Adenoids - lymph nodes located in the back of the nasopharynx. They are susceptible to infections and allergens, and sometimes, to eliminate the risk of recurrence of the disease, doctors recommend their removal. However, homeopathy is often an excellent alternative to adenoidectomy. Let's talk how to take the drug "Job-baby" with adenoids.

"Iov-baby": instructions for use for children

Homeopathy is one of the natural treatments that has been practiced for over 200 years. However, the desire for alternative medicine has grown significantly only in recent years. Homeopathic medicines have virtually no side effects. They are considered an excellent treatment for children with enlarged adenoids and tonsils. This is explained by the fact that such drugs can not only cure, but also increase the body's resistance to combating recurrent infections.

Indications for use

Among homeopathic medicines, "Job-baby" is considered one of the most effective for the treatment of adenoids. Especially in cases where enlarged adenoids and tonsils lead to serious complications, such as hearing loss in a child, sleep apnea. Treating enlarged tonsils with homeopathy is a good alternative to surgery because adenoids are thought to play a role in the activity of the immune system.

The drug "Iov-baby" is prescribed even in difficult cases of acute and chronic tonsillitis, with frequent respiratory diseases. The unique biochemical composition of the drug can not only stop the inflammatory processes in the upper respiratory tract, but also improve the general condition of the patient.

In the treatment of inflammation of the adenoids with the preparation "Iov-baby" the main thing is to observe the correct dosage. You should not stop the treatment until the clinical symptoms disappear. The effect of therapy does not come immediately, but has a prolonged effect after the end of the course of treatment. It is noted that after 2-3 weeks of treatment with the homeopathic remedy "Iov-baby" significant improvements occur.

Reception features:

  • In the acute course of the disease, 3-4 granules are administered up to five times a day.
  • Granules "Job-baby" sweet, so they are designed for sucking in the mouth until they are completely dissolved. Wash down the medication is not required.
  • The drug is desirable before meals or after, the time interval should be about 30-40 minutes, because food can neutralize the effect of the drug.

When in the course of treatment the aggravation of the symptoms of the disease occurs, it is necessary to stop taking the drug "Iov-baby" for 5-7 days. This effect is called the primary deterioration and most often occurs at the initial stage of treatment. If during the course of therapy the patient's condition continues to deteriorate, it is necessary to stop taking the medication and consult with your doctor. You may need to change the treatment regimen. For example, to take medicine with short breaks: 4 days, then 3 days, and so on.

"Iov-baby" is an absolutely safe drug. Overdose is excluded because it does not contain toxic substances. Practice application has shown that there were no side effects and allergies to the composition of the drug. But since "Job-baby" contains iodine, it is not recommended for children with thyroid disease.

Homeopathic analogues "Job-baby"

Therapy for enlarged tonsils with homeopathy has two stages. Acute inflammation must be treated with a different set of medicines. In addition to "Job-baby" you can take a homeopathic remedy of a similar action - "Phthision". Its main purpose is the treatment of tuberculosis, but in addition, it stimulates the protective functions of the body for various types of infections and colds.

There are about 30 more homeopathic drugs that are suitable for the treatment of adenoids along with "Job-baby." Here are some of the most commonly prescribed products for children:

  • Granules "Agrafis nutans". They relieve nasal congestion and ears, especially with adenoids, and also relieve sore throat.
  • The drug "Barite Carbonica". It is prescribed for enlarged adenoids and tonsils, recurrent ENT infections.
  • "Kalkareya fluorika". This is a powerful homeopathic remedy for the treatment of enlarged adenoids with hard lymph nodes, rhinitis with copious thick green secretions.
  • "Tuberculin" is one of the most effective drugs for enlarged adenoids, tonsils and lymph nodes for children who often suffer from ENT diseases.

What do parents say about the drug?

Reviews on the use in the treatment of adenoids

The feedback on the use in the treatment of adenoids "Job-baby" is mostly positive:

  • "Granules" Job-baby "helped heal his little son from enlarged tonsils, while strengthening the immune system. The last six months, we have completely forgotten what a common cold is. Now we are still hardening to stay healthy in the future."
  • “My son should have had surgery to remove the adenoids last year in May. In addition, he had complications - serous otitis, snoring. He was advised to resort to homeopathy, they took“ Job-baby ”for two months. In September, they visited the doctor, he said that everything is normal and no operation is needed. Otitis has passed and the son’s condition is good.
  • "My daughter is 4 and a half years old. She has inflamed adenoids and tonsillitis. After visiting the otolaryngologist, they ordered the removal of adenoids and tonsils. I was very worried and decided on homeopathy. They were treated for about three months and strictly followed the treatment regimen. Fortunately, everything was done without surgery. "Job-baby" - a wonderful tool. "

The duration of the homeopathic treatment of adenoids requires your patience and depends on their size and the severity of the symptoms. Improvement is usually observed within a month or two after the start of treatment.

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