Kalanchoe from a cold

Kalanchoe- a healing, evergreen plant that has been used in medicine for a long time. Kalanchoe can grow about 1 meter in length. As a rule, Kalanchoe grows in Mexico, Africa, Asia, Australia, South and Central America. Lovers grow this plant at home. Lately Kalanchoe is often used to treat rhinitis in both adults and children.

Kalanchoe in folk medicine is often used to treat rhinitis in children who are difficult to persuade to blow their nose. Usually, Kalanchoe juice dripping in the nose. For the youngest children, it is better to use a decoction of Kalanchoe leaves, so as not to irritate the nasal mucosa. Older kids are advised to drip freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice into the nose. If your children are against any instillation into the nose, simply lubricate the sinus broth or juice of Kalanchoe with a cotton swab.

Kalanchoe from a cold

Kalanchoe juice from a cold

  • If Kalanchoe grows in your home, you need to prepare it before you drip the Kalanchoe into your nose. Before you squeeze the juice from the plant, Kalanchoe is not recommended to water a week. After cutting off the leaves and place them in a cool place (the fridge is also suitable).
  • The leaves prepared in this way are crushed and squeezed out of them juice. The juice should be light brown or completely transparent.
  • Kalanchoe juice is stored in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 10 degrees. Before you drip Kalanchoe into the nose, its juice is heated in a water bath or kept for about 30 minutes at room temperature.
  • You can make an ointment or tincture of Kalanchoe juice to enhance its effect.
  • The main purpose of the use of Kalanchoe rhinitis- cleansing sinuses from mucus. After instillation of Kalanchoe in the nose, both adults and children begin to sneeze. Together with a sneeze from the nose comes all the mucus, which clogged the sinuses.

Kalanchoe from a cold: application

How to apply Kalanchoe from a cold?

  • Be careful, because this juice can damage the nasal mucosa.
  • For best results, it is recommended to apply freshly squeezed Kalanchoe juice.
  • Remember the smaller the child, the less should be the concentration of Kalanchoe juice in drops and ointments. Adults can bury the usual, undiluted juice Kalanchoe in the nose.

Healing properties of Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe has long been used in medicine for the treatment of colds. In the aerial part of Kalanchoe contains the following beneficial substances:

  1. Calcium;
  2. Silicon;
  3. Magnesium;
  4. Aluminum;
  5. Mineral salts;
  6. Polysaccharides;
  7. Flavonoids;
  8. Tannins;
  9. Vitamin C;
  10. Organic acids (oxalic, citric, malic).

Kalanchoe juice from a cold

You can make wonderful potions and ointments from Kalanchoe leaves., which will help to cope with a cold. Kalanchoe is rightly called a "biogenic stimulator", the plant is able to activate important vital processes of the body, helps to increase energy and vitality.

Kalanchoe from a cold: recipes

  • 2-3 times a day, lubricate the nasal mucosa with fresh Kalanchoe juice.
  • Dampen cotton swabs in Kalanchoe juice and stick them in the sinuses.
  • Mix Kalanchoe juice and aloe juice (1: 1) and pour the resulting mixture two drops into each nostril 3 times a day.
  • Mix 0.5 tsp. onion juice and 1 tsp. Kalanchoe juice Bury the mixture with one drop in each nasal canal three times a day.
  • Mix Kalanchoe juice with bee honey. Thrice a day ointment the sinuses with ointment.

Kalanchoe from a cold: treatment

  • Add to the juice Kalanchoe decoction of hypericum and lemon balm. This broth is taken orally for colds.
  • Bury 3 times a day for prophylaxis Kalanchoe juice in the nose or lubricate their sinuses.
  • Adults are recommended to bury the Kalanchoe into the nose, 4 drops before going to work.

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Kalanchoe is an excellent natural remedy with which you can beat a cold and a runny nose.. Do not be ill!

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