veins

Take the leaves and stalks of Kalanchoe in such quantity that they completely fill the half-liter jar. Finely chop them, put them in a jar, pour vodka all the way to the top. Then, tightly close the jar, put in a dark place, and leave to infuse for one week. After the mixture is ready, daily rub it with feet from the bottom up, in a circular motion. The duration of treatment is about two to three months.

Kalanchoe for flu prevention

Prepare Kalanchoe juice, and lubricate the nasal mucosa daily, 2-3 times.

Kalanchoe with a cold

Juice, prepared from Kalanchoe, bury 3-4 drops in each nostril, four to five times a day. Read more in the article Kalanchoe from a cold.

Kalanchoe with inflammation of the ears

Bury in each ear 1-2 drops of Kalanchoe juice 3-4 times a day, until complete recovery.

Kalanchoe inflammation of the eyelids

Three - four times a day, bury one or two drops of Kalanchoe juice.

Kalanchoe with gum disease

Prepare juice from Kalanchoe. Rinse your mouth with a clean, undiluted juice. The duration of treatment is until complete recovery.

Kalanchoe in the face

Prepare juice from Kalanchoe. Take it and 0.5% solution of novocaine in equal proportions, mix. Moisten the napkin with the resulting solution and apply it to the affected skin. The napkin should be re-moistened two to three times a day. The duration of treatment is about 5-6 days.

Kalanchoe for mastitis

Prepare Kalanchoe juice. Areola nipple grease the juice obtained about three times a day. And those parts of the chest that are inflamed and swollen should be applied compress. To do this, soak the bandage in the juice Kalanchoe, and apply to the chest.

Kalanchoe is truly a wonderful plant that can cure many of the most diverse diseases. Keep this plant at home, and you will get the perfect medicine at home.

Health to you!